The bow sends the standardized research institute of China and leads the letter:

The bow sends the standardized research institute of China and leads the letter:
Such Chinese Taiwan Compatriots as we,etc., have gone to the mainland to develop for many years, has forgiven and made bold to bother! And state the only physics moisture son light catalyst of our company to prove lightly, burst moisture son take peak scientific and technological trend, in order to promote motherland scientific and technological prestige, apply national standard of making, popularize industry technology, popularize common people application future. Fig. fame and gain not merely, care remuneration, science and technology, compatriot of picture, only, bring benefit to compatriot! Serve world!

First, the light catalyst products are defined and divided:
Nanometer light catalyst, divided into physics, chemistry two major manufacturing fields mainly, although its function, function are duplicated, use but each represent, V8 Tio2 which our company puts out - the nanometer light catalyst (0.8%) ,Only adopt physics little nanotechnology, utilize " the international monopoly " Nanometer grind machinery, appeal to high to involve discharging, heating way week, strengthen magnetic field react, is it two oxidize titanium little nanometer take and enter light moisture sub group to force, but the sterilization, disinfecting, deodorizes, defends mouldly and resolving, oxidizing and is harmful to objects of the greatest function. Physics moisture son of V8, does not have any additive simply, take the form of spectrum line on the object surface, ventilative, does not produce the membrane, the above-mentioned energy that deposit money, spray the physics chemical reaction of the course, stimulate V8 function, adhere to the object powerfully, forms the magnetic field and reacts but it is difficult to come off, in the low temperature, latent and dark ( Visible light or photophobic) Make and still dehumidify, disinfect, purify the efficiency.

Second, the physics light catalyst benefits environmental protection:
Non- early chemical physics of light catalyst of V8 nanometer reacts; Not biochemical science and technology react in middle period; But the chemical reaction of modern physics. Grind the simple inorganic matter the moisture son with nanometer machinery, draw support from nature energy, to reflect the function. 1, the environmental protection of the production process, the production technology procedure is totally mechanical homework, do not form any pollution to the air, source of water; 2, use the course to be safe, V8 only oxidizes titanium and pure water to make up two times, there is not any additive, there is not any noxious substance (including the packing article) ,Use the object surface to have no membrane, too ventilative to have any threat to the human body, animal, plant, benefit metabolism instead; 3, remove the evil the course completely, physics moisture son of V8, can dissolve it in the harmful substance, fully oxidize, resolve, does not change object nature.

Third, the physics light catalyst is used extensively:
Physics moisture son of V8 and characteristic, can be suitable for clothing,food,lodging and transportion, medical treatment and health care, energy-conserving environmental protection, workers and peasants' herding such a great deal of fields as a pair of fishing,etc. directly, it is harmless, safe and lasting to clean, it is very good application material. There has V8 now already ripe technology, V8 environmental protection grade, V8 industry grade, V8 agriculture grade, V8 food hygiene grade, V8 medicines and health protection grade, V8 building materials and ornaments grade and dozens of kinds of products of the seriation, use different, crafts are different, come in every shape, the standard is unified.

Fourth, the light catalyst needs correct direction:
Light catalyst market of China's Mainland at present, now the item, various in style, the function, function are different. But mostly apply to Japan, S.Korean technology, and know little about U.S.A., Germany, products of Taiwan, technology.: On the light catalyst application, the majority makes, a distributor, in order to recover the investment as soon as possible, expand management, obtain the biggest interests, eager for quick success in the products are propagated, exaggerate the function of the light catalyst blindly, jump on the bandwagon and hold the light catalyst and go to the altar, mislead the agent as well as deceive consumers. So, demand urgently to set up the standard, correct to hold direction, let light catalyst new developing science and technology this, industrialization, standardization, standardized, popular, go out of the strange circle of sudden huge profits, the better one works for the good fortune for the mankind, is common people's application.
Fifth, V8 Future trend of light catalyst:
Group's future development trend of V8 scientific research, succeed in moulding the scientific and technological project in the peak: " V8 burst moisture son take " ,Rupture (single molecule) . Sub group scientific research technology of the light catalyst moisture of V8, the natural chemical reaction of physics, utilize mechanical motive force of physics to process grinding, oxidize the titanium crystalline solid two times, reflect through hot, electricity, oxygen, magnetism,etc., accumulate and count and make nature energy up, form the laminar electric body of overlay magnetism, the detailed thin slice of limitless splitting then of mechanical motive force of physics is a little precise to little nanometer, enter the moisture son and paste the bulk body, such as Ho2, defeat by oxyhydrogen two major factors of root ion, combine the ring structure and subdivide water of sub group, utilize the laser crystal microscope to perspect, there is not two that oxidize the titanium crystallization thing, but similar to water pastel, is different from the physics moisture son of V8.
V8 light catalyst burst moisture son take, rupture(single molecule) ,Utilize magnetic field space, energy release function, is it produce high pressure explode, is it split separation, moisture of son produce straight anion rank and dismantle to shake to operate, make moisture son combine Ho2 ring ion link key, energy magnetic field burst member, can is it is it make moisture sub space up to change to produce, so repeated to burst, cooperate with the efficiency and is it make grade product to allocate, if V8 ruptures (single member) The catalyst permeates water, can permeate the hair pore directly, apply to medical treatment and health care, food hygiene, environmental protection agriculture (change and optimize the soil) Wait for the field, can also solve medical °C and abandon such problems as things,etc..
V8 ruptures (single molecule) Catalyst permeate water is to cooperate Nobel chemistry Prize of 2003, study cell membrane small channel find continuity of theory, between scientific circles and medical treatment some disease, think water diffusion of the cell mainly leaning against the function of permeating, find some special channel until 1950, can by energy consumption less, speed very fast way pass by the moisture son, succeed in separating out water channel, contribute to the transitions of the virus and bacterium's pathogenic function, improve the health. For example, the emergence of such diseases as AIDS, heart disease, nerve degradating, apoplexy,etc., because there are too much cells of the death, cause cell's loss to cause
Industry, PE plastic processing crush, use liquid nitrogen Ling rapidly but, crush, detailed degree, science and technology of Germany, up to 120 eye 125u, is it burst molecule use principle, can reach little nanometer take to utilize, melt PE high temperature, emulsification moisture water body Ho2 ring-type, enter and burst molecule space, separate oil plastics one of PE, isolate Ling but become nanometer, is processed by a technology of little ¼@, it make oil moisture from physics the chemical reaction more,form there aren't molecule. Energy, water was processed into the petrol substitute, the permanent energy of water produced motive force science and technology, if aluminium process thinning, little nanometer take, enter moisture sub ring chain þÆ moisture sub power energy, Ho2 of group, can use general car engine power, engine air cylinder function light a fire, explode, pressure push away, exhaust, circulation multi-door air cylinder piston operate power, absolute environmental protection.
Above-mentioned conclusions, molecule retrofit is to transform the material structure to change, reaches to burst(the natural chemical reaction of physics) Characteristic efficiency, environmental protection, energy-conservation, use extensive, different from chemistry, biochemical science and technology use the theory. The titanium introduces and bursts the sub group's technology of the moisture to oxidize two, develop, make the industrialization of combining, will produce and imagine the peculiar efficiency not poured, its application will have qualitative leap, and will change and promote the quality of the light catalyst completely, make its better one serve the people.
V8 two oxidize titanium burst moisture son take, scientific research technology become ripe already, planning to declare the international supreme reward now, in order to reach cognition conveniently, extensively, apply to the people, promote the well-being of mankind.

Sixth, V8 Plan to apply for the national standard:
Have telling comprehensively, the light catalyst of V8 (take advantage of naming) Moisture son of physics, compare the chemical light catalysts of such countries as Japan and Korea S., Europe, U.S.A.,etc., though adopt and oxidize raw materials based on titanium two times, there is difference of sense of principle. Is it sum up for 1 to forgive, being manufacture method out of the common, V8 does not plagiarize, plagiarize, original, and the efficiency is more distinct; 2, V8 only oxidizes titanium and pure water two times, does not have any additive simply; 3, V8 uses the security, nonpoisonous, harmless and having no corrosion, there are not any harmful effects; 4, V8 uses wide Fan, can eat directly or or put into the medicines, health care conduct and arrange and share as food, amenities additive; 5, will not attend to one thing and lose sight of another while air, water quality purify, there is not any negative function; 6, the light catalyst, as a kind of high-new product, its function, function should reach a pleuripotent, environmental protection health, security and last, their make the standard one at first, must use safely, nonpoisonous, harmless and corroding, there is not any bad function.
Some suggestions: 1, Seeing that light catalyst make for chemistry, and as introduce variety use far and wide already, should extend its achievement in marketing, propose specially making the standard for it; 2, Taiwan, as an inalienable part of China, we belong to enterprise of the mainland, oxidize the titanium physics moisture son products to V8 two, combine its function, characteristic, function, plan to apply to make Chinese two own and oxidize the national standard of the titanium products; 3, the name of product is booked for " ecological titanium of HO2-V8 " temporarily .
The above, only for reference, we will hope and cooperate with your institute, in order to make China's standard and work launched.

Individual proprietorship of Taiwan: Baoding health beautiful public health work Co., Ltd. Offer and present

Studying molecules in Nobel chemistry Prize in 1986, one bunch of instruments applied to the chemical reaction theory, include elasticity collide, the elasticity, collide and reacting to collide, blue Buddhist nuns of Li Yuanzhe, wave, He Xi and Bach, three people obtain the award.
Studied the piercing through type electron microscope and used the theory in 1986 Nobel Prize for physics in 1981, its pinpoint (electron cloud) Among chase because it have not piercing through tunnel function, last award the west, Le Luo, Hruska, three people, Buddhist nun of guest.
Study the small channel of cell membrane and find the theory in Nobel chemistry Prize in 2003, let scientific circles is it know further to have to some disease, A dose auspicious, and MacKinnon, two people obtain the award.
V8 research and develop people is it is it burst moisture if Bell physics award that son take to apply to plan.