Cy 200 powder fire prevention the fire-retardant pharmaceutical

Cy 200 powder fire prevention the fire-retardant pharmaceutical

Project of the products; Printing ink system; (the different propyl alcohol of IPA - 70%) , (Toluene first stupid -20%) , (Erhge Aetatu second fat - 10%) Nitrify the silk floss for S.S grade (namely the alcohol dissolving is good) . (cooperate with powder form can is it enter fire retardant of the above to dissolve) .

Use; The coating is in membrane FILM of LDP and paper.

Operation method; Often (add and nitrify the silk floss and allocate with three kinds of solvents) Mix and dissolve jointly slowly, if should increase the result of dissolving, the micro- matching of usable xyol improves the efficiency of dissolving.

CY 200 characteristic; Unless it it is bloated to be splash carbonization pharmaceutical not fire-retardant, but the easy to be it is enter to dissolve,oil alcohol nature and xyol solvent, (can dissolve not for about water 80% oil alcohol benzene 25%ing) , transparent crystal, apt white powder, hydrogen ion index 5 instead have not been the neutral powder. (swimming skill, in order to harden the pharmaceutical, transparent form membrane layer for that beautiful quick resin) .

Add than the arranging amount; It is best to alkyd resin and aldehyde and resin, in order to apply the thickness of membrane and splash more bloatedly than the arranging amount, the multiple and fire-retardant pharmaceutical result, and make 50% and allocate various kinds of function need from head to foot.

It dissolve it is necessary without being entered oil alcohol benzene the solvents and resin,must the thin to grind just but.

It is even to dissolve and enter water alcohol mixing, emulsification. It want by PU, pigeonhole by swimming skill resin gram, EVA,etc. (must pay attention to person who dissolve and against such issues as deliquescence,etc.) Chemicals.

It is fire-retardant to fire prevention; Must test solvents to totally evaporate drily and harden.

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