Cy 100 powder fire prevention the fire-retardant pharmaceutical

Cy 100 powder fire prevention the fire-retardant pharmaceutical

Project of the products; Printing ink system; (the different propyl alcohol of IPA - 70%) , (Toluene first stupid -20%) , (Erhge Aetatu second fat - 10%) Nitrify the silk floss for S.S grade (namely the alcohol dissolving is good) . (cooperate with powder form can is it enter fire retardant of the above to dissolve) .

Use; The coating is in membrane FILM of LDP and paper.
Operation method; Often (add and nitrify the silk floss and allocate with three kinds of solvents) Mix and dissolve jointly slowly, if should increase the result of dissolving, the micro- matching of usable xyol improves the efficiency of dissolving.

CY 100 characteristic; Splash the fire-retardant pharmaceutical of bloated carbonization, but easy to is it enter to dissolve, oil alcohol nature and xyol solvent, waterproof result good, transparent crystal, difficult white resin, 6 hydrogen ion index neutral powder instead.

Add than the arranging amount; It is best to alkyd resin and aldehyde and resin, in order to apply the thickness of membrane and splash more bloatedly than the arranging amount, the multiple and fire-retardant pharmaceutical result, and make 50% and allocate various kinds of function need from head to foot.

Dissolve into necessary solvent and resin, must through grinding, emulsification, the even,will the good.

Fire prevention and thwart; Must test solvents to totally evaporate drily and harden.

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