Phosphorus titanium Zhyuan endures the rice catalyst fire retardant

Phosphorus titanium Zhyuan endures the rice catalyst fire retardant

Function of the products: The greatest function, firing prevention, be antibiotic, deodorizes, defends mouldly and dehumidifying, resolving, oxidizing harmful thing and gasing.

Applicable to add: Dragon of Poly, PVC, PP, PE, PU, ABS, rubber, relevant materials: ? 5% to 25%.

Material while formating: Phosphorus, ammonium, urine, sour, sulphur, silicon, oxidizing the titanium two times, the inorganic matter formates the white completely grey crystal of material.

Material nature: Proportion 2.8, neutral hydrogen ion index, kissing the swimming skill, meeting the organic solvent molecule to splash bloated 500 to 1,000 times particle.

Processing method: Must high efficiency is it is it is it make molecule is it crush meticulous to disperse so as to the plastics evenly to cover again to grind to process to disperse, fire prevention result can thwart, defend flames, just. Can regard cheering the fat on to grind as lotion to be form result good.

Material characteristic: Have toxicity, add trade union resolve harmful air, burn white smoke, tasteless has not it dye air to having gas.

Whether organic solvent add high polymer resin and defend pharmaceutical Shen, grind and disperse. All right products function of multiuse

Whether swimming skill high polymer resin, dispersant, active pharmaceutical of interface, grind dispersing. All right products of multiuse can