Tasty and refreshing pharmaceutical of V8 Moisture son of physics

Tasty and refreshing pharmaceutical of V8 Moisture son of physics

The greatest function disinfects Disinfect Deodorization Defend mouldly Resolve Oxidize and is harmful to objects Natural and pure Nonpoisonous Harmless Tasteless There is no corrosion Lasting Brute force Safe Clean Environmental protection Energy-conservation

The clean tooth defends the one hundredth disease

[June 8 article of " The Boston Globe " of U.S.A. ] Topic: It is good for health to smile, clean the teeth ( Author: Stephen. Smith) Not long ago, removing the oral cavity disease still regards the project of repairing the roads as equivalent to the human bodying: Here fill out pieces of hole, where build a bridge, but not? Other position of the body are anxious. In the hygiene policy expert of medical college of dentistry of Poston university is old. Garcia says: "People have not always thought the oral cavity is a part of the body. People regard the tooth question as very mechanical question ---Rotten, wear and tear, old and feeble natural behavior. Now people will say, wait a moment. ". More and more evidences show, the oral cavity is the windows of other position of body to a great extent, the health of our tooth and gums may be guides of the disease of threatenning the life. For example, the epidemiologist finds, is it more possible for the pregnant woman who suffers from gums disease? Is it early to leave? The child or low weight. The gums patient's arterial carotis often has more spots in later period, the arterial carotis is the trunk leading to the brain. Researchers begin to solve the next important problem: The oral cavity disease is a reason of the pathological change of other position in fact or only the symptom of the health problem of broad sense. Population of research institute and scientific department executive director Ruth of health care national dentist's cranium. Peirst's human relations is said: "What we still lack now is the direct identification of the causality. That is the connection that we have not grasped yet for the moment. ". A kind of possible connection is: More than 600 kinds of bacteria that contain in the oral cavity and tooth. Among them breed rapidly in a situation that there is the candy, it is rotten to cause the tooth to present the decayed tooth and hole and gums. Fill roughly in all and fill tooth gram in state Delta and plan director Kathy. O'Rorke says in the forest: "Does perhaps everybody recognize? ,The decayed tooth and hole are just a hole on the tooth. But this is a kind of infectious disease in fact. The scientist suspects those bacteria are not satisfied with staying in the oral cavity, but every displacement is moved in the body, the free activity, and take root in different organs in the blood.

The immune system of the body itself may expand the health problem caused by oral cavity. When reacting in existence of the immune system to bacterium, it convenes a large number of molecule defence. Usually that is that one kind reacts healthily, unless there are too many molecules that beeds or killing each other between the molecule, release the medium that the harm is greater than the advantage. The immune system? The inflammation caught may cause a whole set of problems with irrelevant question caused with bacterial infection. Good fortune match Richard Germany of research institute then. The Buddhist nun says gracefully in Germany: "If you recognize? Your gums or tooth have inflammation, and bacterium those travel everywhere, it then may put up for the night lung, heart, any position of health to get you. Minnesota university infectious disease prevailing to study silk, Mori of house. Strategic point is making great efforts to prove this theory in the morality tile. He and a group of researchers follow research to 1056 people in Manhattan, carrying on detailed inspection, the firm connection exists while confirming the gums disease and arterial carotis are thickenned. Researchers, still to taken from patient's oral cavity and sample of the blood and carrying on extensive research, see the blood vessel causing the medium of the gums question and stopping up and leading to the brain. Some scientists are setting up the sureness between oral cavity and health to get in touch in efforts, other some scientists go still one step further, putting forward may have extensive public health meanings to strengthen the gums health care. They propose this controversial possibility below: Preventing and curing the tooth and gums disease can offer a kind of low cost, with high efficiency way to reduce the incidence of different health problem, including the heart disease, early? The child and diabetes? The strategic point in Valley of Germany is said: "This will most likely have a public health meaning, the reason? You will have a reversible, and low-priced risk factor. In any case, this will not have any harm. How could you object to cleaning the person of the tooth?

The testing of one ones that announced last August is studied and shown, the the diseases it suffer from gums one pregnant woman is the back without being received treatment? Is it early to leave? The child's possibility reduces greatly. The federal government is carrying on two great research, involve more than 2600 people altogether, examine and treat and reduce to the pregnant woman early the gums? The proportions of the child and heavy child of low weight. If the pregnant woman's tooth and gums are healthier, may bring the indirect advantage to neonate. The scientist knows a lot of bacteria in baby's oral cavity inherit from the parent, this is often very useful: The bacterium attacks the baby's immune system, to the immune system? Grow and stimulate, so it can discern that threaten one's own bacterium. No matter oral cavity and body have any connection, do experts recognize unanimously? Preventing oral cavity disease and other best opportunities of disease is Childhood. An investigation announced last month shows, 1/4 had tooth rotten hole not treated of the students of three American grades. This is that dentist and pediatrician feel depressed reason too. The survey report still finds quite a few of children suffer from the oral cavity disease. Expert is it ignore teenagers to be tooth healthy to may have far-reaching influence to worry more and more. The Buddhist nun says gracefully in Germany: "Our view is, if we can take action from child, guarantee their health, we then is it make a large number of work prevent the follow-up question, already include subfamily's issue to mean just, include the medical question too.
Tooth disease and likely to suffer from many kinds of diseases

[" light of science and technology " in October 8, 2004 of evening paper of Baoding ] Topic: Tooth disease and likely to suffer from many kinds of diseases ( Author: Wu Ying) According to the introduction of expert, has the tooth disease already succeeded? A lot of inducements of disease of extremely high death rate. It is caused acutely that Asia is infected with or the membrane inflammation is the most obvious in the subnormal temperature infection, ? Catch the bacterium of the inflammation of week of tooth to know under buccal temperature and damp condition? Grow the toxicity with very strong pathogenic strength, and is entering the blood circulatory system precisely constantly, 10% to 30% myocarditis relates to tooth source infection. Secondly, the pregnant woman will also bring disaster to the foetus while suffering from the tooth disease, suffer from the pregnant woman who reforms the periodontosis and take place early? With low dangerous rate of birth weight being tooth 7.5, health of pregnant woman, early? Can measure the common nuclear shuttleless loom bacillus in the oral cavity in women's amniotic fluid. Third, the tooth has a large amount of pylorus bacillus in the patient person's secretion in week, these bacteria will enter in the stomach, the organism immunity dies while dropping, will cause various kinds of diseases. Expert's suggestion, but must not see a dentist small, the disease should go to a doctor in time if grow permanent teeth, check regularly, the person of the ones that have not suffered from tooth disease had better go to the hospital to check once in half a year either.

The light catalyst of V8 is tasty and refreshing, good for the tooth efficiency
V8 efficiency is described: Nanometer light catalyst, divide mainly? Physics, chemistry two major field. V8 physics nanometer science and technology, utilize international monopoly nanometer grind machinery, appeal to high to involve discharging, heating way week, strengthen magnetic field react, is it two oxidize titanium little nanometer take, enter sub group of the moisture to force, form the moisture son, the sterilization, disinfecting, deodorizes, defends mouldly and resolving, oxidizing and is harmful to objects of the greatest function, hydrogen ion index? Neutral. V 8 is simple and additive-free, absorb in object maos of pore surface presenting spectrum current situationing is ventilative? Grow the membrane, the above-mentioned energy that and deposit money through two oxidizes titanium semiconductor characteristic, use physics of course react, stimulate V8 activation, make its powerful to adhere to the object, form the magnetism electric field and reflect but it is difficult to come off, in the low temperature, latent and dark (photophobic) Make and still dehumidify, disinfect, purify the efficiency, open the new era of V8; A new idea, unique efficiency, is suitable for the clothing, food, shelter and transportation, such a great deal of fields as the medicine, health care,etc., V8 science and technology occupy first place in the world.

V8 tasty and refreshing efficiency: In sum, it is very important that the science of oral cavity, tooth attends to, especially various kinds of articles and dental clinics with clean oral cavity are a lot of now, it is very excellent to hear and introduce, the suitable one each has pros and cons. The son unique efficiency of physics moisture of light catalyst of V8 nanometer, and use and can reach the anticipated result. This chapter puts forth effort to recommend " the oral cavity sanitizer of V8 ". Announce to and oxidize the titanium light catalyst and have stronger sterilization, disinfect, removing the peculiar smell, resolving and oxidizing the function of the harmful substance two times. Is it to little nanometer form, compel it it form moisture son take to grind, on big enhancement his efficiency strength and strength of merging, science adds V8 solution in the oral cavity sanitizer right amountly, know? Grow the obvious effort. Because the energy of stored the magnetism, electricity, hotting etc. that two oxidizes the titanium processing course, can merge with other garniture abundantly in the course of entering and merging fast, really succeed? Kiss the swimming skill? Taste. In actual life is used, the physics function when the mouth is gushed out or washed and gargled, can stimulate the activation of the light catalyst of V8, make it can be enlivenned in the oral cavity, have very strong removing the harmful substance, drive away the peculiar smell, dispel the disease, inflammation in the oral cavity. It is health care with outstanding result, medical good merchantable brand. Make whom juvenile smile happy, it is beautiful for young people to open one's mouth, elderly life healthy, undertaking, social activity are confident.

V8 is good for the tooth efficiency: The light catalyst of V8 is added right amountly inside the oral cavity sanitizer, its physics moisture son kisses and function can be fully merged with such oral cavity materials as the saliva,etc., besides function of brightenning of tooth that has, can also well remove the oral cavity peculiar smell, disinfect, disinfect, resolve, oxidize the harmful substance, especially release the function of the anion, can make the oral cavity fresh and cool even more. Often use and can solve the tooth and brighten fundamentally, oral cavity clean, oral cavity peculiar smell, is it strain poison, prevent decayed tooth, is it stop the pain, drive away the sour material of oral cavity, resist the efficiency that the disease travel to diminish inflammation to disinfect. Meet the needs of various kinds of different crowds,can also produce by various kinds of taste it have one taste of V8 ,The sanitizer of functional oral cavity of different fragrant types of fruit, with consumers of suitable different demands.

The craft fills a prescription: The application in the oral cavity sanitizer of light catalyst of V8 nanometer, does not influence its normal manufacturing engineering. Just put into V8 solution pro rata while adding pure water,etc.. Its physics moisture son function, can melt with other materials? An organic whole, strengthen? Taste the efficiency. Compound the proportion: Propose adding V8 solution between 30% - 50%, use to distinguish? Taste the level.

The precautions: The nanometer light catalyst of V8, is moisture son of physics? Taste, we have already known the weight of the pure water is 0.7, it is 2.8 to oxidize the weight of the titanium two times. So moisture son take human body can use safely just only. Only the manufacture method of physics can possess function. Like white spirit? The manufacture method added and making, all there are very great differences between its mouthfeel, quality, function and impact on human body.