Prevent and cure the pulmonary tuberculosis

Prevent and cure the pulmonary tuberculosis
l l Infection, l l of tuberculosis source to discuss smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis arrange the fungus patient mainly. Having had the source of infecting, the tuberculosis fungus must also pass certain way
Could pass to others. The pulmonary tuberculosis patient disseminates the little foam with tuberculosis fungus in the air through coughing or sneezing etc. mainly, health people suck little foam with tuberculosis fungus can infect by the tuberculosis fungus.

l l L l was as early as the third century ago, ancient medical science of our country is still to realize this disease may be a kind of extremely serious chronic infectious disease, "tired Accumulate the moon every year, is stagnat gradually, die, reply and transfer to other people after death, and even exterminate a family ". Will realize gradually afterwards this is a kind of " consumption ", its cause of disease will be caused by " consumptive disease worm ". Because it is few to treat the method at that time, so that in the folk quite popular statement that " nine for tenth consumptive disease died " in our country, even many places have also formed a kind of folkways and customs, namely " tuberculosis " person needs to stop up its nostril with the cotton ball after death, in case that " consumptive disease worm " crawls to infect others, in fact this is a kind of quite scientific practice, still adopt on medical science so far.
l l L l is later on, western some scientist find the lung of patient have one pieces of solid group yuan in not dissecting, feel get on like potato or
The stem tuber, call this kind of disease as Tuberculous, namely the meaning of the tubercle on the root of the peanut, this kind of plant, this is the origin that tuberculosis names.
l l A kind of respiratory track infectious disease that l l tuberculosis is caused by the tubercle bacillus. Most patients pass infection of the respiratory tract. The tubercle bacillus is in the dark tide Can survive for several months in the wet environment. After suffer from to the patient of a pulmonary tuberculosis of the activity and spit, the phlegm mark that the tuberculosis fungus can be done at the same time flies scatteredly all around. Can infect healthy people at any time. The human body nearly can be infected with the tuberculosis in whole body all organizations except hair, enter enterophthisis, bone tuberculosis, lymph tuberculosis,etc.. Because the tuberculosis spreads through the respiratory track mainly, so the infection rate of the pulmonary tuberculosis is higher than other organs, take the first place of the human tuberculosis. Suffer from tuberculosis after being ill, patient can have low fever, sweat, not tired and unable, the universe cough or phlegm bring blood silk, face flush, health disease such as being thin and weak. Such as the thorough treatment in time, will make the condition transfer to chronically, even cause patient's death.
l l How does l l know that is infected by the tuberculosis fungus? Use the tuberculin pure albumen derivative mainly ( PPD) Carry on the skin test, according to the skin It is judged that the response result comes.
l l How could l l kill the tubercle bacillus? Resistance of tubercle bacillus strong, it is cold for ability to receive, even cold to reach the freezing point, can't yet Kill it, even reach the liquid air (namely degrees Centigrade of 189 degrees below zero) ,Such low temperature, its ability is received for several hours. The tubercle bacillus is under the dry state, there is heat-resisting adaptive capacity too. But tubercle bacillus ability receive damp and hot, in moist cases, under the degrees Centigrade of temperatures, so long as will die in one minute. So tubercle bacillus able to bear cold, is it do hot to able to bear, the ability is received damply and hotly.
l l L l can shine or disinfect with the ultraviolet lamp under the sunshine, the sunlight penetrated directly, ultraviolet ray, there is function of killing the tubercle bacillus too. The patient kept in touch Article and article that patient use, if unsuitable to is it disinfect to heat, should not sunlight shine not disinfecting, can disinfect with the alcohol. A lot of chemical articles, for instance lysol, lime wash, carbonic acid, hydrogen peroxide solution, iodine tincture, alcohol, 84 disinfect liquid,etc., Dr.eye: can kill the tubercle bacillus, but necessary time is different, some need several minutes, some need several hours.

l l L l grasps the weakness of the tuberculosis fungus, we can use the special efficiency of the nanometer light catalyst of V8 to prevent and cure it. 1, heat V8 to 60 degrees,Turn towards and infect the area to spray evenly, suppress, kill it; 2, spray in ward wall and object, can effectively, erosion of and the more long-term prevention germ; 3, V8 oxidizes the efficiency of resolving and releasing the anion, still can drive away the different miscellaneous smell of spraying the area, improve the ecological environment in the disease district.
l l The greatest function that l l V8 disinfects: V8 exceeds the ability of oxidizing (oxyhydrogen free radical) The cell membrane which destroys the bacterium makes the bacterium quality loss cause bacterium's death, congeals
The protein of the firm virus, suppresses the virus activation, and catch, is it get rid of to swim the bacterium air to kill, its ability can be more than 99%, and purify, filter the virus. V8 water, light, heat, magnetic force, an electrolytic, magnetic field suction, make tuberculosis to be fungus very difficult to grow, V8 will suck person who hits magnetism molecule, son of moisture, oxidize high oxyhydrogen free radical extremely (Hydroxy Radical.OH) ; Will produce free radical chain reaction with the oxygen and molecule, will consume the oxygen and organic matter, turn into carbon dioxide and water evaporating after resolving. (whether can appropriate to drive away glass fog that surface form also, can catch and kill room dissociate germs)

l l The detection method after l l is managed to the tuberculosis fungus, according to inquiry, is medical treatment, matters of the authoritative organization's category of medicine, should be through national food medicine The medicine supervises the administration bureau, or measure inside the health organ. Health and epidemic prevention department, and SGS, CMA are unable to test, not possessing the power basis that the law entrusts to either, Taiwan asks the hospital to measure for being proper by oneself like this too.
l l The nanometer light catalyst of l l is summed up: Nanometer is 1/1 billion of one metre, 1/50,000 of the thickness of a stick of hair, because being young enough, he makes It produces totally different characteristics to have materials, form a lot of special functions. The light catalyst is the mere catalyst, he is made up of light + intermediary, an intermediary in the light catalyst oxidizes the titanium (Tio2) two times A kind of inorganic mineral substance.

l l The nanometer particle of l l has suitable atoms to arrange ( Crystal structure) . It is very difficult in extremely small ion to make this kind of permutation in the past, this kind of permutation Can strengthen the ion catalysis, release the electron in the crystal, and react with the oxygen in the air, in this way, can produce the free radical oxygen, this is a kind of powerful oxidant, can resolve dirt into smaller particles, such as carbon dioxide and water.
l l Physics moisture son of l l V8, there is not any additive, nonpoisonous, harmless, tasteless, has not corrode, pollution-free, can spray any object wantonly,
Form the spectrum linearly on the object surface after the dryness, ventilative producing membrane, change spraying thing nature, lasting brute force, security cleaning, environmental protection energy-conservation, hydrogen ion index is neutral, V8 science and technology occupy first place in the world.
l l Announce l l Ministry of Public Health because it is the legal to report January 2005 by infectious disease epidemic situation, first not legal of 27 kinds, have illness coming on total amount of report altogether infectious disease not class-B as 236257, die 370 people (whether first 2005, second, class-C infectious disease according to revise " infectious disease prevent and cure law " fixed number statistics after) . Infect except plague, diphtheria, dengue fever, polio, infective SARS, people high pathogenic strength bird flu have having illness coming on, death report this month, the others have reports. The report has illness coming on and counts and occupies first in the top five, the class-B infectious disease is: Pulmonary tuberculosis, hepatitis B, gonorrhoea, bacillary and amoeba dysentery, syphilis, accounts for 85.88% of total amount of having illness coming on; The number which occupies the top five is to report the death and count: Rabies, pulmonary tuberculosis, hepatitis B, AIDS, popularity bleed hotly, accounts for 79.19% of the death total amount.