Feasible report of new-type fuel of MSY

Feasible report of new-type fuel of MSY
(take the place of the special project recommendation)
Subject overview of special project
Project name: Ecological Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of five dragons of Baoding
 Special project nature: Individual proprietorship of Taiwan
Special project subject:
1, Baoding health beautiful Pharmaceutcal Co., Ltd., set up by Taiwan health beautiful undertaking Co., Ltd. and Taiwan serious a hundred million industrial Limited Company jointly, sanction operation life for 50 years;
2, company's gross investment of medicine company, for 2,400,000 U.S. dollars (shut 20 million yuan of running prices) ,Registered capital is 1,680,000 dollars;
3, company possess vacuum emulsification machine, irritate installation one and instead of related checkout equipment and processing potentiality, emulsifier of products respectively already;
4, has already obtained two national-level medicines and allowed the word to produce codes (song miaow new milk lotion, camphor peppermint willow fat) ;
5, company staff, in order to engage having a personnel pressure without exception;
6, the means of transportation, office supplies are complete basically;
7, has already sought and purchased 2.16 hectares of land, is used in enterprise's construction;
8, the company products have certain selling markets.
 The energy-conservation, green ecology of environmental protection have " already become first-selection of company's development. Utilize and open up the high-tech products and patented technology to dominate the market, thus serve the market, give benefitedly to the people, it has been our yearning all the time. The company firsts elect the V8 physics moisture son " nanometer light catalyst " series of products with international monopoly, and has already made the original behavior. Monthly output can be up to 2500 kilograms, the international market can depend on the physics behavior with nanometer machinery now, the titanium is processed to the nanometer grade to oxidize two, enter sub group of the moisture nanometer particle activation, form moisture son take, and the one that can produce special efficiency, only have our enterprises.
Physics grade that company put out two oxidize titanium series of products, nanometer of light catalyst as follows, V8 environmental protection grade, V8 agriculture grade, V8 industry grade, V8 health care grade, V8 medicine grade, new energy of V8.
(4) Project director: Lu spreads again
(5) Special project manager: Song JunCheng
(6) Need capital: 30 million dollars
Second, project construction reason
(1) Region advantage: Baoding, the strategic point in the capital city and its environs. Lie in the pivots of Beijing, Tianjin, stone, border on 137 kilometers in Beijing in the north, connect with 145 kilometers in Tianjin in the east, connect with 120 of Shijiazhuang in the south, occupy ring Beijing, Tianjin, large Beijing geographical advantage that economy enclose, ring of the Bohai Sea; Extend in all direction, the traffic advantage with convenient strength of sea, land, air transport; The scenic spot and relatively sufficient resource advantage of regional goods and materials; With swallow Zhao produce more generous solemn and stirring humane advantage of person from ancient times. Make these cultural ancient city, today, keep national economy increasing fast, have gravitation even more.
Because its geographical origin in Baoding, with cooperation and exchange in such respects as Beijing, Tianjin, stone relevant universities, scientific research institution technology, products, talent, information of three cities,etc. ; Help Zhuan case Yu apply and declare national-level to set up and go through medicine person who criticize formality; In addition An Guo of area under one's jurisdiction, is one of the largest Chinese herbal medicine distributing centres of the whole country, can inject vigor into enterprise.
(2) Talent resources: There are more universities and colleges represented by North China Electric Power University, central police officer's university, Hebei university, agricultural university of Hebei, medical college of worker in Hebei,etc. of Baoding, in Beijing, Tianjin, stone and other places being among the university all kinds of, numerous Baoding student, can add delayed effect and can is it choose the right person the cost to reduce for enterprise.
(3) Capital construction cost: If build the new factory, the construction cost of the frame structure, fitting up, other ceramic tile while including in Baoding, aluminium alloy windowpane, about 2000 / square meter, area and so on and so forth size.
(4) Entreprise cost: There are many state-owned enterprises of Baoding, there are many universities and colleges, all kinds of resource, energy are relatively sufficient, cheap, can reduce the entreprise cost effectively, raise enterprise's competitiveness. Through investigating, proving, draft it in the north of the July 1st of north urban area of Baoding, it is taking beautiful Pharmaceutcal Co., Ltd. of the health of Baoding as subject to invest in the construction of, the science and technology of " ecological Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of five dragons of Baoding " research and develop, the production base.
Third, energy-conserving simple theory of environmental protection
(1) Responsibility obligation: The mankind makes the limited resource of the earth and environment suffer to destroying seriously to the greedy and unrestricted development of the energy, the following one is the extreme crisis of the energy. Mankind's cost of high civilization and comfortable life nowadays, that sacrifice the green home depended on for existence. Our company recommends the limitless space theory. Dr.eye: Is it live civilization people in the earth must inspire scientific and technological intelligence, find out about source, universe of energy to maintain. Could not only guarantee the development of the high civilization but also maintain limited resources of the earth effectively so. We often say the world is made of a material, the material is sports, sports are regular. The mankind uses the new and high technology, can untie the principle of the regularity rotation energy of the earth, utilize intelligence, research and develop the regularity rotation energy of the earth, and summarize and utilize, can fully save the earth energy to consume, and the effective energy-conserving efficiency of environmental protection of improvement.
(2) New-type energy: Since the mankind begins to develop and utilize mineral energy on a large scale, especially after the petroleum resources, make human production and life appearance change greatly. But since the seventies of last century after the oil crisis, make people awaken progressively, when there is the mineral energy to the limit after all. The mankind should maintain one's own life and production to develop continuously, must develop the new energy. Since the eighties of last century, developing the new-type energy becomes an important content in new technical revolution at that time progressively. The developed country competitively puts the new-type energy of can develop controlled thermonuclear reaction, wind energy, solar energy, tiding etc. Dr.eye: into the enormous manpower and materials, some developing countries have made very big strength and developed such new-type energy as the alcohol fuel which substitutes the petroleum,etc. tooFor over 20 years, the countries all over the world have made considerable progress in development of the new energy. Many economic, practical, renewable new-type energy have occupied one seat in human production, living progressively from scratch. Especially in more than 10 years in the past, the development of the fuel cell of civil hydrogen has made substantive progress. This returns not including extensive " coal is turned into the oil " project. However, generally speaking, all kinds of new-type energy has not substituted the mineral energy yet, even far insufficient to make rival claims as an equal with traditional mineral energy. It is nothing more than two major factors of technology and economy to trace it to its cause. By the look of technology, the mankind has not mastered controlled nuclear fusion technology yet at present at least. If master this technology, it is nearly abundant and using it not to exhaust to use, produce hydrogen of pollution make energy is possible to once and for all, solve energy that the mankind take supply the problem with.
(3) Resource overview: The coal having the praise of " black tulip ", accounts for more than 20% in a energy consumption structure of the world, lower than 40% of the petroleum, 23% of the natural gas. And energy consumption structure of our country coal occupy leading status, coal proportion always exceed 65% among energy-consuming total amount. Though with economic development, the danger of such harmful substances as the carbon dioxide that the coal brings,etc. is obvious day by day. However, the Chinese energy of rich coal, oil-poor, little air stores the characteristic, and the characteristic at stage of economic development, it is determined that coals are still main once energy in China. The Chinese coal reserves occupy the first place in the world. It is 1,000 billion tons that the ones that have already verified in the whole country have protected coal reserves, distributed in North China, northwest place mainly, the most abundant with the reserves of such provinces as Shanxi, Shaanxi, the Inner Mongol,etc.. Oil gas resources, containing it in the northwest place mainly, secondly it is the Northeast, North China and continental shelf of coastal shallow sea of southeast. Already find 509 oil fields, and 163 gas fields in the whole country up to the end of 1998. Among them the petroleum resources amount and resource amount of natural gas account for 73.8% and 78.4% of the whole country respectively by land, form loose distant, Bohai Sea Gulf, Tarim Basin, accurate dose already - Turfan, Sichuan, Shan sweet getting peaceful six large-scale oil, gas area. We know the present coal is transfered to the technology of the oil, need three tons of coal to produce a ton of oil. And the direct cost producing a ton of coal is, need irritating into water of two to three tons, because coal seams of our country are mostly underground. The destruction of the environment, the pollution of the air, this can't judge why mostly the universe drought is short of rain to produce the coal region, river blanking, it is the severely afflicated area of this kind of vicious circle at least.
Fourth, new-type fuel of MSY:
(1) Have not talked about definitely: Though we have not mastered controlled nuclear fusion technology yet, we utilize physics chemical reaction, research and develop establish burst moisture son take technology is one with 60% water, add 10% coal, add 25% oil, add 5% catalyst independently, the association motive force energy formed, has concentrated new-type energy, the marrow of the clean fuel, it create environmental protection it is the intelligent to be the scientific and technological ( The vapour, firewood, coal, heavy oil) Ecological intelligence of fuel. Certainly not get rid of experts and scholars for mentioning practising and quenching the professional course that melt, burst moisture theory that son take, hold different opinion and dispute. However, our conclusion through researching and developing repeatedly is, this project does not need to invest the huge fund, but scale is large and very small, do not produce offals, burn completely, not causing the environmental pollution, the motive force produced is powerful, and does not need to occupy the large area land, do not need a large number of coal resources and water and other chemical articles. It is a kind of physics, the whole ecology take, energy-conserving, new-type energy of environmental protection type. Loss of alleviating resources on application of him can greatly, maintain the natural ecological environment effectively, reduce common people and consume the cost in a large amount, change the country to the reliance importing the petroleum, it is a great thing of favourable the people, favourable descendants, benefitting the nation.
(2) Nanometer matchmaker's lotion: The nanometer particle has suitable atoms to arrange ( Crystal structure) ,Very much difficult to make these kind of permutation among small ion extremely in the past, this kind of permutation could strengthen the ion catalysis, release the electron in the crystal, and react with the oxygen in the air, in this way, can produce the free radical oxygen, this is a kind of powerful oxidant, can resolve materials into smaller particles. Process the coal as the nanometer coal lotion by way of physics, because being young enough, he makes the material produce totally different characteristics. Because of physical chemistry ( Activation) The response, form a lot of special functions. The forming of the nanometer particle can be divided into physics, chemistry two major manufacturing fields. Physics nanometer coal lotion that science and technology make, coal and water only make up, utilize international monopoly " nanometer grind machinery ", appeal to high to involve discharge, heating way week, strengthen magnetic field react, force particle nanometer of coal take, and combine with the moisture son, become the active material. Hydrogen ion index is neutral.
(3) Whether burst member. Dr.eye: Ultra tiny space frequency is it is it burst molecule to enclose, resolve, recombinate, arrange molecule natural function efficiency, trace element of energy to go back, universe energy explodes and releases the function water, include the mineral substance element inside, produce the energy of the living gas, water structure of a little meticulous gene, the molecule element motive force that split only. So, for instance: Universe turn round magnetic field produce high pressure, wind, rain, thunder, electricity, energy angry, hot, tendency of toppling the mountains and overturn the seas caused just like the volcano eruption. Explosion vapor is it split interior purification of mineral substance, son of moisture, to shake, through separate but produce straight anion not to is it dismantle to arrange, make moisture son combine ring ion of Ho2 link the key, Ho2 bring positive oxyhydrogen root ion and Ho2 bring negative oxyhydrogen root ion, turn HZ into under the low molecular weight, enable rupturing (single molecule) Reformulate the structure of arranging. For instance: The earth, the sun, the moon, complicated celestial body, track frequency operates, form operation energy and produce the vapor, hot, Ling, it is the motive force to receive the nature universe change, uses the natural physical chemistry principle, produce the molecule, ion to arrange and react, and make such structure as fog, angry, water,etc.. The grade of quality quality of function of water, is called moisture several members of sub quantity. High multiple perspect laser crystal microscope test unable to examine moisture sub odd member of quantity. Sea water, include a large amount of salt and organic, inorganic incidental inside, the high temperature of sour alkali is oxidized, the physics chemical reaction of permanent function, water collected in the deep sea place, may well be termed the pollution-free particle space water, its molecular weight is detailedder and netter, so soda water while producing. Certainly have it more cheap, more simple and more convenient methods, use the urbanite domestic water purified, it contains abundant chemical element, burning more favorable to new-type fuel of MSY. (Because consider the questions of water resource and cost, the best source of water that this technology uses is, the sea water of the domestic water and deep sea purified, may well be inexhaustible, abundant environmental protection energy-conservation.)
(4) The output can have: Complete automation equipment, can produce 40 to 50 tons in 24 hours (vapour, firewood, coal, heavy oil) Clean fuel. Equipment is it need professional scientific and technical personnel to operate, because dispositions set up the computer PC procedure of controlling, production can stabilize quality, but does not need a great deal of skilled workers. Eco-friendly power source ( The vapour, firewood, coal heavy oil) But lowering the cost of investment of bottom greatly, make benefit fast, improve the rate of return on investment. (this project investment is that modern coal is transfered to 1/100 that the oil is put into the capital)
(5) Structure energy: (the strand key science and technology of physical chemistry) The material heat energy of the colliery takes shape, produce jungle volcano eruption because the ground heat source moves, is it take jungle ecological animals and plants is it is it evolve carbonization material hard dark ore yuan to cook to close to break to pieces(coal) , material liquid of water take shape, the earth surface air heat energy produce natural difference in temperature effect moisture son, Ho2 of crystallization, (liquid water) , material liquid of oil take shape, ground contain a large number of material body cracked decomposition reaction hot pressing produce the high thick oil liquid (dark ointment) . The above-mentioned three kinds of materials are spun the frequency by the nature and the earth, is it is it is it grow natural physical chemistry it patrols to be still week material of chain to plant to move to produce, because of change destroy and is it patrol week chain is it have number of times evolve one one year to produce also to cover, and is moved by the ground heat source, universe natural physics chemical reaction stove, cracked decomposition reaction prescroption size and geographical environment material with is it form to evolve difference (the strand key of physical chemistry) Divine force that created the universe.
(6) Technological process:
*Whether go to work a procedure. 1, Garrulous particle of dry powder of coal; 2, coal nanometer melts wetly; 3, the coal adds the catalyst, strike the single bond again; 4, between coal and moisture son combine, form it for water coal lotion (40% of water content) . The cracked decomposition reaction of coal produces the high thick oil liquid (the coal lotion of black oil) .
*China's section procedure: 1, Water is 60%; 2, (the vapour, firewood, coal, weight) Oil is 25%; 3, water coal lotion is 10%; 4, catalyst is 5%; 5, physics chemistry melts to react wetly; 6, add (the vapour, firewood, coal, weight) Oil strand key. Effect crystallization Ho2 moisture son of the natural difference in temperature (8,000 molecular weight of liquid water) Depend on (the coal lotion of black oil) Suck 60% water but cracked decomposition reaction (liquid profit 1,000 molecular weight) Cover the membrane ( The vapour, firewood, coal, weight) Oil is 25%. (form and burn and use the thick ore oil)
*Make the section procedure: 1, The velocity of flow of liquefaction is cooled; 2, finalize the design and stabilize liquefaction; 3, filter the impurity; 4, vacuum emulsification; The readymade oil is poured into. (refine the engine power energy that the oil uses the vehicle, ship)
(7) Clean fuel: In sum, (physics strand key) (vapour, firewood, coal, serious) Manufacturing technology of the oil, comprehensive petroleum, the advantages of coal and water, have fully remedied the vicious circle question of burning the resource and environmental protection and source of water that the coal brings. His popularization and application, can lighten the modern matchmaker to transfer to a great deal of unfavourable factors that the oil exists, especially to the complete use of the coal, and no offal will emerge. Outstanding to existing resources, the environment, the protection of especially the source " water " of the life. While the burning that MSY clean fuel can reach the generic readymade oil is clicked, having more powerful motive force, tail gas discharge can reach the international discharge standard (because of the reason of its composition, have already exceeded three standards in Europe) ,And does not form any harm to the machinery of starting, one may well say that achieves many things at one stroke. Popularization and application of MSY clean fuel, can be far away from the energy crisis, return a green beautiful home to the mankind.
(8) Cost calculation: Cost calculation of the new-type fuel of MSY,
First? Section, the cost of the raw materials part is estimated in each kilogram MSY readymade oil:
1.Precise oil of MSY (add?)
2.5 yuan of precise coal / kilogram, 10% of consumption for each kilogram, equal to the kilogram / 0.5 yuan;
3.Life? Take 1 of water / kilogram, each 60% consumption, equal to the kilogram / 0.60 yuan.
The above is a raw materials manufacturing cost in the fuel oil of MSY, 1.60 yuan / kilogram. Throw? 10 million yuan? Roll over? Is one according to five years? Let it be? 2 million yuan per year; Born per year? 50 million tons of quantity? Let it be, is each kilogram added and rolled over? 0.025 yuan; Three? Shut? The people? 1.6 yuan / kilogram.
Second? Section, heavy oil cost of MSY is estimated:
1.The precise oil of MSY is 5% of consumption, equals 0.5 yuan / kilogram;
2.Precise coal is 10% of consumption, equals 0.5 yuan / kilogram;
3.Life? Take 1 of ink / kilogram, 60% of consumption, equals 0.6 yuan / kilogram;
4.Roll over? 0.025 yuan / kilogram;
5.3 yuan of heavy oil / kilogram, 25% of consumption, equals 0.75 yuan / kilogram;
6.2.375 yuan of heavy oil of MSY / kilogram.
Second? Whether section make, MSY oil cost estimates the method.
The basic price of l MSY fuel? 1.625, can process first kilogram each? Fuel. Can be regarded as the method readymade oil and added the basic price of MSY and equal to? MSY
Price of the readymade oil.
1, 0.5 MSY heavy oil is it add 0.25 heavy oil to need (3 heavy oil. Dr.eye: The yuan / kilogram) ,? Take 0.60 kilograms of ink (life? Take 1 of ink / kilogram) .
2, need to join 0.25 kilograms of diesel oil of a kilogram of MSY diesel oil (4.5 yuan of diesel oil / kilogram) ,? Take 0.60 kilograms of ink (life? Take 1 of ink / kilogram) .
3, is a kilogram of MSY high?: Need to join 0.25 kilograms tallly in the diesel oil? Diesel oil (height? 5 yuan of diesel oil / kilogram) ,? Take 0.60 kilograms of ink (life? Take 1 of ink / kilogram) .
4, need to join 0.25 kilograms of petrol of a kilogram of MSY petrol (petrol costs 4.8 yuan) ,? Take 0.60 kilograms of ink (life? Take 1 of ink / kilogram) .
5, is a kilogram of MSY high? Need to join 0.25 kilograms tallly in the petrol?: Petrol (height? 5 yuan of petrol / kilogram) ,? Take 0.60 kilograms of ink (life? Take 1 of ink / kilogram) .
Precise oil of MSY (add? Readymade oil? 5% of quantity is added, the precise oil of MSY (add) 。

 Fifth, budgetary estimate of project construction
Scientific and technological mansion: It is a rectangle to plan to build the scientific and technological mansion, the 16 - storeyed building, it is with a construction area of 23040 square meters, it has been already 80 meters long, 18 meters wide, 56 meters high.
 Industry building: Plan to build ecological Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of five dragons and make, examine the workshop as four floors, square building, its area is 14400 square meters, already 60 meters long, 60 meters wide, 20 meters high.
Auxiliary building: Plan to build objects as comprehensive function, six layers, rectangle, its auxiliary function ( 1) Storage; ( 2) The energy disposes the centre; ( 3) Measure and safeguard the centre; ( 4) Night staff's bedroom. Its construction area is 8640 square meters, already 80 meters long, 18 meters wide, 25 meters high.
Total construction area: The whole area of the buildings is 46080 square meters.
Construction cost: Calculate with the frame structure, is nearly equal to 2000 yuan / square meter. In (including the room, fit up outside)
 The total construction cost is about: 92,160,000 yuan.
Sixth, budgetary estimate of capital construction
1, the channel of water-supply line and sewer;
2, the electricity is supplied;
3, concentrate cooling, hot;
4, communication network;
5, the road to the garden;
6, the garden afforests;
7, the workshop and scientific and technological mansion are used for researching and developing and special measuring and standard of the laboratory purify facilities;
8, indoor cooling, hot device, facility and channel;
9, characteristic courtyard wall, door, public illumination,etc..
Nine items are expected to spend: 25 million yuan.Seventh, budgetary estimate of mechanical facility
All kinds of lathes: Process 100 50 million tons of MSY new-type fuel production equipment every year, need:
10 accurate lathes;
2, 3 grinding machines of axis;
3, mill 2 planers accurately,
4, 1 milling machine of surface of the mirror;
5, the number of the drilling machine machine of spiral arm is 5;
6, the number of polishing grinding machine is 5,
7, the number of the cutting out machine of stencil plate is 2;
8, the stencil plate rolls over
9 for 2 rolling over machines. The number of welding machine is 5,
10, the high pressure gushes out 1 noisy machine,
11, one spraying paint machine of high pressure
12, overhead traveling crane hang 10 of heavy-duty machine, 5, 3, 1 every 1 type.
13, computer automatic curved cutting machine 1 group, 14, 5 tons, 1 ton pile the high machine.
15, all kinds of platform of the crane,
16,Forge and cast accurately: Vacuum 1 forging press; Cast one set of facilities accurately ( Include all kinds of and rub one) .
 Hardness of heat treatment : (high Zhou involves carburization stove) A set of groups of relevant equipment.
 Distribution of the electric apparatus: Relevant tools of equipment.
 The computer makes maps: Relevant software and hardware of equipment.
The computer disposes: Such 30 as the computer related to homework, integrated computer,etc..
 Assembly is debugged: Related to homework pair buy the tool and debug facilities.
The above totals and appraises: 85 million yuan.
 Eighth, project master budget is: 231 million yuan ( Or 30 million dollars) .
The whole area of the buildings is 46080 square meters, 92,160,000 yuan;
The infrastructure estimates the expenditure of 26,840,000 yuan;
All kinds of production facility, equipment estimate expenditure of 85 million yuan;
 Build to local every that government pay 5 million support expenses expect before going into operation;
Enterprise organizational cost, run every formality and his every funds that staff member produce expect 2 million yuan;
 Enterprise's circulating fund is 20 million yuan.
Ninth, budgetary estimate of investment repayment
Production equipment: A set of equipment of 50 million tons of heavy oil in annual production, the price: 10 million yuan, profit of each set of production equipment: 3,500,000 yuan, according to 30 provincial capitals and municipalities directly under the Central Government in the whole country in the past three years, whether 30 equipment, it calculates to be should according to 10 equipment be every year. The profit is 35 million yuan per year. (Hi-Tech, environmental protection special project can apply to reduce or remit the taxes) Within future 10 years, is it develop into every prefecture-level city and heavy county-level city set up MSY new-type manufacturing enterprise of fuel to want. Guard and estimate that every year is calculated according to 100 sets of equipment three years later.
After-sale service: With the constant perfection of the market, the constant summary in using, the constant progress of modern science. Equipment upgrade, technology improve, maintain technological question of maintaining etc., quite a few are paid service inside. Estimate and obtain every year: 300 million yuan.
 Exclusively-owned technology: The exclusively-owned technology collects the lump-sum technology transfer fee according to 10% of the production equipment. Will obtain three years every year before estimating: 100 million yuan. Calculate according to 100 for every year three years later.
Brother Lu's budgetary estimate that invite
Tenth, project depreciation budgetary estimate
Depreciation of the company physical assets, contain in the building object and used for such equipment, facility as researching and developing, production, measuring, storage,etc., and such tool, facility as office supplies, traffic, communication,etc., Dr.eye: and other fixed assets, depreciation its issue can calculate according to one year, actual time limit can with while in investment repayment.
11, project organization structuring
Establish the board of directors: Enterprises establish the board of directors according to enterprise's operating mechanism, the board of directors is made up of many directors (the odd number) ,Have one President, several vice-presidents, implement the total manager responsibility system under the leadership of board of directors. When the President is out, are acted as by the vice-president.
Management organization: Administrative management department, management department of Planning & Financial Department, production, marketing department, client service department.
Research and development centre: Supply with the room, grind the laboratory, emulsification laboratory in the mechanical drive room, computer programming room, water quality.
 12th, the special project is proved feasibly
Company's future development, should base on this great subject of " energy-conservation, green ecology of environmental protection ", incorporate science, industry and trade into an organic whole, take shape and manage unifiedly, the group way of development in pluralism, exchange minimum cost for the supreme profit. Walk goal on one one that is people, struggle 3 years, try to set up the enterprise group, fight three years more, strive to be listed on Chinese stock! Comprehensive to is it can draw 1 to have, MSY new-type fuel equipment that suit is calculated so as to the annual production, can count and obtain 3,500 ten thousand yuan every year; 100 sets are calculated with annual production three years later, can obtain 350,000 ten thousand yuan every year. 2, the equipment upgrades some, can obtain 300 million yuan every year. 3, the exclusively-owned technology is calculated according to 10% that the equipment outputs value, can obtain 380 million yuan every year. Three items are added up to: 4,180 million yuan. Proving through being above-mentioned, this special project invests capital U.S. dollar of 30 million yuan, can regain every year, divided by various kinds of risk factor, can is it drop capital into all to regain also one year, so, this project is feasible.