7 Feb 2022

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Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia (COVID-19)
Since the advent of the Omicron variant with the largest number of new coronavirus variants,
Health ministries around the world have been relying on vaccinations (but it's hard to stop the spread of the virus).
Chairman: Lu Zaicuan provided the invention medical patent "Nano-film mineral functional water acquisition"
Water is an important component of the human body. Just as blood and lymph nodes are used by the human body to resist bacteria, the standard of drinking water quality is 0.2 to 1.0 mg/liter of free and effective residual chlorine content. Among the more than 900 kinds of chemical substances that have been published with water content, it is impossible to remove the infected genome of the new coronavirus, making it difficult for the omicron variant vector to prevent epidemics. Physically grinding the nano-film into the host water and drinking water to increase the water, protein, cell residues and pathogens in the lymphatic fluid, which will be filtered and eliminated by the lymph nodes to remove pathogens and toxins. If "the people of the whole country drink this functional water every day", in addition to strengthening their own immune antibodies, they will form a national community for epidemic prevention and prevent the invasion of mutant strains such as omicron.
"Nano film mineral functional water obtained: Taiwan medical invention patent: I263500 US medical invention patent: US7,534,740 B2.
In 2022, the prosperous year of the tiger depends on the government decree to prevent the epidemic by compulsory vaccination, which will be shattered, the interaction of the people will be restricted, the state's huge investment in the purchase of vaccines will be in vain, and the civilian economy will be difficult to improve? Mineral film thin water epidemic prevention). People all over the country interact and drink water in daily life to prevent the virus. The main thing is not to vaccinate, but it is difficult to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus of the Omicron variant. The restrictions on people's free life will be lifted, the economy will recover, people's economic interaction will be prosperous, and taxes will be prosperous into the national treasury.



Natural Mineral Functional Water Type B (Titanium Dioxide + Sulfur Ore)
(No absolutes) Life science health preservation (the function of drinking and drinking water to prevent epidemics and infectious viruses) prevent the continued spread of the severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID19) epidemic.
Chongyi Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded 35 years ago (customized various types of industries and other professional research and development of life science and biotechnology equipment)
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