The charging type piles the high 5HP anti-blast mixer

The charging type piles the high 5HP anti-blast mixer
Use worker's work special project to design: The motive force of the power three-phase 380V plug is connected.
1. The hand piling type of walking, 60KG oil pressure hoist or lower the charging electricity all seal the group.
2. Hang type 200 liters of barrels while being living, the oil pressure hoists or lower 900mm.
3. Fixed type 5HP high-speed mixer, the oil pressure hoists or lower 900mm.
4. 200 liters of barrels awl is oblique to fight, unloading of 2 inches valve.
5. A.Blade 200mm, B of the sun. A rolling blade 300mm one respectively.
6. The finished product can be stired unloading at slow speed.
Standardize the condition :
1. Stir the intersection of barrel and one-layer thick 650mmx650mm, 3mm of galvanized iron, intine polish and activity push away ship.
2. ? Oil pressure lift and? The iron stand goes up and down and gushes out and encloses the activity to push the wheel.
3. 5HP the intersection of three-phase and 380V, EG3 increase explosion-proof, 4 safely motor enclose frequency conversion 0~1740RPN rotational speed very much.
4. The oil pressure makes direct-flow motor DC24V.3000W flow 8L/min *60kg/cm 2 fuel tanks of 8L up, one pair of return circuits hoists or lower the valve. (electricity all fill and seal the security)
5. Jar 40kg/cmDSOH-50X35X900-N of the oil pressure (stir the barrel and go up and down) .
6. Jar 40X25X900-N of the oil pressure (5HP5HP anti-blast mixer goes up and down) .
7. Electric apparatus case and operating the control cabinet in one set of groups, electric wire? Sleeve pipe.
8. The activity pushes 4 inches of wheels to enclose and insert fixedly.