Can the intersection of industry and resource punish, endure the intersection of rice and the intersection of

Can the intersection of industry and resource punish, endure the intersection of rice and the intersection of processing and the intersection of apparatus and technological science and technology a little
First, life sciences and biological technical equipment
Does the fibrous shearing of a, half a the universe type endure the not bottom of rice flour a little? Process the apparatus : Fibrous food of farming, fishing and husbandary, carbon response fiber of melting in the industrial and mining, energy fuel of vegetable fibre, plant the intersection of Chinese medicinal materials and fiber, lithium electricity store and the intersection of fuel and electricity store raw materials, nitrify fiber, organic inorganic fiber and mineral,etc. (crush, grind, thinning) .
Does b, liquid fibrous shearing of wet type endure the lotion bottom of rice a little? Process the apparatus: Fibrous food of farming, fishing and husbandary, carbon response fiber of melting in the industrial and mining, energy fuel of vegetable fibre, Chinese medicinal materials fiber of the plant, lithium electricity store and fuel electricity store and paint, ink, the intersection of rubber and lotion, cosmetics, organic and inorganic, and the intersection of mineral and the intersection of lotion and thick liquid,etc. endure the intersection of rice and, processing (stir, mix thick liquid, grind, not thinning Sewage disposal apparatus.
Two, biological fuel technical equipment of regenerated energy
Sewage disposal purifies and burns the mud sewage particle to grind : Endure the rice catalyst (the treatment technology of reaction that physical chemistry autoignites) Change and burn the energy-conservation of heat energy and reduce efficiency such as carbons. (Coal one and Ti2 physical chemistry endure the rice, sewage thick liquid, heavy oil cooperate with man-machine the intersection of computer and automatic analysis calculate, control and revise, allocate, transform and burn heat energy by 0~40% of the mud thick liquid body things listing, utilize (international monopoly grind technology) The stove? 500 degrees of high temperature will increase and burn the nipping value of heat energy to burst to burn little member of water for the hydrogen ion. )
Three, biological technical equipment of finish machining of slaughter house bone
(build the food of health and live glue) Can be regarded as high additional value (food builds material element of application foundation such as health) ? Unable to soluble in water, cook unable to soluble in boiled water, equal 100% colloid, deficient element to be quite beneficial to body function,
(build the intersection of health and the intersection of food and living the intersection of glue and calcium meat colloid powder) The function supplements the food.
Four, agricultural soil property follows and still plants the biological technical equipment
Make procedure: Barren soil, weeds, the thinning soil of trunk leaf of the grass adds water of purification function of the proportion and cellulose of proportion in proportion (Utilize physics to reflect every patent machinery power operation of chemical treatment technology naturally and conceive the energy of magnetic field, high the intersection of heat energy and catalyst burst, react, decompose plant, the intersection of leaf and pieces of dry cellulose, suck many the intersection of candy and acid change Ling, soda of monosaccharide, deposit, set aside ferment, suck for the intersection of lactic acid and the intersection of fungus and liquid angry, soil) .

Five, the waste rubber for tire reduces and changes the technical equipment of the products
Do not have it absolutely in terms of (nature physical chemistry returning to the original reclaimed rubber to produce and make naturally; There are rubbers to strain water graticule mesh in China) Detached technology, does the software whole world of the hardware have no literature to check? . Does the advanced country of whole world deal with waste tire technology at present? . The first type handling refines the regenerated packing to use by crushing desulphurization. The second type handling is acted as the fuel is burnt. Two pollute the air ultra the intersection of particle and carbon black, waste the loud natural resources, destroy the environment, poison masses.
Six, the vegetable fibre mixes the chain PLA plastics and makes the technical equipment of wrapping paper in agroforestry
The natural plant of rice pole gathers lactic acid to make jointly, escort out and mix the chain, make the membrane of book in physical machinery, papermaking is fine, it is main to improve PLA heat-resisting technical equipment, physical machinery mixes the chain and penetrates, how the electric apparatus products improve PLA heat-resisting technical equipment, spreading? It is unable to improve PLA heat resistance to escort out, shoot the shaping mechanical equipment in physical machinery. The vegetable fibre mixes the chain PLA plastics and makes the technical equipment of wrapping paper in agroforestry, the natural plant of rice pole gathers lactic acid and can improve peasants to pass to make jointly
Help benefit, create energy-conservation to reduce the carbon pollution-free industry advancedly at the same time.
Seven, rice husk cement additive employs the surface material biotechnology products of building
Buddhist nun's energy-conservation reduces carbons and purifies the surface material of building, natural physics machine can: Environmental protection, energy-conservation, reduce carbons, purify, health care, energy? Rice husk but natural plant burn, mean, make carbon, pollute, utilize the intersection of rice husk and plant have natural to interlock netted to weave in the fibrous the intersection of hole and thin tube including the intersection of plant and sour and cured settling machine, employ the building to add and mix the earth thick liquid and replace the high sub molecule \ material, can really reduce the energy-conservation of carbon and discharge questions such as the public hazards,etc.. The danger of the human house but the industry and commerce progresses, rich economy is enjoyed, must require the rich noble color of ornamental building materials, contact the human living environment for a long time directly, the main reason of chronic disease for a long time brought up: 1. The wall paper material composition PVC that the flower floatses, chloride, long-term 70 indoors? C above fluorescent lamp shine? Grow vapour chemical reaction halogen of heat energy and suck the human body.
Eight, life sciences can be used in the light catalyst physical moisture son's technological products of medical treatment
The greatest function sterilizes, sterilize, deodorize, prevent from mouldly, decompose, oxidize the harmful object purely, nonpoisonously, tastelessly, colourlessly, has not corroded in nature, lasting, brute force, security, environmental protection, festival can Study the little passage aisle of cell membrane and find the theory in Nobel chemistry Prize in 2003, let scientific circles have on some diseases, know further, the intersection of A and dose auspicious, and MacKinnon, two people obtain the award. Escherichia coli, golden yellow staphylococcus, white bead fungus, pneumonia CrayResearch's uncle
Fungus,not antibacterial, not purify it if you can't travel, filter viral.

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