Five dragons unify Each show the Holy Ghost

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The body not robbed today, meet with the tangible, invisible common customs historical romance, it is the change of operation in natural span of life, quintessence of human intelligence. Common customses all all kinds of messy like,all float too heart. Track their, all heart know the intersection of fairy and all of heart, all this kind, long way of this, raise, take body and mind, law to demand nihility, but the mankind has not taken off the invisible shadow, it of making soul enter the invisible swirl gradually.

Happen there is sincere, person of the will in the mortal world, the unreal actual situation of melting, do away with superstitions, remove the camouflage of the heart, since ancient times, countless sage reveal, enlighten popular feelings by education, clever with whom people ask by oneself all, earn one's own living for a long time, actual situation can be free ear equal, namely shape Da Tong have timid world.

Watch the situation of today, the win begins to show, the actual situation is relative that seek only, follow in order and advance step by step, the ones that namely walked in the main road are common, people do not have scheming, people who have not become, let nature take its course greedily, turn real to can change the heart timidly, implement the main road as the common world.

Therefore the intersection of common customs and it, can change, this come intentionally,etc., all the intersection of sages and men of virtue and hope of people, collect gold, wood, water, fire, soil also, each side clever and relative in tangible a invisible one, until old Chinese calendar 29 enter Sichuan, go to again the intersection of continent and all parts August, own to gather each side's spirit, start the opportunity of development.

Fit law of Da Tong, from timid to turn real can change common customs too, abolish all superstition of customming, can change the change of the human thought, the actual situation is corresponding, can make (the world of Da Tong) Will too,etc. Sun Ling, making every worlds tangible transmit.

In weight hundred million industrial Limited Company, Kang Li public health work Co., Ltd. collect this now, human tangible the intersection of fairy and quality take place jointly, it abolishes timid god of looks to be clever to turn real and corresponding in Buddha, absorb the intersection of the sun and energy, kill supernatural Buddha, find until sex clever, abbreviate the intersection of dragon and clever essence as, god and creature unify as the real looks law.