V8 function operation instruction (industry)

The severity of industrial pollution is most difficult to deal with; Take poisonous air, take malicious sewage, take material poisonous flying dust such as sour malicious bad smell
1. Physical moisture son of light catalyst of V8 Tio2 nanometer In (food, clothing, shelter, transportation, agriculture, worker, trader, person, medicine, it is happy) Wait for the sector application to handle the function of use, except that chemistry poisonous taking poisonous air, taking malicious sewaging, taking sour malicious bad smell and organic solvent stink, stimulating, waits a moment and needs to use the method for instance; Spray, add, soak, mix, heat, angry and transfer to airiness, reach, purify, decompose, burst, combine air moisture content and heat energy application, sterilize, except that bad smell, deacidify, get rid of the soda, be antiseptic, prevent irritating the human organ from, avoid job chronic kind, virus of disease malicious, etc Wait for the serious problem.

2. V8 Tio2 the intersection of nanometer and the intersection of light catalyst and physical the intersection of moisture and son take, employ oil plant, chemistry formate factory, incinerator, flood, bury field, common the intersection of residence and toilet, arrange angry, such questions as the high altitude poisonous cigarette is dyed towards industry. Utilize the intersection of V8 and high-pressure the intersection of spray and form, deal with, impel physical the intersection of moisture and son, V8 of atomization, it combines the intersection of exhaust gas and natural chemical reaction and decomposes poisonous smog and poisonous vapour, hot gas to be poisonous, separate, burst, purify, decompose the poisonous air and reduce air and water quality of catching environmental range in natural chemical reaction of physics, skill and technological function. Because son, moisture of V8Tio2,. Mineral little the intersection of nanometer and energy react inorganic the intersection of magnetism and electric function of grain start, reach physics, purify science and technology of function, decompose, deodorize, purify the intersection of instinct and power of air, make porous grain, member of form, of inorganic matter, ultra little son, moisture of group, construct things to produce naturally, magnetic electricity, oxidizing decomposing, the permanence has energy that keeps the industry of the efficiency of semi-permanent full play dyeing and dealing with and purifying pharmaceuticals.

3. Physical moisture son of light catalyst of V8 Tio2 nanometer, can deal with some factories of high toxic smell, for instance; Paint factory, lacquer in the factory, bake and paint the factory, ink factory, leather factory, dyestuffs factory, colouring factory, shut the board factory, paper mill, electroplating factory, print the factory, laminate the factory, the animal incinerates the factory, medical wastes and incinerates the factory, ice plant, welds factory's poisonous chemical raw materials and surrounding environment in place of danger,etc. which chemical solvent factory and warehouse preserve. Sulk is hot and poisonous and unable to dredge smooth air cleaning, adopt the intersection of V8 and physical the intersection of water and sub the intersection of group and water burst angry and malicious purifying, decomposing poisonous air and easy right air treatment, quite having efficiency that purify the clean environment. If can spray under high pressure automatically according to the control at the time of binding, by stage, force the intersection of V8 and physical porous the intersection of form and low molecular group, son of water, come with strength splitting moisture of atomization air son to for a long time in poisonous environmental staff members, can avoid questions such as job disease,etc.. Improve the intersection of work and function of rendering a service but and can dispel dusk spirit Shen again.

4. Physical moisture son of light catalyst of V8 Tio2 nanometer, applicable with the food factory, water treatment, restaurant, diet, fertilizer factory, feed factory, pharmaceutical factory, medical place, wastes place, rubbish rubbish place, dish meat field, shady and cool ditch pool, funeral and interment field, it is close that the air around the environment is quite discredited to infect germ and crowd, gush out, shine the intersection of V8 and physical the intersection of moisture and son come the intersection of purification and peace and quiet environment of air and but decompose in the air sucking sour oil effectively air such as being malicious fresh, the above-mentioned place rancid to suck the intersection of dish and meat and the intersection of medicinal liquid and disinfectant feel a pain air dye in the air, utilize the intersection of V8 and physical the intersection of moisture and son combine air, it mixes sour carbon dioxide and ammonia of quality to be sour to change the intersection of oxygen and function, come, oxidize the intersection of organic matter and wet air of fungus and deodorize while being malicious, sterilize, keep fresh and purify fresh air oxygen.

5. Physical moisture son of light catalyst of V8 Tio2 nanometer, the complicated function of industrial waste water treatment, produce oxygen very much in the waste water, inorganic to suck complicated chemical solvent and organic compound when can apply, through producing the chemical reaction and stimulating the gas, the stimulating smell such as ammonia, benzene surrounds VOCs, wait for the gas, utilize V? 8Tio2 physics chemical function react naturally, peculiar smell, get rid of the toxin, decompose organic compound, make straight the intersection of anion and the intersection of crystalline solid and the intersection of chain and the intersection of key and Shen settle, impel HO2 in the ring structure, contain mineral malicious moisture sub foreign matter, react to purify neutral pH value through the magnetic electricity, heat energy and photosynthesis, solve clear water quality, it is suitable for breeding fish, watering the flowers and trees, planting using water quality of the vegetables changing oxygen hydroenergy alive for oxygen function. ?

6. The intersection of V8 Tio2 and the intersection of nanometer and the intersection of light catalyst and the intersection of physics and moisture, sub the intersection of industry and mud handle the intersection of efficiency and technology, modern mud deal with, include 65% moisture content to be about probably, generally adopt and bury the method to deal with, too high chemistry of the content remains the organic, inorganic incidental quality, harmful environmental disruption soil function fungus, therefore can't utilize and cultivate the fertilizer use of the crops. Can adopt physical the intersection of chemical reaction and the intersection of energy and power of function burst the intersection of mud and the intersection of water content and 65% high the intersection of poisonous substance and chemistry, oxidize and deal with, transform the good fortune share that organic and inorganic mineral fertilizer is the agriculture, utilize V8Tio2 spray, must cook and react that give oxygen a fertilizer base of a function ranking the high temperature, so train agricultural products, plant dredging, fruit, dish, flower, does not need to spray insecticide, rely on nature energy for support, for instance; Bury the moisture and is heated in sunshine, moisture content, soil, the evaporation produces the gas, the free-radical gas is distributed, except that, except that worm's fungus is that the worm's ovum depends on for a living the function, do not usually have plant diseases and insect pests to produce the resisting of chlorophyll at the same time.

7. V8 Tio2 nanometer light catalyst materialization is paid attention to, additive that the moisture is applied to industry is quite extensively employed, its characteristic, for instance;

a. Function of food processing; Sterilize, antiseptic, sterilize, deodorize, dampproof, purification, fried, steamed and embrittling, softening, flooding the acid, flooding the salt, bursting, shining the universe. Apply to the food; Tin, beverage, beer, red Chinese liquor, noodles, surface, fruit dredge the dish meat fish etc., plastics, glass, paper internal and external articles of packaging. For instance; The ink prints adding, plastics to add. Gush out and bake inside and outside the glass, iron pot. If improve the safe quality V8 of grades of fooding, can assist with technology.

b. Medical Chinese and Western medicine function; Antiviral fungus and decomposing the fungus very much, promote the activeness of the beneficial neutral fungus, interpolation Chinese and Western medicine and can dehumidify, defend discreditedly and sterilizing, antiseptic. Promote the drug effect function, force the cell metabolism of blood, disperse the medicine molecule particle, get rid of the surplus medicine, questions such as poisonous and anaphylaxis,etc. of preventing the medicine from piling the organ in the collective and causing medicines.

c. The cosmetics are added and used; Antibacterial antiseptic sterilizing, deodorizing, dehumidifying, getting rid of oil, preventing suntan, resisting oxygen, removing the intersection of body and the intersection of hole and maos of clear promoting the intersection of skin and top layer activate fungus, defend raising the oil surplus of skin, prevent question of aching etc. of making the foundation cream and itching of the skin.

d. Clothes products such as the cloth of clothing; Can be bleached and laddered and soaked with V8 before dyeing the cloth, the function antibacterial, sterilize, deodorize, dehumidify, get rid of the oil, prevent suntan, resist oxygen, magnetism electric wavelength, promote supersession Chen, function of body, enliven the intersection of hair and perspiration of pore, prevent itching to ache.

e. Guest's burying industry and etiquette must use to make up; Probably die of illness to the persons who grow, it is discredited that ambient air is full of germ and corpse, must prevent germs and purify the air, so the environment must be sprayed, grow the body to the persons who grow too. Teacher of makeup etiquette self-purification use what is V8.

f. Cement building project; Cement if the intersection of sand and thick liquid add V8, can prevent building salt of cement wall enable root rotten Sun of steel and burst, prevent the acid rainwater from forcing cement walls to release sodium chloride gas in a large amount, prevent cancer of the wall from producing and breeding green algate type and mould parasites. If it is unable to add to form a vesicle, can use V8 to spray and suck the sand hole to purify the environment directly, prevent mosquito's fungus from depending on for a living.

g. It is dealt with that coating color and chemical solvent are poisonous; Mix factory's man. in the chemical industry, because project personnel suck the poisonous gas for a long time, most life obtain the intersection of job and disease, V8 accompany it plays the role of roles to be whether environment sterilize not merely, deodorize and purify air so as to, can improve the human virus fungus, can use the chemical batching to enable V8 machine to break through the technological bottleneck that you can't solve too. For instance; Acid, soda, salt, angry, explodes, chemical application product that decomposing, bridge formation, hardening, foaming, catalyst react.

h. Shut the glue of board and stick and deal with formaldehyde smell with timber; Can add V8 such as; Above glue of urea, that beautiful quick glue, two kinds resin, are totally carried and practised formating the glue of formaldehyde, the acid harden and the hot bridge formation of high cycle, make with glue of many air vents, laminate the glue of plank and fill a prescription and add the flour and water again, formaldehyde smell of factor such as being high and wet and warm and dry of receiving it is thick, so poison the human body during the president. Make advanced to shut panel, technical requirement, have formaldehyde smell to must add V8, take certain than row while being malicious, stir the even high temperature to shape.

i. Firing prevention the building materials are added; Firing prevention includes raw materials, for instance in the material; Halogen, phosphoric acid, ammonium the intersection of phosphorus and department, chlorine department, hydrochloric acid, the intersection of formaldehyde and urea, the intersection of formaldehyde and beautiful quick material the above that make with moist pharmaceutical, .

j. The thick liquid of papermaking adds V8 and mixes and refines the material of thick liquid, can make the pulp fiber burst meticulously, accept and cook time short, and can improve papermaking technology and change function and design, the intersection of water treatment and cost to reduce papermaking industry, make the intersection of wastes and the intersection of thick liquid and Shen settle and use other uses deal with, if the transformation is organic foams heads of fertilizer.

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