V8Tio2 - nanometer light catalyst (food grade) Solution function, operation instruction

The greatest function sterilizes, sterilize, deodorize, environmental protection, energy-conservation mouldly and decomposing, oxidizing the harmful object pure, nonpoisonous, tasteless, colourless and not having corroding, lasting, brute force, security, hygiene, environmental protection, energy-conservation nature in nature First, V8 ( Food grade) Characteristic, function

Characteristic: Nanometer is that the size is a little fine-grained; Titanium dioxide ( Tio2) It is inorganic raw materials; Only great natural energy source; The catalyst is abbreviated as " switching device " by the pronoun. V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Solution is pure in nature, there is not any additive, nonpoisonous, colourless, tasteless and having no corrosion, sprayed the thing? Grow the mucous membrane, and ventilative and not changing properties. Function: V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Solution, utilize the physical principle to grind Tio2 little nanometer size to the micro- molecule and totally combine with the water molecule, absorb and come with heat all? Work up photosynthesis, form catalyst, react magnetic and launching energy since by the function, sterilize, sterilize, resist the rot, deodorize, decompose, oxidize and is harmful to objects, and have very good stability, pass V8 (food grade) Food that deal with mouthfeel delicious and the intersection of maximum and function construct and sending the nutrients. Function: V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Water, light, heat, magnetic force of solution use the intersection of nature and photosynthesis, can enable micro- the intersection of member and magnetic force and electrolyze the magnetic field suction, loose cells, moisten, purify and is harmful to the toxin, reach the little nanometer water molecule, promote human metabolism, decompose, oxidize excessive sour the intersection of quality and fat a little, and can reach ablastins and eliminate and depend on living funguses and worm's ovums for a living, guarantee consumers really enjoy the green? Taste, edible security, hygiene can promote human body grow function. Second, V8 ( Food grade) Sterilize, purify the maximum function

Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, CrayResearch's uncle's fungus of pneumonia, sterilize, purify and propagate and filter the virus. V8 Tio2 - the intersection of nanometer and the intersection of light catalyst and ultra the intersection of oxidation and ability cell membrane to destroy bacterium of solution make the intersection of bacterium and quality run off, lead to the fact bacterium's death, protein to solidify virus, inhibit activity of virus, can catch, kill, swimming bacteriuming underwater, decompose, purify the harmful substance in the food. Third, V8 ( Food grade) Resist the rot, get rid of the maximum function of the peculiar smell

Resist the rot: V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Ruggedization, dryness, dehumidifying function and water, light, heat, magnetic force, electrolyzes, magnetic field suction of solution, make the mould unable to grow, will suck the water molecule and hit the member of quantity of magnetism, oxidize extremely high oxyhydrogen free radical (Hydroxy Radical.OH) ,Be with the oxygen molecule? Grow the chain reaction of free radical, consume the oxygen organic matter, turn into carbon dioxide and water and evaporate after decomposing. Except that peculiar smell: V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Solution, purify function of harmful substance with strength, even eager to excel in whatever one does than use for chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone of water treatment,etc., several breathe out detachable wet material any, take a sniff at angry to possess water, light, heat, angry to start the freedom function, magnetoelectric photosynthesis, the intersection of heat energy and magnetic response, angry to exchange, electrolyze, oxidize ability than the intersection of ozone and o3, anion even more, have a strong one suck, tell strength than activited carbon, have unexistent the intersection of resolving and the intersection of bacterium,etc. and function its, when decompose, remove various peculiar smell with strength, and does not have? The thing is produced.

Fourth, V8 ( Food grade) Nutrition, table delicacies maximum function

Nutrition: V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Solution is not nutrition, nourishing, medical product, it is the modem of the human food, ? The motive Yes device. The trace is added and eaten, resist rotten, resist the rot, antibacterial, antitoxic, acid protection quality function; Decompose, oxidize antibodies and consume, mediate the excessive oleic quality function in vivo; Stimulate hall powder ferment, make wine, ferment and beverage ferment and fruit juice ferment and meat irritate hair decompose oil function. Do? Food additive, wash clean and boiling, cooking the food and improving colour, fragrance and taste, beauty, can spread the oil machine, make the food not greasy and delightful, beneficial and physically and mentally healthy. Table delicacies: V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Solution trace accedes to ink and food, it is easy to spread the oil to boil, cook hotly and fast. Decompose, oxidize function, enable micro- member rearrangement of the water molecule, combine into little stable molecular group water (5-6 water molecules) . The water molecule of state arrange neat, density high, cohesive force strong intermolecular adsorption force little and infiltration force better, close to water of human cell, natural glycol (water products are as the same) of taste ,The mouthfeel slips softly, good in color, smell and taste. Eat for a long time, can promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, decompose the excessive bromic acid quality, decompose the excessive oil, stabilize blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent septicaemia, prevent calculus, promote longevity.

Fifth, V8 ( Food grade) Toxin releasing, health care maximum function

Toxin releasing: Modern mostly excess nutrient, quiet to move little more, by excretory organ being unable to remove the surplus nutrients, the human endocrine regulation that apt to make, get fat. V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Solution, can make the pure micro- water molecule quantize, it is active to stimulate the water body, optimize the water physique amount, make food ' Water products) Eat, can increase human heat energy, promote metabolism, sweat, excrete, decompose the fat of oil, take a sniff at sour, can build up health, improve the ability to resist fungus, help toxin releasing, raise? ,Have apparent function of medical treatment, health care, winter protection. Health care: V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Process serial food to eat with solution, to the human health care function? Unless it is far for infrared emission keep in touch as human body material, through absorbing by heats human? Grow resonance absorption and penetrate the human soft layer tissue, get up and improve the microcirculation of body surface, promote metabolism, raise people, warm body surface have, make the blood vessel expand, improve the loop of blood, accelerate the blood flow, start biological cell, improve protein the intersection of living beings and macromolecular activity, contribute to living beings? Growth,unless it is organize to last living beings, eat for a long time, can promote by metabolism and last microcirculation, decompose the excessive bromic acid quality, decompose the excessive oil, stabilize blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent septicaemia, prevent calculus, promote longevity.

Seventh, V8 ( Food grade) Special suggestion

Convenient: V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Solution is easy to use, easy to operate, nonpoisonous and harmless, pour into in right amount according to the above-mentioned function. (see and consult the scale drawing and is only for reference) Safety: V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Solution, the pure nature green? Taste, does not totally have any additive (sticking agent) ,Nonpoisonous, tasteless, colourless and having no corrosivity, can be used any food safely, neither will pollute, corrode the food, have nutritive table delicacies, function of toxin releasing health care oppositely even more. Stability: V8 Tio2- nanometer light catalyst ( Food grade) Solution is just offered the place reflected, it does not participate in any to resist rotten, resisting the rot, sterilizing, antitoxic, acid protection quality,etc. and react by itself, so its function will not decay with time, has lasting effectivenesses. Even under little faint light sources such as the indoor daylight lamp,etc., can also contribute.

Eighth, V8 ( Food grade) Result one, packing, storing

Valid period: 1, This product has very good stability, five years valid period. 2,In the bottle when solution has not been used up, please must tighten, seal the port of the bottle lid, within effective date of goods, do not influence the full play of the effectiveness. Packaging is stored: This product is kept in normal atmospheric temperature, shady and cool, dry place by the packaging of high-quality plastic bottle. Taiwan weighs in the technological craft Taiwanese proprietorship of hundred million industrial Limited Company scientific research: The health beautiful Pharmaceutcal Co., Ltd. honor of Baoding? ?