Do strong planet type three axles U8 type mix the thick liquid machine 20L? Layer 22L barrel

Do strong planet type three axles U8 type mix the thick liquid machine 20L? Layer 22L barrel (offer the specification)
1. 380 three phases of motor 3HP4 terminal voltage, 1 - 10? Speed machine, 3HP frequency converter (0~174RPN) .
2. B-type 4 belts match 1 - 1.5 belts (0~116 RPN) .
3. The drive shaft? Match and stir the axle (0~232 RPN) at 2 - 1 U8 stirs the rotational speed of the leaf of the axle.
4. U8 stir the intersection of axle and the intersection of leaf and rotational speed match, 4.5 move ahead simultaneously the round speed (0~52 RPN) for less than week than 1 planetary triaxiality .
5. 3HP frequency converter, arrangement can increase the multiple (RPN rotates) .
6. Are the double layers white? 4mm thick x295mm diameter of the material barrel is x315mm deep and polishing the mesh of inner face 240 (22L volume) Tile but a bore, three groups of movable wheels? One degree of examining types? The picking up the control box apparently device can set up the movable plug.
7. Italian factory P V L of the vacuum pump - 1 0 type, vacuum degree Ultlmate pressure; 0.5mbar/75.625 equals 20 one 1, evacuation rate DISPLACENT (m3/hr) 12,Motor 0.37KW.
8. Vaccum agitator tank, stir the axle (adopt and shoulder in planetary basic shaft and triaxial U 8 type? Mechanical shaft seal) .
9. White? Material, triaxial 8 U stir slice, entangle rooms of detailed 3mm, barrel mutually? One thin 4mm.
10. Vaccum agitator tank, the planetary basic shaft bung sets up: Window, smoke air vent, (close planetary wheel disk continuously detailed to isolated the powder and has not remained basic shaft) .
11. Seperated? Install in the device case: Distributor, 1HP oil pressure pumping group enclose safe upper and lower check valves.
12. The structure of the main frame: 4 gon that carbon steel plate is welded, the internal carbon steel tube is responsible for slipping up and down, the standard oil pressure cylinder is installed inside.
13. The protective cable of what is there are operation panels and operate the double-deck control box: Soft aluminium helical tube will be protected and will use the automatic design of the safety operation for the outside.
14.The host computer horizontal shelf hoists or lower the oil anus 60mmX300mMx30mm standard form.