Fry well done coffee bean, thinning powder of the universe

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? It is hardworking to chant Engineer of process for preparing Research and develop the place

Does your company mail and fry the well done coffee bean?

1. Frying the well done coffee bean needs defilming? .

2. Sample fry familiar coffee bean and the universe rough the powder? .

3. The sample is fried well done coffee bean, the universe refinement powder? .

The above has not fried refinement powder of well done coffee bean, the focal point has lain in temperature and oil are controlled, flavor that never will change, through study, understand required to fry familiar coffee bean, grind technology, (should it be in the room to grind the environment? 20 degrees and must get rid of the moisture room) ,Send sample fry familiar the intersection of coffee bean and the intersection of refinement and powder probably are 35 degrees of environments of temperature ground and cold? There is not the air except the moisture, grinds 35~45 degrees of temperature, shape of frying the oil of well done coffee bean and flying and is in heat.

The above fry familiar coffee bean, should have suitable to grind while being wet, generally wet to grind, use for the cereal mostly, have not fried the refinement of well done coffee bean and steamed and fried technology.

? It is hardworking to chant Engineer Try wasting the 2010/8/4

Pass last time often? Open to grind, it obtains results to be unable to guarantee flavor will change never, our company study, understand and your company executive study, obtaining result and your company hopes to fry the well done coffee bean, is the nitrogen low? Is grinding and vacuum low? Grind, two ways are ground, guarantee the flavor will never change, wait for the experiment?

Our company by studying for understanding, inquire by nitrogen price 25kg $4s bottled, there are on 800 yuans,it is simple vacuum low? Grind utensil, appraise two the intersection of experiment and the intersection of expense and $100, 000 probably.

Hundred million in weight industrial Limited Company Lu spreads again 2010/8/23

Dear Mr. Lu
Thank you for helping enthusiastically, but because try the fare to use high, higher authorities fail to sanction the plan to implement.

Wish that there is a cooperative chance again in the future, thank you again.

Huang YongQin