Burst the intersection of moisture and son take application technology, function, theory

1,Assorted? It is the aqueous molecular structure: Universe form until elastic transparent glass angry to put on spheroid, the intersection of body and the intersection of intrapermutation and all kinds of the intersection of power and atom, element, the intersection of matter energy and source,etc., member of energy, for instance: Unless the earth, the sun, the moon and it is complicated celestial body, turn round orbit frequency,it last operation energy but? Grow the vapor, heating, Ling, is changed motive force by the nature universe, uses the physical chemical principle naturally, ? Grow molecule, ion to arrange and react, and make fog, water structure, for instance: Include the microelement in the microcosmos, the molecule structural water of the chain key, it is by HO2 molecular weight, complicated positive and negative electrode, organic, inorganic, mineral thing forms, annular molecular group water, make the chain key of the electric conduction ion up, form the water bead of surface tension, the water association of Ho2 group, (angry to put on the intersection of spheroid and inner the intersection of particle and member to arrange like small elastic transparent glass, complicated element matter energy source) . The quality grade of aqueous function quality, call? The water molecule measures several molecules. So, water has no size, the particle calculates single quantity. As endure the intersection of rice and the intersection of size and aqueous call, high multiple (perspect the laser crystal microscope to test) while being so-called Can't examine several members of the water molecule quantity at all.

2,Assorted? Aqueous include objects: For instance: Mix dirty the intersection of particle and the intersection of universe and water molecule, running water, include the intersection of nature and organic, the intersection of inorganic chemistry and toxin and the intersection of reservoir and high nutrition,etc., the overcast, positive fungus must be sterilized by chlorine too; For instance: Sea water, include a large amount of salinization and organic, inorganic incidental, the acid-base high temperature is oxidized, the physical chemical reaction of the permanent function, water collected in the deep sea? Pollution-free particle universe water molecule? Thin and net water, so while turning into, soda water; For instance: Spring, include a large amount of the intersection of magnetic energy and water, mouthfeel sweet fresh and cool fresh, because geological structure different and? Grow, form the content, composition, energy of mineral, the water quality of operation, the relative member is low, mao pore and the intersection of mouth and liquid hold and solve absorbing.

3,Assorted? It is the modern purified water: For instance: Pure water, mineral water, water of energy, magnetized drinking water, steam and leave water, electrolytic water, the ultraviolet lamp illuminates water, RO membrane goes against the descending water, the iodine sterilizes the water purification, the activited carbon filters water, the pottery filters water, ion exchange resin water, dealing with, high oxygen active calcium ion water, absorbing fast enduring water of rice, utilizing static of physical chemistry ion to filter of reverse osmosis! Is suitable for water of human body's absorptive negative fungus, conforms with and eats standard water,etc., is the above a reason? Receive large natural environment, pollution of waterhead, and is purified it taken shape.

Second, the Nobel Prize theory

1,1986 Nobel chemistry Prize, study the intersection of molecular beam and instrument, apply the intersection of chemical reaction and theory, Li Yuanzhe, the intersection of wave and blue Buddhist nun, He Xi Bach to, join people to obtain the award together. (various change that molecule might carry on and against the intersection of trough and activity infill, include elastic collision, inelastic collision and react, collide) ;

2,1981 1986 Nobel Prize for physics, studying the penetrating electron microscope employs the theory, guest to the west, Luo Le, Hruska of Nicaragua, join people to obtain the award. (magnitude from pinpoint to about one atom of surface, pinpoint (electron atmosphere) One chases tunneling function) ;

3,Nobel chemistry Prize for 2003 study the intersection of cell membrane and little passage aisle, find theory, A dose auspicious, and MacKinnon, two people obtained the award together. (let scientific circles further known) ;

Describe as follows, it is Taiwan Lu spreads gentleman's continuity to the above-mentioned achievement again, will make important contribution to the mankind.
Third, burst water molecule take

1,Way principle the intersection of universe and the intersection of energy and magnetic field, ultra tiny the intersection of space and the intersection of frequency and loop burst molecule, decompose, recombinate, arrange the intersection of molecule and the intersection of microelement and natural function efficiency of energy, last release function universe energy by water, last mineral element? Living gaseous energy, the a little meticulous genetic water is structural, the molecule element motive force of splitting only. So such as: Magnetic field of turning round of universe? Grow the high pressure, wind, rain, thunder, electricity, angry, heat energy, especially tendency of toppling the mountains and overturning the seas that the volcano eruption causes. Explosion vapor shake, split purification of mineral in the water molecule, after separating? Grow the straight anion to arrange and dismantle, make the water molecule combine Ho2 annular ion and link the key, Ho2 takes positive hydroxide radical ion and Ho2 and takes negative hydroxide radical ion, transform? HZ, under the low molecular weight, enable, rupture(unit molecule) Reformulate and arrange the structure.

2,The motive force principle is (the natural chemical reaction of physics) ,Assorted? (physics) ? It is the dynamic origin energy; Assorted? (naturally) ? It is the universe magnetic field energy; Assorted? (chemistry) ? It is the element that stimulates the positive negative energy. Think deeply and combine in the above-mentioned three kinds of principles, it is motive force energetics of the small world view, it is the creature whose very small microtechnic accorded with of science and technology which controls the natural chemical reaction of physics.

Fourth, medicines and health protection efficiency

1,Efficiency: Burst and recombinate water, low-molecular-weight water, formate organic inorganic mineral water (unit molecule) ,To the human blood cell membrane, the function of high infiltration strength, curative effect can't be ignored; For instance: Myocardial infarction, septicaemia, AIDS, neurodegenerative disease, apoplexy, cancer. (protect DNA chromosome anti-oxidantly) Reach and reduce disease, longevity, difficult to be old and feeble.

2,Principle: It is in, Western medicine thing,organic inorganic mineral,through grinding and be processed to nanometer size particle, and then enter the water molecule and burst, formate (unit molecule) of the low-molecular-weight water Water of function, enable the medicine, mineral? Grow high infiltration strength, reach (eat, inject) There are no hole and result entered.

3,Function: As own as the scientist knows, the passway which some proteins of cell membrane form, can let the particular ion be passed, for example the heart is the beating of mechanicalness, does not need to control through the brain, protein and calcium ion that only plays in cells acts, will let systaltically when calcium ion is passed.

4,Passway: Scientific circles Israel in the past? ,Water diffusion in cell to depend on osmosis mainly, find, have some special passway until 1950 times, can let the water molecule pass in a way with less energy consumption, with very fast speed, but scientific circles has been unable to open water passway independently all the time.

Fifth, industrial motive force application

1,Industrial raw materials for example: PE plastic processing crush, employ the intersection of liquid nitrogen and Ling rapidly but, crush, Germany's scientific and technological ability, machinable fineness is up to 120 mesh 125u, the molecule application principle that if utilize bursting, can reach the nanometer size, melt PE high temperature, emulsify the water body Ho of moisture? 2 is annular, enter to burst in the space of molecule, but produce normal atmospheric temperature rapidly of aqueous vapor, water Ho2 endless chain key surrounds, separate PE oil plastic particle, isolate Ling but become nanometer size, is processed by the particle technology, chemical reaction principle naturally of physics of forming the oil, water and separating The molecule splits the law.

2,New a energy for example: Gas oil substitute, was processed by water, the aqueous permanent energy? Vivid strength science and technology, process refinement with for instance, aluminium, nanometer size, enter water molecule group Ho2 endless chain, the intersection of water molecule and the intersection of power and energy, can enable general car? Grow the engine power. Burst water molecule take, form function in the intersection of engine and air cylinder, light a fire, explode, pressure push away, exhaust, follow multi-door air cylinder, power of operating of the piston.

3,Development distant view in future: Unless it burst what has been taken by water molecule research and development when it is extensive, application, formate technology? The family property is expanded etc.? The mankind survives and makes great contribution in the future, the range of its application, should contain in each field such as clothing,food,lodging and transportion, medicines and health protection, farming,forestry,animal husbandry,sideline production and fishery, it is new revolution in science and technology of energy.

Sixth, functional conclusion

Burst member retrofit, transform the structure varyin of material to reach (the natural chemical reaction of physics) The characteristic function efficiency of properties, and is different from chemistry, scientific and technological theory of biochemistry and application.

Our company submit to the patent minute hand to sex, a phased one successively, put out in right time, burst series of products that water molecule take, place medical treatment, health care, environmental protection, agriculture, energy field on especially, and progressive the intersection of enlargement and scientific research, application area, make Chinese's, the scientific and technological special project of this peak, will benefit the mankind as soon as possible, will employ it with common people!