V8 ecological beer Physical moisture son

The greatest function sterilizes Sterilize Deodorization Defend mouldly Resolving Oxidize and is harmful to objects Pure in nature Nonpoisonous Harmless Tasteless There is no corrosion Lasting Brute force Safe Clean Environmental protection Energy-conservation

Physical water molecule solution function l l V8:

L l V8 physical water molecule, only titanium dioxide ( Tio2) Make up with the pure water, pure in nature, without any additive, have already applied to the food, cosmetics extensively. Titanium dioxide ( Tio2) Inorganic mineral, semi-conductive characteristic, energy of adding a large amount of high frequency, electricity, magnetism into repeated grinding process of physical machinery, and depositing money, hot etc., form little nanometer grain, force and enter the group ( HO2) of the water molecule ,And integration? Water molecule. Energy that prepare against already its, can make V8 in low temperature, under being shady and dark photophobic, still but the intersection of maximum and full play efficiency of function. Employ in the fields of food, hygiene, function that physical water molecule take its, can with melt totally affix? An organic whole, worthy of, wave efficiency fully, make the intersection of V8 and ecological the intersection of beer and complete green, functionalization, taste purity, nutrition benefit the human body to absorb more abundantly and even more.

L l, in view of every the intersection of producer and the intersection of beer and quality, the intersection of prescription and difference, every region water quality have relatively big difference, V8 technology is unable to seek unity of standard, should propose adding V8 raw materials assistant in right amount according to the local actual conditions, attention main points and treatment technology that V8 recommends are only application for producer's reference.

L l barley use 0.3~0.5% the intersection of V8 and physical water molecule of kg take solution in the course of sprouting and dry under the manual control external condition, tooth of wheat of spray.

L l function:

1,Improve the wheat tooth, explode the tooth fungus function; 2,Promote chlorophyll composition and protein nutrients improvement; 3,Decompose the harmful substance, the medicine is poisonous, worm's ovum's fungus, acid salt; 4,Purification sprout and the intersection of drying process and waste gas take a sniff at bad smell; 5,Soften water quality effectively; 6,Shorten beer wort to transform? Time of beer.

L l moisture content accounts for the beer content about more than 90%, it can't be used that there are too many saline materials in water, add physical water molecule solution V8, the energy of its light, heat, magnetism, electricity reacts, can change in the beer harmful to composition, required 0.1~0.5% addition level, want, can add up to 1~2% while being more delightfully.

L l function:

1,Deal with and decompose HO2 annular water of water molecule group, the straight anion chains, formates the big water molecule group, include ore metal and organic matter and acid saline molecule, and reducible molecular weight transforms it into high-quality water, may well be termed energies, magnetize the running water of function; V8 can decompose the polysaccharide body molecule in beer and change into monosaccharide body molecule and lean towards the soda moisture content and impel the blood and follow and still absorb clearly, and avoid the human hyperglycemia and ache and refuse to drink beer scheduling problem all over.

2,Ensure the intersection of computer and sour the intersection of fungus and activity, need absorptive beneficial bacterium to human body, will stimulate human body look forward juice, regurgitation, vomit, can avoid taking a sniff at acid, acid quality,etc. and damaging the human body, promote the human blood to excrete the function effectively, fully decompose the human blood and lean towards acid, soda function, maintain the equilibrium of the cell quantity in vivo; V8 whether physical divide secret organic acid to human body, property of bursting, divide secret organic acid, belong to, form firm property, block blood capillary, dredge with other material, therefore v8 burst to human body molecule it decomposes too much candies to be to have, support, drink every other day aching all over now quite in sour quality.

3,Lower costs and carry and improve? Quantity, 20%~30% quality, make standard the intersection of alcohol and pure materialzation.

L l hop, yeast are carried and practised, if add physical water molecule solution V8, can direct against its light, heat, magnetism, electric reaction function, the special energy of developing and every variety of taking shape fills a prescription.

L l saccharification, fermenting, beer are made, utilizes physical water molecule solution V8, its light, heat, magnetism, electricity, energy reaction function, natural physics, chemistry, biochemical the intersection of fungus and function, can shorten fermented time, prevent from, take a sniff at sour the intersection of quality and fungus, transform worm's fungus, keep the fungus activeness of the ferment, improve, decompose, oxidize control means, technology, enable the procedure simplification of manufacture, OK? Quantity is improved.

L l comments on beer: 1, Ordinary beer in the field; 2,V8 light catalyst beer.

1,Assess the general beer, have it to the absorptive harmful substance of human body, the long-term diet endangers the health;

2,Take beer that solution make with the intersection of V8 and physical water molecule, can change impact on human blood and cell disease its, have medical treatment, sanitary efficiency, the intersection of foam and abundant, the intersection of mouthfeel and gentle silk floss, easy human body absorbs nutrition;

3,Sterilize, sterilize, except the peculiar smell, keep fresh, guarantee the quality, have no corrosion.

L l makes the healthy beer well, should find out about human cellular construction at first:

1,Reveal the mechanism of the cell death, contribute to understanding some virus and bacterium's pathogenic function, for example: Emergence of diseases such as AIDS, neurodegenerative disease, cancer, apoplexy,etc., because the cells of the death are too much, cause cells to run off, and other common diseases, there is less quantity of the cell death, so that the cells that should die in normal cases continue surviving.

2,Cell death mechanism (or? ' cells commit suicide ') It is a kind of natural process, the multicellular animal begins from one are fertilized egg cell, after splitting up constantly? Grow various histoorgans, even in development? After the ripe individual, the cell differentiation is still going on, it is estimated, the human body has ten trillion cell new students per day, at the same time herein, there must be cell death of the quantity too, could maintain the equilibrium of the cell quantity in vivo.

L l beer makes and utilizes cost of solution of physical water molecule V8 to divide rolling over:

1,Every raw? A meal of beer needs 200~240kg barley, or 150~180kg malt, the addition level of physical water molecule solution V8 is big in 0.3~1.0% kg (need pursuing specially, can strengthen and employ the proportion in right amount) ; The improvement demands of functionality and value need to play and make.

2,Make a beer moisture content about more than 90%. V8 physical water molecule it takes addition level of solution to be large in 0.1~0.5%, can improve 110% moisture content, and the quality is same as 90% of the beer of moisture content, the same through measuring compositions, and purer, delightfuller, beneficialer to the human body; Metabolism function, dredge are exhausted by the bone sound guanidine blood capillary, the throat is comfortable to permeate cool air senses, promote the urine poisonously to excrete.

3,It takes 2~7 weeks for fermented time to operate, add V8 solution, can shorten about 20~50% of the time effects.

The application of l l V8 physical water molecule:

1,V8 sterilizes, strains the poison, decomposes, oxidizes the harmful substance, make the beer composition cleaner, the ocular feeling is more limpid, foam sports are more abundant; Function of dyeing the flavor of producing the bitter, hot, acid, sweet, astringent, salty, discredited etc..

2,Unless light, electricity on it store V8, magnetism, energy such as being hot, be can last times fermentedded,it raise by quality and? Quantity, release and take place the green to antisepticize the function, make the mouthfeel more comfortable, nutrition is with better function; Wait for function v8 it have on human body it is angry energy raise, be lasted body liquid moisture oils endotoxic, the skin is red and soft and smooth, the pore is angry.

3,The function of V8, can make the quality guarantee period of beer lengthen, is the anion of V8 done? ,And semi-conductive efficiency, can make liquid of beer have activity, one is longer that keep fresh, long-term diet, can make the human body fully benefited; Bursting that of improving physique for a long time slow toxin.

4,Beer that V8 makes will form the low molecular weight and permeate throat and gullet organ, ? It is sweet, cool and delightful to grow, can protect the intestines and stomach to digest but will not cause bad reactions such as acid ester,etc., can dispel human body's too much oleic fat, activate functions such as the cells in vivo, getting rid of germ and dead cell,etc.; Growing the quantity of magnetism of human performance, promote spirit to improve the function.

5,Beer reason why V8 makes? The low molecular weight is original so, dissolve the liquid of entry and enter oral cavity and gullet stomach, can remove germs, decompose excessive toxic gas and ultra acid oil, purify every organ of body, V8 enters the blood cell membrane, can improve the lymphocytic line, after becoming arteriolar via the artery branch of the little blood-vascular system, enter the intersection of muscle and cell tissue, form the intersection of function and supersession, excrete the water molecule by the intersection of sweat and the intersection of line and skin layer, maos of pore, make sweat and qi and blood can purify, drive away virus, living the intersection of Exocarpium Citri Grandis and the intersection of skin and cell in vivo; The clear blood improves and excretes the urine maliciously, activate the functionality of digestive organs, remove ultra stickness of the human body and divide the secret thing.

6,V8 ecological beer, its function of functionalization can promote the loop of human blood, is favorable to metabolism, the ones that arranged while thanking the human body took a sniff at acid ester, regulated the endocrine system in the human body effectively, have medical treatment, sanitary efficiency.

L l V8 especially declares:

1,V8 ecological beer, it is a meaning of the natural green, because V8 physical water molecule is in the course of taking shape, a large amount of energy of appealing to, rely on the special characteristic of the dioxo attitude semiconductor, fully worthy of waving the efficiency, other similar at present at least? It is unable to reach to taste. So, is our company only to originally? It is responsible to taste; A certain amount that it is necessary that the addition rate is listed, there must be the time of segment to drink, to blaming disease to improve for a long time.

2,The application of V8 physical water molecule, aim at stopping the use in beer of harmful substance, V8 possesses and adds the purpose that the harmful substance reaches, has its efficiency too far behind to catch up even more, it is rational and applicable, keep away from and endanger; It is essential course of everybody's diet.

3,The method of the above operation that V8 offers, be please be each raw? The producer accords with the concrete state, summarize suitable craft, prescription and employ the standard according to the circumstances, we have duties to cooperate with all strength.