Chinese coating enterprises count and fall sharply, but the output increases

1.There was more than 8000 of coating factory originally in China many years ago, but after combining, it is about 4500 that its producer of coating counts ownly and reduces, but 10% of growth of amount of production, it is even higher than 7.9% of growth rate of GDP. Learnt by the related data, Chinese coating manufacturer produces the coating in old technology such as coating of water glass, upgraded coating in own stop after reorganization, and convert to and produce coating and emulsion department of macromolecule department scribbling in the department, and strengthen administration measures, so enterprises count although fall sharply, but productive capacity increases.

The intersection of Chinese and the intersection of coating and yearly output up to 2 million at the 2001, commensurate with Japan nearly, less than 6 million metric tons of U.S.A., but the fifth in the world of own residence. Distribute, please appear the intersection of view and their from the intersection of Chinese and the intersection of coating and manufacturer, North China accounts for 16.55% (regard Beijing as the centre) The Northeast, southwest, the Northwest occupy 11.1% other Guangzhou and Hong Kong middle and southern area 30.8% of the East China is 41.6% (regard Shanghai as the centre) With South China / middle and southern to total and account for more than 70%. On the other hand look from producing the variety, in 2 million metric tons, it is about 1 million metric tons that the coating for building accounts for, it is because in conformity with house been and in the upsurge is required office the buildings of layers of BLDG,can't last coating and water paints for vehicle of technologies high-level,etc., must be dependent on the imported goods to fill. The coating quantity imported in 2000 was 229,000 metric tons, among them the water paint accounted for 38.4% of the uses was coating, coating, cabinet coating for building for vehicle.

The intersection of Yuan and this, citizen the intersection of camp and manufacturer expect, improve, have the intersection of solvent and the intersection of department and coating and the intersection of emulsion and the intersection of department and rate of coating, it is the coating as the example to use less-pollutingly with the building expanded in the field of Asia day by day, its goal while stipulating in 2005 is to account for 30% rate of industrial coating products to improve to 50% at present. The above is that official research statistics are probably analyzed, coating , the previous, back, issues of future trend you, I find out about by pairs of building coating ideas of working traditional through the way that the calm head analyze The field transforms as ' Surface material of building) To expand the field and replace the field of paint, it is the large and promising future: Analyze social the intersection of shape and electronic the intersection of science and technology and transient field change infinite to catch mould while being very much difficult, other industry depressed to lead, fall sharply to field unable to know trends once and develop new product and raw materials because of international economy.

2.In weight hundred million industrial Limited Company establish, engaged in machinery, research, develop, produce 1982 and classification machinery make the intersection of letter and metal processing machine, machinery such as chemical industry, food, the electron, ore, the plastics, the timber are unable to reach stopping transferring fully to and attacking and grinding various chemical industries, electron, food, medicines, raw materials the intersection of fineness and processing equipment and this endure the intersection of rice and scientific and technological the intersection of retrofit and machine tool, apply the world patent as far back as 1990 while being prevailing now, Taiwan, Japan, U.S.A., the continent, invites Taiwan at the place where Germany sets up to distinguish the thing in patents of ten three countries of Europe, foreign student comes to promote a result to fail at the continent, the question is that a professional technique is unable to be trained, because Germany produce the chemical industry grinds the project chess plinth from 80 to 100 of machine factory and is on sale throughout the intersection of the key link and Luis like you and odd chemical compatibility test technological break-throughs, German manufacturer destroys the trade and offers machinery to consume the manufacturer and force again free, power and influence, you must apply for machinery and use and let the responsibility insurance probably cost 300,000 dollars in one year, unable to reach the economic balance point to return and appear on the scene, in the exhibition of the chemical machinery of world, German manufacturer must know to the stand interview of the exhibition. Happy to say, change, design fast the intersection of patent and large manufacturers while being wasteful.

3.It is likened and can be entered that the field of U.S.A. is but medium and small following factory's stores are not big, there is in early days but pursues and models the American-European aircraft type in Southeast Asia, Taiwan old factory the intersection of company and cooperation, Japanese of Israel, mostly, continent liken the complicated very difficult positioning, state policies in order to breathe in gold and breathe in technology to advocate setting up the factory with the continent, in the middle ancient times, model, brand-new, all kinds of machinery is entered, the producer invests in the manufacturer freely. Although the field of continent is difficult to be broad cautious and conscientious fights for the advantages and disadvantages, good sales achievement cycle very short to fail a lot manufacturer with must analyze traditional field and technology know local human with idea the intersection of dissection and the intersection of A. and big the intersection of thing and wide provincialism The dynamic B. relation product market of the relation sells really sex of the route, so is very difficult to master to expand to machinery.

4.Analyze every profession and trade invest money in developing 5 to the intersection of rule and 1 that over the past 10 years in continent, the intersection of market and in hinterland production distribution, it regards production base as goals to be to liken, 2 cooperate with other the intersection of all trades and professions and the intersection of manufacturer and downstream processing factory liken, it expands to be must be limited with other trade by easy 3 food while being easy. 5.In weight hundred million industrial Limited Company, it assesses to be if can the intersection of building and the intersection of coating and market instead of changing into the surface color material of building, that single one product market that monopolize, can need, have with continent now 500 the intersection of paint and the intersection of factory and about famous brand cautious and conscientious to strive.

6.The market analysis of paint for building "

A.The coating, in the renovation material of that indoor of continent rule, the opposite direction of the market sales is, paint contractor, the building materials are bought a sale shop big, the hard ware store of general building materials, the paint is bought the shop specially, expand the agent of market district and divide the selling trader, fire the brand advertisement to make consumers see clearly brands to buy by oneself,

B.Factory and importer, the direct marketing of business looks for the designing institute, the builder, contractor, it is that the greater part of high price is the single color of outer wall to change over to a paint contractor to apply paint this type with a brush, waterproof, environmental protection is demanded.

C.Continent large thing wide, temperature, humidity, probably disparity [0 40 40 degrees to normal atmospheric temperature; Internal and external walls of about 80 degrees of temperature difference ] [15 to 100 humidity disparity ] breed, pull coat of painting out, big factory produce paint, must understand regional the intersection of seasonality and unable single the intersection of prescription and marketing [every province manufacturer have living space ]. But cause the losses of stock and poor-quality product, (with the Northeast, southwest, the Northwest accounts for 11% )Building coating cold in non-exploitation,heat temperature temperature difference brands internationals old is unable to grasp to fail in technology in coating factory. Produce the air proof waterproof coating with the macromolecule idea. [Also a Buddhist nun Wrap the lotion and sell the good area ]

7.Weigh in hundred million Nicaragua Wrap the lotion and test the market analysis of continent in five years "

A.Can be in temperature [water very ventilative ] and can use the water paint on sale throughout the humidity of all the intersection of province and district of continent and waterproof and internal and external walls of environmental protection of temperature difference being easy.

B.Construction method can, wrap, brush, gush out,it if you can't add, criticize and cover bottoms soft by interior wall stone powder and if you can't add [cement fine sand thick liquid criticize and cover bottoms hard by outer wall ], add one paint waters double too, brush, gush out, can criticize and cover it for the high waterproof function directly too if not watering. (wrap lotion, can add the intersection of cement and the intersection of sand and oar, come, dye, pigeonhole models, make the brick shape of pedestrain way, install) .

C.Do not have stone powder that take 30% titanium white powder as the core to wrap the lotion and reach about 68% of firm composition at all to make high thickness. Regard stone powder as the filler titanium white powder about 10% from side to side with the paint, coating firm composition 35%. ( 1) Lower the freight charges cost of bottom and give sellers profit-making ( 2) The intersection of function and way can allocate filler construct ( 3) live by tremble with high quality Everybody wraps the Buddhist nun the lotion is added by one to come to the double water brushing is compared at the price of internal and external walls of coating of paint. Continent convert the intersection of cost and idea wrap lotion with 1 35% paint, compare the cost price with 1kg68% while being bad. Wrap the lotion and add a time of water and apply paint 9 to 12 square meters with a brush and hide the force to compare with 1kg, hide strength by 3 to 5 square meters for a liter of paint. 3/1 of phase difference hide force and succeed the wooden price.

D.Conclusion Taiwan. Beijing. Shanghai. Baoding. Tianjin. Shenyang. The Northeast. Yunnan. Shenzhen. Jilin. Xi river. Liaoning. Dalian. The intersection of Hal and guest. Shijiazhuang. Nanjing. Zheng Zhou. Sichuan. The above regional wide continent is to fail by the coating idea marketing of paint.

8.In weight hundred million Nicaragua serial products must finish, come isolating with the intersection of building and the intersection of surface and the intersection of color and an organic whole with worker paint and coating field such quantity can loud. Replace the whole paint working actually with the building working. That it is field that change the intersection of building and the intersection of surface and the intersection of material and the intersection of color and an organic whole with era of worker. [That ability creates the undertaking strangely and accumulates ]. A.It wraps lotion to be the intersection of building and surface ' Color) Use 1 of the material. Can add the cement sand oar and dye 2. Can Clad the powder grain side of cement wall directly. Dry to criticize, cover, finish color by worker by cement at the same time, painter needn't come on brushing. (We ask building surface ' Color ] Material an organic whole and working) Utilizing wrapping lotion color and surface of cement at the same time, bridging is hardened and dried. The function 3 is waterproof. Able to bear the acid-base. Pressure-proof. Antibacterial. Anti-cracking. Environmental protection. The cement no soda. Fade color ' Very ventilative) Can water and act as the paint and apply paint the timber with a brush. The iron antirusts. Also act as the ceramic tile and fill out and fluffy pharmaceuticals. The gypsum plate fills out and fluffies pharmaceuticals. Very architecture comes in river sand 1 to 1.5% of the salt from 4 continents. Add again. Moisture. Large temperature difference [internal and external apt to set aside, fall surface of cement atomize wall ]. 5 the intersection of continent and the intersection of building and the intersection of decree and high building, mansion the intersection of cement and wall can't stick to the ceramic tile.

B.It is the internal and external tables material of building to mix the lotion, a function: Change the intersection of cement and the intersection of concrete and salinization and improve pound, press. The density is waterproof. Bending resistance. Crack-resistant. Able to bear the acid-base. Have, charge water than. 2 uses: Balcony. Toilet. Basement. Bridge. Water She. Underground sanitary sewer. Sewer. Bottom layer of ceramic tile. The roof is waterproof. Heat insulation. The bottom layer of the landscape design is waterproof. [Mix lotion continent must promote, up to 1.5% with the intersection of river and the intersection of sand and salt because of the intersection of continent and building blank field at present ] the intersection of continent and authorities can find the intersection of BLDG and the intersection of salinization and serious problem quickly.

C.Penetrant is too transparent to have superficial layer to protect pharmaceuticals waterproofly. Able to bear the acid-base. Antibacterial. Non-toxicity, keep having products of the natural feel. Shi Cai. Ceramic tile. Timber. Paper. Cloth. Ancient stone tablet. It sell opposite direction to wood and indoor and outdoor if you can't demand to play, if you can't Radix Aucklandiae bad smells natural, mount until mostly.

9.It is a surface material working of Buddhist nun's building [color ] what is meant by.

A.It is to stir the even shape sand oar in cement 1kg Gaza 3kg to cut the brick wall and mix a traditional working of concavo-convex ditch of earth wall, criticize and cover the thickness about 10mm of face wall of the unevenness to wipe the thick bottom off. Thick bottom of cement such as the angle are totally dry. [One worker ] 2 traditional working whether the intersection of cement and 1kg add even mixed the intersection of shape and the intersection of sand and oar, 2kg of fine sand, criticize one [cement add water retaining agent ] first in thick bottom surface, [two-shot worker ] dry 1 make, criticize, cover the intersection of 3mm and the intersection of thickness and the intersection of powder and grain side, make the intersection of cement wall and detailed to be smooth than 2 the intersection of sand and oar at once, [the cement is totally dry that worker three times ] 3 must wait for from 15 days to 60 days. The universe degree reach, 16% have humidity paste up, painting the intersection of surface and person who denies color will lose paint, must bake the intersection of the universe and moisture for the intersection of [3 the intersection of paint and construction method ] and some with coal gas, the above internal and external walls are hard type workings, [the thick bottom of interior wall of general continent criticizes the whiting directly when being finished, raw materials the intersection of stone and powder add glue, come, criticize, cover bottom layer hold, drop white bottom very much while being even mixed ] the soft working in the above interior wall. Make with the intersection of paint and the intersection of coating and the intersection of brushing and surface powder it tells waterproof coating to be whether Pian play again [2 paint construction methods ] in order to get up.

B.The Buddhist nun builds a superficial color an organic whole and a working of worker; It is [cement 1kg Gaza 3kg ] total to add Buddhist nun mix 50 to 1 to 100 of lotions stir more even to cut by brick wall and mix to congeal earth wall criticize to last walls full of bumps and holes directly than mixing amount 1 The thickness about 10mm comes to wipe the thick bottom off. Angle get up, not smooth exactly, wait for the intersection of cement and the intersection of sand and the intersection of oar and the intersection of wall and 45% the intersection of the universe and degree utilize, mix the intersection of lotion and characteristic, protect the intersection of moisture content and average the intersection of function and direct the intersection of steamed bun and one hundred sheetses of sand oar the intersection of wall and surface smooth mere cement, the universe degree can up to 80% cement walls of case hardening the direct trowel criticize and cover the Buddhist nun to wrap lotion color, as follows ' An organic whole of finishing the surface material of base at the same time drily and worker ] To reach the waterproof result not losing the paint. The cement no soda function. Criticizing once in order to wrap lotion color to play meticulously. Also can sand rub surface to be smooth meticulous polishing one luminance [ enabling, indoor of added value that working change has first quality ], outer wall, basement, pond, with the second of the working.

10.Nicaragua it mixes lotion to be to for the intersection of continent and the intersection of cement and the intersection of sand and the intersection of oar and salinization, study, continent every province building adopt river sand salt 1.5% internal and external cement wall very easy for salinization to the paint sheds, some monoblocs of cement wall set aside and fall to see the government can't solve the difficult problem on the steel root [our Taiwan is called the sea sand room ], very general four, five years after we believe the continent, continent authorities understand develop room room building forbid high buildings and large mansions can't stick to the intersection of ceramic tile and reason the intersection of cement and the intersection of surface and issue of soda a few years. Have reasons to apply paint color with a brush from one year to two years with the paint. 11.Buddhist nun mix lotion add the intersection of consumption and gram to enter concrete help soda issue A.1% to 1.5% of river sand salt fill a prescription and add 1kg Buddhist nun to mix the lotion with a cube and one square meter of concrete. The B sea sand salt 2.6% to 3.0% fills a prescription and adds 2kg Buddhist nun to mix the lotion with a cube and one square meter of concrete. Solve the salinization problem.

12.In weight a hundred million industrial Co., Ltd. cooperate and develop Analysis of field

A.There is a relation to get planning case of the project and architectural design case in every province, cooperate with hundred million Buddhist nun architects and project consultant firms in weightly and design building surface color an organic whole and worker of the Buddhist nun to finish the technological working of samples. Push

B.Every province regional designing institute cooperates in the design plan technology of the architectural engineering and will do.

C.The company of building room plays and raises the quality. Reduction of cost. Charge short man-hour. It is asked and will do that the products are too waterproof to lose the advertisement of the paint and happy.

D.The paint coating factory should cooperate with the agent to promote the business to reach the cooperation of basic sales volume to produce and will do.

E.The importer selling the skill to the public buildings of the government will do.

F.Concerning and cooperating with reaching the business promotes the goal to will do.

G.The contractor intends to cooperate with the technological break-through to improve working and sale, agent, production sets up the factory and will do.

Hundred million in weight industrial Limited Company
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