Roof the intersection of construction and the intersection of norm and person who permeate of waterproof layer crystallization m

Material norm: 1. This material can produce the homework to play with water continuously to reach the waterproof result.

2. It nonpoisonous transparent tasteless dehumidifying in department and whom antibacterial physical science and technology improve endure rice silicon glue products.

3. Prevent 2mm from to be purple and inner and RC full of cracks to infiltrate effectively ' The heat expansion of cold cream causes) .

4. Even new crack because of earthquake or others can effective and waterproof also in the future ' Do not include the serious fracture of the structure) .

5. Can penetrate RC15-20mm and regard RC the universe humidity bubble hole detailed magnitude and thick dilution as the basic reference to mend and split the waterproof function by stagnant water RC sand hole crystallization of dry bridging at the same time of RC concrete. ?


1. The intersection of PH12 and the intersection of proportion and 1.5 25 the intersection of C and patience, non-toxicity, smooth molecular structure.

2. Fructus Fici Pumilae volatilizes dry firm composition 25% and RC at the same time dry bridging is strengthened pressure-proofly.

3. Penetrate RC15-20mm depth, construct, dilute clean water, reach one, construct, wipe detailed the intersection of RC and the intersection of surface and hole off, play directly with standard product good RC maintain moisture content to be dry further for the second time for the first time. ? Construction method:

1. The best that 45 to 50 degrees of RC humidity include moisture content that the wet RC concrete forms a vesicle and hardens for 2 to 3 days.

2. The universe type RC concrete forms a vesicle and hardens 16 to 20 degrees for humidity 15 to 20RC to include moisture content, certainly the surface chap, sand hole, must be removing flying dust and dry cement dust to construct at the pressure of the high-pressure air engine 6 to 7, construct, dilute clean water, reach one time even mixed for the first time, quench into RC surface and wipe off and control the average moisture content to permeate RC internal layer slowly and all over the place, construct with brown to allow product wipe the intersection of RC and the intersection of surface and hole off to be detailed to protect, wait upon moisture content to be dry and average wanting good RC maintain moisture content to be dry further directly for the second time. ?

3. The average RC concrete irritates detailed probably 4 to 6 square meters 1kg of consumption of hole of oars.

4. Must raise water in 3 to 6 hours after completing, this stage finishes the surface in but People's Bank of China or garage.

5. Can press directly when it is detailed and great and full of cracks that there has been macropore Add (1kg endures rice silicon glue than 15kg cement fine sand thick liquid) Mend and put down.

6. If waterproof construct, rely on, rain continuously, raise water, work, can omit, notice can sludge water is flowed into.

Try water:

1.Have illuminated RC of making in order to endure rice silicon glue shelf drily through the big sun weather in about 72 hours while drying.

2.Pass the test of 2 to 48 hours by at least high flooding of 3 centimeters.

4. If find water of some seepage, has not obviously improved after 1 to 2 days, it can be dried with coal gas rifle directly to make the dark and damp place endure rice silicon glue shelf to harden that the lower floor is a little water stained. [Fall into water if directly to look over RC must the big hole incidental remove and mend leaking ].

The above-mentioned quotation do not include constructing ' Endure rice silicon glue) RC waterproof constructing amount is 4 to 6 square meters.

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