Weigh in hundred million Nicaragua The series: Cement roof: Insulate against heat in layer, waterproof layer, ventilative, dis

1. Permeating protective agent: Construction method come, apply paint surface layer with a brush and permeate through the intersection of concrete and maos of dry to up to dialing ink, waterproof, ventilative, antibacterial, wash the surface pore in order to person who soak in dry concrete. Use and soak and apply paint dry way 1kg about 2 square meters in France with a brush.

2. Wrap the coating of lotion ' 40% of the total firm compositions 60%) of titanium dioxide of coating white of waterproofing Add the rice husk and stir the spoon: 10: A batching covers a storey of insulating against heat and waterproof layers on the roof with the slope of the trowel, ventilative and dispelling the heat and cooperating with about 1 to 1.5 square meters of material construction thickness 1mm1.5mm dry 1kg (labor and materials costs 200 yuan per square meter) . Worker thickness from 2mm to 2.5mm dry 1kg is about 1.5 square meters.

3. The internal and external analytical tables of thermal layer of temperature are estimated to insulate against heat:

a. Outdoor sun illuminate the intersection of nature and the intersection of hot gas and 35 of temperature can absorb heat concrete 2 hour appearance layers of up to 50 degree warm thermal-gathering base concrete thick to 60 a general BLDG of RCs daytime Degree undergo the intersection of heat-conduction and indoor mix, congeal surface layer disperse, have 33 gather for 40 to 45 hyperpyrexia to 30 hyperpyrexia warm to up to 10 to 12 through the intersection of interior air and heat-conduction from 150mm to 200mm Do not return the warm high heat degree as 28 degree to 26 degree slowly and slowly until hour. (if the skin films PU and epoxy resin, the waterproof layer is more unable to dispel the heat in the morning every other day of lengthening for warm time of retreating heat degree is not lowered) Because the outdoor temperature drops to about 25 degrees in the evening, indoor temperature unable to it drops to 25 to be unable and ventilative exhausting, dispelling the heat, can protect, treat indoor 30 degree to 28 degree high temperature, feel and solve damply and hotly still, inner chamber the intersection of cement and top surface have the intersection of water and droplet, because how often the sunlight shines on the whole world severe water droplet after the rainy day, time long to breed cancer of the wall, set and paint the phenomenon ' We are called the physical principle of effects of temperature difference of nature) .

b. The intersection of Buddhist nun and the intersection of cement and roof: Insulate against heat, waterproof, ventilative, dispel the heat, construction law.

1. Permeating protective agent: Function to can permeate the intersection of concrete and superficial layer have membrane molecule with waterproof. Become water molecule heavy rain, mix, doubt soil mao pore and the intersection of indoor and moisture content will turn vapor into, evaporate, protect, treat natural the intersection of temperature difference and average degree outwards when the sunlight shines on the whole world.

2. Wrap the lotion ' Waterproof coating) Add ' Rice husk) : The function is that the rice husk increases thickness, insulating against heat, dispelling the heat, exhausting, ventilative, waterproof, anti-cracking, environmental protection,etc. excellently. The compositions of wrapping the lotion are up to 40% of the titanium dioxide and can resist ultraviolet irradiation more effectively, roll over, illuminate, make the intersection of RC and concrete to be unable to absorb heat against heat degree right to gather warm to reach, insulate against heat and waterproof, ventilative result.

3. Outdoor the sun illuminates the nature hot gas temperature 35 and spends the all day to illuminate and force RC concrete thickness from 150mm to 200mm not to absorb heat to dispel the heat high instead because of the thermal insulator function in the daytime The function which turn cool can lift down about 10 degrees. Outdoor indoor 25 degree to 23 degree of 35 degrees in daytime, the outdoor average temperature difference in the indoor is apt to be big in the evening. (effect of temperature difference of nature pay attention to the principle) Will solve the universe comfortably.

4. Pay attention to theory with actual the intersection of change and different different even result ' The easy heat absorption transcalent of the iron plate is apt to dispel the heat to vary with outdoor temperature greatly) . (RC concrete is difficult but with the transcalent but it is unable to lower the temperature with outdoor temperature variation to be unable to dispel the heat, because the heat temperature is that the normal principle RC has pore of hair and thickness) the same as daytime in the evening . ?

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