V8 Tio2 - light catalyst solution function of nanometer, operation instruction

The greatest function sterilizes, sterilizes, deodorizes, defends mouldly and decomposing, oxidizing and is harmful to objects

Pure, nonpoisonous, harmless, tasteless and not having corroding, lasting, brute force, security, cleaning, environmental protection, energy-conservation in nature

First, V8 Sterilization maximum function

O O kills Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, CrayResearch's uncle's fungus of pneumonia,etc., purify, filter the virus.

O O V8 exceed oxidize the intersection of ability [the intersection of hydrogen and oxygen radical ] and cell membrane to destroy bacterium, make the intersection of bacterium and quality run off, lead to the fact bacterium's death, solidify protein of the virus, inhibit the virus activity, and bacterium of swimming while catching, killing the air, its ability can be more than 99%.

Second, V8 Function of maximum of deodorizing

O O main discredited material comes from: Ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, methyl flow alcohol, toluene, benzene, acetaldehyde, paint, ink, fatty acid and organic compound of protein; The miscellaneous fungus of toilet, the urea is resolved into the ammonia, stimulate smell of organic fertilizer,etc.; Kitchen soot dirt, incomplete fish, incomplete meat,etc. rotten to take a sniff at bad smell, refrigerator fishlike smell; Human bromhidrosis, halitosis, sweat skin are discredited, the tinea pedis is wet and discredited, etc.

O O V8 purifies the air with strength, eager to excel in whatever one more does than chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone,etc., can nearly decompose any wet material, smell angry and possess water, light, heat, angry, can start the freedom function, magnetic response of magnetoelectric photosynthesis, heat energy, angry and exchange electrolyzing, oxidize ability even more than ozone o3, anion, have the more strongly one to suck and telling strength more than the activited carbon, and have function of its unexistent resolving bacterium,etc., carcinogenic composition, material while burning of decomposing, removing various peculiar smell and cigarette with strength, and there is not the middle? The thing is produced.

Third, V8 Fungus-proof maximum function

It is in the dark and damp place of the normal atmospheric temperature 18 degree to 35 degree that O O body surface mucids; Organic compound grow nutrients, cause the mould, transmit insect growth; Moist and airtight and apt to mucid, such as the carpet, wardrobe, sofa, timber apron; The trough sits at the dehumidifier, AC, refrigerator bottom; Kitchen utensils cupboard, bathroom cupboard, courtyard flower nursery,etc..

Ruggedization of O O V8, dryness, dehumidifying function and water, light, heat, magnetic force, electrolyzes, magnetic field suction, make the mould unable to grow, will suck the water molecule and hit the molecule of quantity of magnetism, oxidize extremely high oxyhydrogen free radical (Hydroxy Radical.OH) ,Be with the oxygen molecule? Grow the chain reaction of free radical, consume the oxygen organic matter, turn into carbon dioxide and water and evaporate after decomposing.

Fourth, V8 Decompose, oxidize the harmful object maximum function

O O sour quality can supplement human nutrients a little, moist all organ beneficial living fungus active, reach the metabolism function; A little sour quality of the human body stockpiles the thing surplus, will cause the organ function to ruin; The surplus of acid ester of skin pore, will enable water, light, heat? It catch quality it is ultra for acid, skin pore it last fungus, worm, will itching, swollen, suppuration, lasting living celling, generally deal with and will enable the concave and convex face of skin pore by the medicine.

O O V8 high purity is purified, there is not any additive, pH value? Neutral, its water, light, heat energy and micro- member's magnetic force, electrolyzing the magnetic field suction, function that ruggedization dry, dehumidify, mediate, make the intersection of skin and the intersection of pore and little acid decomposition, oxidize, excrete, and loose cells, moisten, purify the toxin of organic compound, reach the little nanometer water molecule, the loose human body mediates the organ, decomposes, oxidizes the fat of a little excessive acid quality.

Fifth, V8 Suitable for the human body, house, public place and purify the function

A, V8 can rely on the angry playground flowing and floating dust for support, sterilize, sterilize, deodorize, resist the rot the spraying object, such as the kitchen, kitchen cupboard, furniture, bed, floor, carpet, bathroom, toilet, sofa, clothing cloth, refrigerator, cold air vent, air conditioner gauze filter and electric light, sunlight can see articles etc., reach air cleaning, prevent the cause of disease from spreading; The nursing of the surface pore of body skin, must clear up the rare hot water, scrub by cleaning the towel, oxdable, decompose, excrete cosmetics foundation cream and skin care products pore stockpile the a little sour quality and acidifying, red swelling, full of cracks scheduling problem of ultraviolet irradiation, it can prevent the skin from catching an illness.

B, the intersection of V8 and spraying in wall, object, photocatalysis its, can decompose at all rapidly the intersection of indoor and harmful substance, make the indoor keep with the pure and fresh air for a long time, the antibacterialing can kill various bacteria, virus in the indoor even more, reduce disease and spread, and have lasting results, are especially suitable for large spaces, courtyards, BLDG, factory, public places such as the company, hotel, hotel, teahouse, auditorium, organ, military camp, school, store, supermarket, office, smoking room, kindergarten, swimming pool,etc.; Places of entertainment such as cinema, dancing hall,etc.; Recreation places such as bathing, fitness,etc.; Public the utensil ' Includes the bill-board) , means of transportation( Plane, ship, fire, car,etc.) , affinity objects such as instrument and equipment, communication apparatus, office supplies, architecture, renovation material,etc.; Food factory, hospital, operating room, consulting room, waiting room, medical equipment, doctor examine the desk, apparatus, gauze mask, special to isolate clothes,etc. place ' Articles) .

Artificial view, ornamental plant of c, V8 spraying, not only can beautify the environment, desinfecting and deodorizing and resisting the rot, antisepticizing self-cleaning, scavenging,etc. function, lasting, safe brute force, environmental protection and energy saving that and rear better children.

Sixth, V8 composition, characteristic, function, ability, value composition: V8 Tio2 - nanometer light catalyst solution, only by the pure nature titanium dioxide (content is 0.8%) And the pure water makes up.

Characteristic: V8 Tio2 - nanometer light catalyst solution is different from Tio2 - light catalyst water coating composition of nanometer, V8 does not have any additive, but the trace is used in living needs products such as food, food fresh keeping, medical treatment and health care,etc., safe and harmless, good for health.

The reason? ---

O O nanometer is that the size is a little fine-grained; Tio2 (titanium dioxide) It is inorganic raw materials;

O O only great natural energy source; Is the catalyst abbreviated as by the pronoun? " switching device ".

O O V8 Tio2 - nanometer light catalyst solution, non- early chemicophysics reacts; Not biochemical science and technology react in middle period; But modern physical chemical reaction. Grind simple inorganic matter to the water molecule, rely on nature energy, reaction function comes.

Function: V8 Tio2 - nanometer light catalyst solution is different from Tio2 - water soluble coating function of light catalyst of nanometer, V8 is not the chemicals.

O O V8 Tio2 - nanometer light catalyst solution, utilizes the physical principle to grind Tio2 the micro- member, totally combine with the water molecule, absorb and come with heat all? Work up photosynthesis, the ones that formed catalysts and reflected magnetic and launching energy are since by the function, very arbitrary spraying, and have very good stability.

O O V8 spraying, on aninals or plants' skin, the photosynthesis forms the quantization of the water molecule, totally harmless to its every function, exchange metabolism instead. So, there is not membrane on the surface of the coated object, (present the spectrum line) Ventilative and not changing properties.

O O mostly excess nutrient in modern, quiet to move little more, apt to enable human endocrine regulation, get fat. V8 makes food ' Water products) Eat, can increase human heat energy, promote metabolism, sweat, excrete, decompose the fat of oil and scent impractically, can build up health, improve the ability to resist fungus, help toxin releasing, raise? ,Have apparent function of medical treatment, health care, winter protection. Does O O V8 do? Food additive: Stimulate the powder of hall and ferment, make wine fermenting, beverage fermenting, fermenting, canned meat of fruit juice and decompose functions such as the oil,etc.. The trace accedes to ink and food, it is easy to spread the oil to boil, cook hotly and fast, decompose, oxidize the function, make the micro- member of the water molecule combine rearrangement, combine into a small stable molecule water body (5-6 water molecules) . The water molecule of this kind of state is arranged neatly, the high, cohesive force of density is strong, intermolecular adsorption force is small, permeate powerfully, close to water of human cell, natural glycol (water products are as the same) of taste ,The mouthfeel slips softly, the color is fresh and delicious.

Does O O V8 do? Food preservative: Resist rottenly and deodorizing, sterilizing, killing poison, antisepticizing, acid protection quality, decompose, oxidize antibodies and consume, mediate the excessive oleic quality function, the trace is used all kinds of food, beverage ' Moisture, beer, soya-bean milk, fresh milk and milk products) , aninals or plants tin process, photosynthesis its, eliminate, depend on fungus and worm's ovum living for a living, purify, filter and is harmful to the toxin, promote human metabolism, nonpoisonous and harmless, tasteless and pollution-free, can lengthen its keeping fresh, quality guarantee period greatly. And increase the delicious mouthfeel, constructing the hair nutrient of and maximum function.

Does O O V8 do? Cleaning agent of food: Can rest assured to eat to invade the vegetables of melon and fruit after steeping raw while diluting, the mouthfeel is fresh and pure; Washed clean and boiling, cooking the food by V8, improve color, fresh, flavor, beauty, spread the oil function, make the food not greasy and delightful, benefit the health. Sterilize clean ability: Add and gush out pharmaceutical, cosmetics, brighten preventing suntan, cosmetology, skin care product, aseptic paper, sanltary towel etc. to the oral cavity in right amount, be desinfecting and resisting the rot and antisepticizing, protecting beautifully and raising? , moist skin, clean except the peculiar smell, can improve the nutrient component even more.

Purify the ability in environment protecting mode: V8 but the change living environment of the maximum function, to harmful to object, smell,etc. in lifing, there are strong oxidation, decomposition, make it become? CO2 and H2O; To the air pollutant CO, SO? 2,NO, hydrocarbon can be removed high-efficiently too, thus thorough decontamination, V? 8 still can release oxygen anion, return the living space of real green to people.

The antifouling ability of the hydrophile: V8 solution have extremely high hydrophilicity, can absorb the spraying object with strength, at the same time because his strong oxidation, oxdable to lose, adhere to the intersection of spraying and the intersection of Taxi and greasy dirt its, can gush out, apply body surface to, form the intersection of self-cleaning and efficiency, make the coated object keep the clear state.

Antiultraviolet ability: V8 powerful characteristic of absorbing the ultraviolet ray, makes the surface of the coated object exempt from the function of ultraviolet ray and only urge to wear out, can lengthen its life time greatly, it is afraid of shining objects and making sun-proof articles it can be used for everythinging.

The ability of glass antifogging: V8? Quantization of the water molecule. So, gush out and apply to the crystal, not only is not there membrane? Grow, make it strengthen strength, suck, tell object maos of pore but difficult to loss, observe and take the form of spectrum line with the high multiple microscope even more instead. So crystal will form fog, influence the line of sight, and can catch and kill the harmful bacterium.

The detergent power of water quality: Underwater material of containing trichloroethylene, methylene dichloride and fragrant and annular etc., can all pass the mere catalytic reaction of V8? Move, sterilize, except that peculiar smell, resist the rot, defend algae function, decompose pollution, harmful substance, achieve the water source and purify the high-quality purpose.

Seventh, especially declare

Convenient: V8 Tio2 - nanometer light catalyst solution is easy to use, easy to operate, nonpoisonous, harmless and not corroding, pollution-free.

Plan to work before a, spraying: Please inject V8 solution into the manual or mechanical aerosol can, want the surface of the clean coated object completely before spraying, coated object greasy dirt of surface remove with neutral cleaning agent ' Avoid using strong acid cleaning agent) ,Reuse the fresh water to shampoo clean, and must keep the surface drying of the coated object.

B, spraying: Adopt the spray gun at the time of spraying, should the requirements of the spray nozzle be smaller than 0.5mm in order to atomize well? Should, the pressure? 2-4kgf/cm2 Israel? Is it powerful and vaporific to grow? Should, propose opening all light at the time of spraying, adhere to stronger in order to dry with hot air; The distance of spraying, propose it with 30~50cm? Should, not only can spray save raw materials evenly, but also can; Spray once in the general place, if need to improve efficiency and spray for twice (result better) . This product? Neutral aqueous solution, unharmful to human body, does not need to protect specially, does not have special requirement to the spraying equipment.

Leave at the room temperature drily after c, spraying. While constructing, generally adopt spraying law, if it needs the object dealt with complicatedly and wholly to meet the shape, can adopt the dipping process, when the outer wall of the BLDG constructs, can also adopt roller coating.

Safety: The titanium dioxide has already been used as additive of food and cosmetics extensively, unharmful to human body. V8? Neutral aqueous solution, the pure nature green? Taste, can be used any material safely, neither will pollute, corrode, damage the spraying object, have protective action oppositely even more, insoluble in water, difficult to loss the surface of the spraying thing.

Stability: V8 the intersection of spraying and piece offer place that reflect just, itself its participate in sterilization any, deodorize, resist the rot, react, so its function will not decay with time, has lasting effectivenesses, even under little faint light sources such as the indoor daylight lamp,etc., can also contribute.

Eighth, result one, packing, storing

Valid period: A, product this have very fine stability, spraying, at the fixed object, more than first year such as valid period.

B, valid period of the goods are ten years.

C, solution have a little Shen settle, please joggle evenly while using in bottle.

In d, bottle when solution has not been used up, please must tighten, seal the port of the bottle lid, within effective date of goods, do not influence the full play of the effectiveness.

Packaging is stored: This product is kept in normal atmospheric temperature, shady and cool, dry place by the packaging of high-quality plastic bottle. V8 Tio2 - light catalyst solution function of nanometer, operation instruction

The maximum function sterilizes, sterilizes, deodorizes, resists the rot, decomposes, oxidizes and is harmful to objects
Pure, nonpoisonous, harmless, tasteless and not having corroding, lasting, brute force, security, cleaning, environmental protection, energy-conservation in nature

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