There is no preservative burger in actual research attachment

There is no preservative burger in actual research attachment
Utilize V8 catalyst assistant attachment (Taiwan, U.S.A. are used in the food and medical patent for invention)

Simple and convenient, mouthfeel is soft to have processors, eat the advantage such as being convenient, increase, splash loose the intersection of starch and volume and salt ' Or candy) Last adjuvants body composition by cost,main additive, pharmaceuticals and oil sour problem upgraded. V8 bursts on molecule function, cooperates with the cellulose of plants to allocate. Can say good-bye to history of adding the antiseptic completely, make the natural taste more pure. One grade of function of V8 health care, the harmful mushroom in the repressible food, dispel the toxin, drive away the peculiar smell, decompose the acid material, make the burger keep fresh one longer, the guaranteeing the quality is more steady.
Scientific table delicacies: Wreaking havoc at bird flu, in the day that the crisis awareness is beset with, people strike torror at the topic of birds, the diet is prudent.
1,V8 the intersection of health care and grades of physical water molecule take, arrange, flavour, keep fresh, antibacterial, sterilize, decompose efficiency of oleic lipoprotein,etc. to diet, cook,etc., can guarantee the diet is healthy; Move plant body, grow, grow, deposit in the environment cultivating, including the intersection of mushroom and stem originally, if antibody fungus weak and very easy to fall ill, infect in the human diet, the food enters and digests the intestine to emulsify acid hydrolysis, know? Superacid to glue the body fungus? It is not smooth to grow the body.
2,The intersection of V8 and the intersection of health care and grades of application that physical water molecule take, have meal while prominent customer satisfied, reach colour, fragrance and taste, not fresh and available, steep meat, fish, seafood, dredge dish type, fruit type,etc., can drive away the plant pesticide residue dilute, entry effectively with it, harmful substances such as formaldehyde in icy animal's meat, viscera and seafood,etc.,etc., ensure washing the food clean, fresh; Move plant body, such as cold shining the intersection of the universe and body, cell body tighten, steam, have fresh sense certainly, discredited tart flavor, v8 overheat? Explode the molecule cracked cell membrane organizer body, there is fresh flavor of mouthfeel.
3,V8 the intersection of health care and grades of physical water molecule take, can apply diet to, arrange, such as gush out, spill, add processing procedure around the V8, there are different taste and function that can flavour function, such as the efficiency change of some changes while boiling, frying, cooking, steaming, frying, enduring, frying, V8 health care grade can shorten matured time, the molecular action of bursting, can make the seasoning of food dissolve into meat, make vegetable fibre gentle and melt, improve the delicious taste and and can dispel the latent virus bacterium of cytoplasm in the food, and improve the human intestines to call and make the digestive organs machine fully absorb the nutrients, fully digest the nutriment, change the virus of the positive bacterium; V8 is with different body of traditional medicine, Chinese and Western drug therapy and recipe health care, deal with in order to tighten the principle, but v8 burst the intersection of molecule and principle come, deal with, split only molecular weight burst virus, decompose, dispel, discharge in vitro.
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