Bone and beasts and birds' bone meal are employed (continent Article)

Bone and beasts and birds' bone meal are employed (continent Article)
First, product performance
The soup powder of pig's bone is with the fresh chicken, chicken's bone, fresh pork, pig's bone is raw materials, adopt the food and beverage to cook peculiar making soup technology, produce according to the standardized requirement of modern food industry. Not adding pigment and antiseptic of artificial synthesis, products fragrance are thick and strongly fragrant (thickness of 37 times) ,Nutritious, easy to use. The products can already add and used in the cuisine to make directly, the pickling of meat, the mix of the inner material; Also can wash and add into soup, as the top-grade noodle soup, the bottom soup of Japanese wheaten food, wonton soup, the powder soup of bottom of rice noodles, the using of pot bottom soup of fire.
1. The soup powder of pig's bone is soluble in flavour and fragrance with thick white soup of traditional pig's bone after the boiled water
2. The soup powder of pig's bone is rich in the collagen, calcium, phosphoprotein, cook the food achievable and deliciously and fragrantly and mellowly, nutritious result
3. The soup powder of bone of pig of man of Japan is easy to use, the result is obvious, low cost
Second, application area
1. Process food: Instant noodles, puffed food, quick-frozen food (dumpling, won ton) ,Dressing ( Sauce) ,Meat products, salt steamed product,etc. down
2. Can manufacture the top-grade noodle soup, wonton soup, the pot bottom soup of fire, the soup-stock of stir-fry in the food and beverage, inner material, Guangdong porridge, soup with gold carp, the soup of fishhead,etc.
Third, operation method
1. The ones that and facilitate rice flour in the instant noodles are used when flavour the material powder bag: On condition that use the soup powder of pig's bone singly, use the soup powder of a pig's bone, after diluting with the boiled water 37-45 times, dilute the liquid and well present taste, are like the thick white soup of bone of pig that the family boiled; With flavour products, use in conjunction while being other, reduce the intersection of pig and the intersection of bone and the intersection of soup and consumption of powder while being appropriate, it is a flavor of stressing you, establish good presenting the flavor foundation.
2. Use in the catering trade:
A: Cook the soup-stock: Propose fetching this product 1 kilogram, join 90. The boiled water above C is 37-45 kilograms, can serve as soup-stock.
B: Cook the noodle soup and flavor footing of noodles in soup: Propose fetching this product 1 kilogram, join 90. The boiled water above C is 37-45 kilograms, can cook for the noodles soup of bottom: The cook can exhibit one's skill too, make some individualized and small and water the head, for instance: Sour and hot, chilli, seafood, braising with soy sauce,etc., intersperses a little. You can cook out the masterpiece with different flavor instant as magician, offer a platform which gives play to skill to cook and technician.
Fourth, use cost analysis
1. Boil the soup by oneself: 8.00 yuan for a kilogram of pig's bone, add more than 30 jin of water, endure for more than two hours at least, get 7.5 kilograms of soup (thickness) 18 bowls of soup ' 400 ml for every bowl) Has spent the faggots, the condiment is 3.00 at more least yuan, count so that cost of each bowl of soup is 0.58 at more least yuan, it is inclusive not to calculate the artificial water and electricity yet. Piece and very difficult consumption that grasp every day, it is unable to implement canonicalization.
2. Use the soup powder of Japanese pig's bone: The intersection of man and the intersection of pig and the intersection of bone and the intersection of soup and powder cash, become one bowl high the intersection of pig and the intersection of bone and pale soup of thickness promptly by 400 of boiled water 10 day. The cost does not exceed 0.45 yuan. And save time and save effort, follow one's bent.
Fifth, the current situation of the market
1. Operating position: Arrange and use the soup powder of these convenient and sanitary pig's bone in a large amount now in Japanese Korea S. type, as the soup of bottom, it is thick and strongly fragrant and muddy and white. Save and purchase and boil the course, make the process of the kitchen simplify, environmental protection and energy-conservation. Can modulate the soup of bone at any time according to the amount of passenger flow volume, this is a trend of fast food and Western-style food development.
2. Like product: Like product on the market is comparatively rare at present, a part comes from the food and adds the factory, it is mainly essence and balm, it is unable to call out the lifelike white soup of bone of pig. Another part comes from South Korea of Japan, it is mainly Japanese and Korean cooking and Western-style food coffee use, the products are lotion of pig's bone, the thickness is low, fragrant and low, the price is very high, its use of the limitation.
We have adopted craft and prescription of man's Corporation of Japan's Day to produce man's Japanese pig's bone thick soup powder on day, it is the second generation of the white soup of pig's bone products, it is the upgrading products of lotion of pig's bone even more, it has overcome the difficult transportation of lotion of pig's bone to keep, it is difficult to dissolve, apt to be rotten, the thickness is low, deficient shortcoming of fragrance. Quality can well substitute the import, the price is equivalent to half imported, have extensive application prospect.