Corn deep processing utilizes benefit to be high

Corn deep processing utilizes benefit to be high [ 2001-06-03]
Our country is that the first in the world has the rice big country, annual production is about 195 million tons, accounts for 40% of the total output of national grain, take 37% of the corn total output in the world. For a long time, it is not strong to because innovate and develop consciousness, processing is backward in technique, have caused the wasting greatly of resources of the corn. According to the introduction of insider, if utilize new and high technology to carry on thickness processing and comprehensive utilization to the corn, can make resources of the corn increase several dozen times, produce the enormous economic benefits.

At present, the processing enterprise of economic developed country grain and oil utilizes and already realizes industrialization to the deep processing of the grain in the world. Grain except processing the main products, can is it is it refine to reprocess to go on main product and his by product such as garrulous rice, rice bran, rice embryo, rice husk, bran,etc. also, make new products, realize making the best use of everything. Garrulous rice can be made and fetched multi-functional starch, starch base fat substituent such as utilizing; Utilize rice bran to draw rice bran oil, rice bran nutrient, rice bran nutrition fibre, is there much functionality? Utilize rice husk can prepare white carbon black, living feeling carbon, produce many kinds of cosmetics. So, the main by product of corn is important raw materials in such industry as food, chemical industry, medicine,etc., there is very great potentiality to be exploited.

First, develop the rice starch function food

Backbone of rice starch, U.S.A. and Europe at present rise rice upsurge that starch research and develop. Use modern biotechnology can include the garrulous rice, long-grained nonglutinous rice Chen, early long-grained nonglutinous rice inclusive rice turn starch, capillary starch of resisting etc. into, clear up starch, new fat substituent and low anaphylaxis albumen slowly.

United States Department of Agriculture south improvement rice starch new product that research center research and develop " Ricemic " with rice powder as raw materials, first it undergo separate protein,it then can't spend not heating and? Deal with craft process into 100% is it digest to delay and 50% is it digest with 50% postponing digest modify the rice starch products to accelerate. Modify rice starch prove by clinical practice, can improve candy load, the new food of the persons who will become a kind of diabetes patient effectively.

The development of resisting starch and capillary starch, is the brand-new subject of the starch research field. For resolve general name of thing health human starch that small intestine absorb starch of resisting etc.. Is it use starch of resisting etc. Dr.eye: as food original, at the batching to act as, except offering many kinds of health function, because it is not like general fibre composition and will absorb a large amount of moisture, neither influence its mouthfeel, nor change the food flavor when adding in the low moisture products, and can be regarded as the additive of food with low heat. Does the capillary starch pass the natural starch? It is treated to solve, a kind of cellular porous starch carrier formed. Because his surface has much to stretch to the aperture of starch one, therefore have good performance of absorbing, can be used as the functional material (such as the drug, spices, pigment, health care and material) Absorb carrier,applying extensively medicine, chemical industry and food of industry.

Rice starch is it fetch fat substituent produce technology and starch base fat substituent function modify technology to make, use biotechnology to turn the rice starch into the new and high technology without oil fat. The new fat substituent is very suitable for the dairy products processing the yoghurt, substituting the cream partly. It has appearance and mouthfeel of cream, through the mix of different content, the ones that can be processed into for the margarine to produce add the hydrogen oil. Such as the Belgian A&BIngredient Company ( The biggest rice starch manufacturer in the world) Already modify rice starch is it have cream milk cool, low fat ice cream, have fat margarine, sauce and cold and dressed with sauce dish production of seasoning to use for formally, have obtained the considerable economic income.

Persons who there are 15 million new born baby and more than 50 million diabetes patients and huge food consuming groups every year of our country, if develop and make a large amount of rice which our country overstocks into such products as multi-functional starch, new fat substituent and low anaphylaxis food,etc. Dr.eye: in time, not only can make the relevant scientific research of our country follow the international front closely, and alone domestic baby and diabetes patient person have the wide markets of 65 million crowds, utilize the prospect to be very optimistic.

Second, develop the healthy food of rice bran

The rice bran accounts for 5%-5.5% of weight of corn, the annual production of rice bran of our country is up to more than 10 million tons, but rational utilization great majority.

The composition of the rice bran takes candies, oil and protein as the core, still contain more include the dust amount and support the family plainly. The chaff material in the rice bran is dealt with steadily, can become a kind of meal fibre source, make such products as rice bran fibre, much candies of rice bran,etc., give play to many kinds of health care efficiency. If half cellulosic B come out to separate can suppress between serum and liver rising of cholesterol from degrease rice candy, thus prevent from having such diseases as blood pressure, heart disease, cirrhosis and artery sclerosis,etc.. It contain rice bran 20% about oil,whose name is with processing of it is the refined and must rice bran oil last 38% about oleic acid and 42% about oleic acid not inferior, as oleic acid for 1:1 in proportion of oleic acid. 1,from point of view of modern nutrition, the proportion one oils have nutritive value not higher of.

Contain the abundant oryzanol in the rice bran oil. Oryzanol by a dozen steroid alcohol sour clan chemical compound that ester makes up Wei, can prevent from body formate cholesterol since, reduce thickness, serum of cholesterol, promote the blood to enclose, regulate such functions as human endocrine and plant nerve,etc. Still contain a large amount of such composition as plain, valley steroid alcohol and other plants steroid alcohol,etc. of supporting the family fat-solubly in the rice bran oil.

So the rice bran oil is the edible oil of a kind of health, its nutritive value exceeds soya-bean oil, rapeseed oil,etc.. In recent years, the rice bran oil sells well on the American-European market, its price is on such traditional vegetable oil as peanut oil, soya-bean oil,etc., quite favored by consumers.

In addition, also include and plant the sour calcium richly in the rice bran, and the degrease rice bran produces the ideal raw materials which plants the sour calcium, with plant sour calcium can is it plant sour and inositol to produce, apply medicine, chemical trade to extensively; In addition rice bran can make and fetch the candy wax also, used in the gloss pharmaceutical (such as shoe polish, floor wax) , the waterproof production of dose and fruit antistaling agent.

Already make much successful experience on comprehensive development in the rice bran utilize abroad at present. U.S.A. researches and develops one of most authoritative countries early the most of rice bran resource in the world, it is reported, the technology that the innovative company of American corn and Leapman Company melt steadily in the rice bran, fibre, rice bran albumen, rice bran many candy,etc., nutrient of rice bran and nutrition of rice bran draw, for great breakthrough separate, purification technology, multiple technology can be popularized and applied. Research is proved, the rice bran is developed and utilized through the depth, can appreciate about 60 times.

Third, the depth of the rice husk is developed and utilized

Quite extensive when developing the application in depth of the rice husk. Primary product of it can as culture material, use as energy generate electricity, produce fibreboard and furfural,etc. of edible fungus not merely, and can also be produced and benefitted such a great deal of food as environmental protection and healthy snack box, cosmetics,etc., chemical articles after deep processing.

The rice husk contains abundant lignin, fifth and gathers candies and oxidizes such composition as silicons,etc. two times, prepare white carbon black, good raw materials of activated carbon and high modulus silicic acid potassium. The activated carbon taking rice husk as production of material, not only with low costs, but also include and mix little, especially suitable for the food industry; Is the silicon in the rice husk under certain condition? Burn, can form porous finalizing the design and oxidizing the silicon particle two times, have very large absorption surface and activation, can be regarded as the raw materials of many kinds of carrier or advanced composite. Such as high modulus silicic acid potassium, can used in TV screen powder, high-temperature coating bind pharmaceutical, detergent, reduce dyestuffs, fire retardant, advanced ceramic production of coating; In addition, because does not include the element making the monocrystalline silicon poisonned such as arsenic, Fluorine,etc. in the rice husk, so it may be the best raw materials which make the solar cell. According to another it study,it contain also at rice husk kind not many support the family plain? And food fibre, play an important role in promoting the metabolism of the skin; Another kind of effective composition inositol in the rice husk has certain results in preventing carcinoma of the rectum, breast cancer,etc..

At present, have already utilized the rice husk to succeed in developing activated carbon, white carbon black, water glass, high pure silicon, wooden candy, second abroad? Third acid and many kinds of cosmetics. For instance such countries as France, Italy, U.S.A., India,etc. utilize the high pure silicon to produce the integrated circuit and solar cell; Japan some enterprise with shampoo, toilet soap, toner and cosmetics that rice husk produce, well received by women consumer even more.

Make with rice husk cosmetics quite A the scientific research personnel of Company think on insight, there is a lot of unknown composition in the rice husk, there is a lot of unknown composition in the rice husk, its development still has very great potentiality, its prospect will be very wide.

(Newspaper of grain and oil market, author: Liu GuoXin, February 17, 2001)