The sewage and particle are ground to endure the rice catalyst (physical chemistry spontaneous combustion reflects treatment tec

The sewage and particle are ground to endure the rice catalyst (physical chemistry spontaneous combustion reflects treatment technology)
1.Expound the fact especially the special project is studied and dealt with;
First, utilize multi-level pump machinery Pu grind sewage(whether son of HO2 moisture implicit structure surround the key) Physics application? Dr.eye: .
Second, classify as sewage contain like; Life waste water, heavy metal waste water, chemical waste water, other industrial sewage (son's implicit structure of HO2 moisture surround the key) Study and endure the rice catalyst auxiliary in special project.
Third, utilize 1 the above to one o'clock, idea is it is it is it calculate (physical chemistry spontaneous combustion reacts treatment technology) to plan to study to cooperate And as follows; Make all trades and professions sewage not have two big problems of sewage and mud to change? Dr.eye: .
Fourth, is it is it take treatment to grind also to follow pump machinery Pu, need huge land and building sewage pool trough and sewage disposal professional person, license of technician.
Five, because (special project is studied and dealt with) So endure the rice catalyst auxiliary, allocate in accordance with different classifications, and make sewage regeneration, mud deal with application technology is it enclose product to produce, for instance; The organic mineral is fertile, soil, poisonous chemical element are oxidized, the trace is reduced and burnt and dissolved with much money.
2.Different general sewage treatment plants;
First, the huge sewage carries on BOD biological oxygen demand and COD chemical oxygen demand, it is steady in response to allocate photosynthesis and auxiliary in 7 days, soda hydrogen ion index and Shen settle mud, up to following various kinds of purification standard stipulate that flow to turn on the water? Dr.eye: .
Second, waste water and sanitary sewage, purify the standard;
Acid or soda water sample (should use NaOH or the sulphuric acid to adjust it, make PH lie between 6.5 to 7.5)
Under BOD biological oxygen demand 30.
Under COD chemical oxygen demand 100ppm.
SS Shenyang settles things under 30.
3.The advanced country abolishes sewages and retrieves the type of using
First kind
City sewage treatment plant put flowing water regeneration retrieve, make for irrigate, life miscellaneous water, industry make water Cheng, groundwater subsidize, drinking water source of water,etc., Dr.eye: can divide into two following ways.
Deal with simple and easily putting the flowing water, make the secondary use of life or irrigate the water, it deals with unit price relatively low, is generally about new Taiwan dollar of 5 to 10 yuan of each stere.
Deal with simple and easily putting the flowing water, do for make water Cheng, reservoir supplement between water and groundwater mend note, plan with Singapore NEWater plan such as tangerine prefecture GWR, California of U.S.A.; It is about new Taiwan dollar of 20 to 30 yuan of each stere to deal with the cost.
Second kind
The industrial sewage is retrieved, namely recycle in the factory. But industry make recovery amount of waste water Cheng, look closely the on-the-spot actual demand and deal with the degree of difficulty and making, generally the retrieving amount is every day from several hundred to thousands of steres, it is limited to the factory mostly to retrieve the scope of application.
Source of the materials; Plan to test in administration's water conservancy of economic department water conservancy it ---Abolish the sewage factory and put the flowing water and utilize the tendency of diving and promote the tactics again.
4.In weight hundred million industrial Limited Company study (whether treatment technology, waste water of life and special project of industrial sewage purify) ; The sewage and particle are ground to endure the rice catalyst (physical chemistry spontaneous combustion reflects treatment technology) ?
Brief introduction company; Make professionally: Endure the rice response, grind the mechanical procedure, automation to design manufacturing, whole factory equipment in physical chemistry.
Main products: In weight hundred million endure rice person who grind, environmental protection deal with equipment, is it make to develop (create world advanced patent mechanical equipment) .
Use the equipment; In weight hundred million utilize fluid liquid, pump Pu is it endure rice machinery to grind, procedure cooperate with automation design environmental protection punish and abolish the sewage purification equipment.
Use raw materials; The particle endures the rice catalyst, the ore soda inorganic formates and endures the natural response of physical chemistry of particle catalyst of rice and oxidizes, the special project is allocated and applied to different classifications, deal with and abolish the dirty element (change the organic mineral fertily) Ask having such technology as poisonous mud,etc. to the limit? Use the principle: The water quality of abolishing the sewage appears muddily, the molecular weight increases HO2 and makes up the ring structure and succeeds complicated material structure, HO2 of the positive anion key takes positive oxyhydrogen and root ion, HO2 takes negative oxyhydrogen and root ion, rotate? HZ low molecular weight, the following ring structure molecule, removes the implicit and toxic organic, metal material of inorganic ore, molecular structure of the content.

5.Sewage treatment technology is (endure rice inorganic mineral and catalyst particle and molecule and grind the natural response of physical chemistry, the strong acid and sour special project treatment technology with the sanitary sewage of heavy metal) Does not need to consume hugely, such problems as building and professional sewage technician's license and mud of sewage treatment plant,etc. Dr.eye: can banish the standard of purifying directly.
6.In weight a hundred million industrial Limited Company special project study and conceive;
The first type domestic water source and sewage;
(1) Community's exclusive sewage disposal of the city, regeneration is retrieved and used in the fire control pool and miscellaneous water of life, planning and design is followed
Return the water.
(2) Understand at first, waterworks must settle impurity via net pond Shen water, dispel agriculture chemical, heavy metal,
Insecticide, only shutting such complicated formalities as the oxidation,etc., the chlorination disinfects, can see the water works off but support greatly? DrinkUse.
(3) Waterworks fetch water must chlorination punish on source of water that pollute. So, certainly the mouthfeel is relatively bad while eating, and the running water will present the calcium carbonate solid and metal thing of other poisonous ores after boiling, can't drink at all when being serious, in era of the scientific and technological progress now, even the five-star hotel will be poisonned collectively, topic which the waterworks in pairs quite satirizes.
(4) The people? Begin to give up the safe running water, and prefer to carry the cask by the mountain or carries water, RO in the well every day
Water. The field? Catch great change function,the various kinds of brand one the mineral waters, water, the mountain spring water purification, magnetism not pure can running water, arise at the historic moment spring,etc., but may not be all environment-friendly, so the water quality demanding prompt solution purifies the problem.
The first type domestic water source and sewage; Follow and still study and conceive the main point with water in planning and design?
(1) The city community builds exclusively (the waste water special project treatment technology of life is purified) ; The sewage and particle are ground to endure the rice catalyst (physical chemistry spontaneous combustion reflects treatment technology) ? It is an essential focal point that planning and design follow and return the water.
(2) The community of general city builds building planning and design, is sent the room to preserve the water tower for using households by waterworks' water pressure, certainly spurted by the photosynthesis: Green suppuration bacillus, streptococcus, this two kinds of fungus vitality are both very strong, if water quality is preserved for some time, once going to the blood will cause the septicaemia, or urinary tract and blood are infected, can't adopt a casual attitude.
(3) The community of general city builds building planning and design, must build and disappear in the pool safely, must deposit water yield that foot pass for a long time, form a kind of natural phenomena polluted slowly. Produce the nitrogen phosphorus and grow one by oneself, accumulate in water ground gradually and accelerate the alga to breed, water quality presents the muddy dark green, this kind of phenomenon is after the water body raises melting excellently, dissolve oxygen and sour alkali value in water, the change aggravates day and night, the question such as being bad smell that the organic matter increases dirtily in water.
(4) The city community builds building planning and design, (classify two kinds; Waterworks water, and follow and also purify and use the water pipe with the water pipe) Is it is it endure with sewage particle rice catalyst purify regeneration is it use fire control pool and miscellaneous water of life for to retrieve to grind to release.
Source of the second type water for industrial use and sewage;
(1) Industry make water Cheng, waterworks ink and groundwater subsidize and purify and retrieve and use the source of water, sewage waste water
Add medicine neutralization and regulate hydrogen ion index, enter and regulate the pool, adding and helping the turbid pharmaceutical again, enter and precipitate the pool to add and help congealing the pharmaceutical, again
Enter and precipitate the pool, filter the sand, can be discharged or retrieved and used after filtering through EO membrane finally, can
Reach the national discharge standard.
(2) Whether industrial area, pigment 1,000 for arrange way of punishing every day such as waste water such as factory. Dr.eye: It is equal to water yield of about 14,000 steres trough to preserve the area 2,000 sq.m. Dr.eye: of X7 rice profundity of the pool, utilize chlorine iron allocate and NaOH go on soda hydrogen ion index for less than one day, reach chemical oxygen demand COD200ppm can banish industrial area waste water treatment plant regulate ink standard banish just, and abolish the mud and include 70% to 80% of the burying and high fevers moisture contents and frit and deal with.
(3) The evaporation that Japan researches and develops draws back technology thick, but should consume the fund of more than one hundred million yuan of the new Taiwan dollar to cover a waste water treatment plant, so what most manufacturers adopted is ' the biological process system of good oxygen ', but this system not only needs huge land area device to expose to the sun the angry response trough, shortcoming such as being great of the amount of mud consuming time had.
7.The second type industrial sewage special project treatment technology is purified;
Sewage particle grinds and endures the rice catalyst (physical chemistry spontaneous combustion reflects treatment technology) ? Planning and design follow and still utilize catalysts
The particle powder goes on to grind emulsification at a high speed.