Steel way engineer of China;

Steel way engineer of China;
1.The above-mentioned picture, piece try on acting as samples over these several months, water to being ventilative, completely, prescription and way, change.
2.Will give to you next week, when there is concrete achievement of testing, compare with the experiment report to shouldering pressing.
3.If want the on-the-spot practice to test, please hit the steel and bore the deep soil layer 1000mm soil layer structure and moisture humidity data.
4.We design the simple and easy testing equipment, depend on the soil layer structure and moisture humidity data, and model the soil layer, utilize this sample ground graticule mesh now and spread the broken stone, and the loading capacity is tested.
5.Being all right, we calculate out the loading capacity of each cubic meter, necessary water completely, how much accurate, can add sunshine when shining, cover the ground graticule mesh have broken stone can heat absorption is it connect with to have something to do?
It is a hundred million in weight Lu spreads again 2009/10/2

Can probably understand your theory, really different from the general tradition and think and think,
But because difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart, trouble you, when there are more concrete achievements in the test,