One grade of air cleaning of V8 environmental protection uses the guide

One grade of air cleaning of V8 environmental protection uses the guide
The greatest function disinfects Disinfect Deodorization Defend and resolve mouldly Oxidize and is harmful to objects
Natural and pure Nonpoisonous Harmless Tasteless There is no corrosion Lasting Brute force Safe Clean Environmental protection Energy-conservation
A V8®b product characteristic: V8 series products, utilize nanometer grind machinery oxidize two titanium grind to nanometer magnitude in the course of processing, form the nanometer light catalyst. Utilize V8 science and technology is it two oxidize titanium deposit money a large number of girth wave, electricity, magnetism, energy such as being hot to force and then, forced to enter sub group of the moisture, melt an organic whole of ‘ with the moisture son, form the moisture son. While reaching objects in spraying, magnetism, electricity its,etc. Dr.eye: physics is it can make V8 to be powerful to absorb in object surface to react, maos of pore top layer form the current situation of the spectrum in object after being dry. Its is not ventilative ®b grow the membrane, favorable to object and aninals or plants maos of breath of pore, is it use and survive prescroption to lengthen. When the indoor air purifies, only the moisture son of physics could melt an organic whole of ‘ with the harmful substance abundantly, and constant resolving, oxidizing its, has already achieved the purpose of air cleaning but will not rebound.
Second, V8 application: The environmental protection grade ®b product of V8 divides ‘ 1, V8 environmental protection A grade; 2, V8 environmental protection B grade; 3, V8 environmental protection C grade; 4, V8 environmental protection D grade. Four kinds of ®b products all possess the greatest function and disinfect, disinfect, deodorize, defend mouldly and resolving, oxidizing and is harmful to objects, natural, pure, nonpoisonous, harmless, tasteless, does not have corroding, lasting, brute force, security, since clean, environmental protection, energy-conservation, release such efficiency as anions,etc..
V8 A grade: Possessing all above-mentioned functions, function, ®b product only oxidizes titanium and pure water to make up two times, do not have any additive simply, can use indoors, in the train, in the plane, in the train carriage and everything is sealed or in half an sealed room, ®b catch bad function any, anion its function improve indoor air quality.
V8 B grade: ‘ makes the indoor air fresher, makes the human body feel more comfortable, on the basis of V8 A grade, have added the natural peppermint, can spray on the object ®b grow the pure sense of taste of peppermint, have malicious function of shouldering any to people and object, and furthermore help to disperse the harmful substance natural, green.
V8 C grade: In the air purifies, the pollution sources of the harmful substance mainly comes from the wood furniture, and even if a product is directed against this harmful source and developed, its application can also be used for such utensils as the wall, magnetism brick, bath tub, nightstool in the bathroom,etc. besides the wooden furniture; There are wall, magnetism brick, pond, ¸i n the kitchen; Outdoor building outer wall, bill-board, lamp house,etc. put outdoor articles for a long time. The above can fully show function and efficiency that since V8 is clean, the antiultraviolet shines. V8 D grade: Have joined natural camphor composition on the foundation, function, function of C grade, apply to the inboard of the house mainly, while releasing anions, disinfecting, disinfecting, deodorizing, resolving, oxidizing the harmful substance, can also suppress spreading and erosion to the clothes of the parasite effectively.
Third, V8 is used in right amount: 1, Apply to the house room and purify, V8 A grade solution of one kilogram can spray 100 square meters of construction area, in order to be multiplied by 3.5 times of direct benefited areas calculating, 350 square meters in conformity with ‘, because is construction area and practical area there are differences, spray the area and should nearly shut 300 square meters directly actually. The cleaning work to the object should be clean before spraying, completely. Spray gun must very important choice abundant atomization have, shower nozzle requirements must be lighter than 0.5MM, one very vaporific to spray area to be heavy while being even, two can save coating, must not pursue the quantity simply but scamp work, perform a task perfunctorily, must make every even corner angle is it is it reach to spray, up to the anticipated purpose to want. Please use V8 A grade, two kinds of V8B grade to choose one wantonly while selecting materials; 2, the purification within the furniture, is the cleaning too at first, base on the premise that the object is dry use such clean furniture inboards of the tool as the brush,etc., wipe the clean wet rag thinly once again, first, clean completely, second, apply paint the season raw materials in the province with a brush, apply paint V8 C grade or the V8 D grade with a brush once at free choice with the method that is applied paint with a brush again thereafter. Will leave the white object after being dry, this is caused by because it is the white material to oxidize the titanium two timesing, please don't need painstaking wiping off it, because ‘, this material, is colour-fast and will not pollute the clothes ing, will not be rubed either. It still releases anions to enable being with the pure and fresh air in the furniture to keep it, disinfect, disinfect, dehumidify, defend mouldly and getting rid of the peculiar smell, resolving and oxidizing the harmful substance, suppress the parasitic worm's ovum's efficiency of corroding the clothes. Should be with the cubic meter ‘ standard while calculating the area; 3, car purify (plane, passenger steamer, train seal, half sealed suitable environment in the railway carriage or compartment,etc.) Dr.eye: Should chose any one kind of them in accordance with customer's demand in V8 A grade or the V8 B grade, generally a car sprays 150ML, but the new car must spray twice, after being already 24 hours after it is totally dry in the first time, spray second times again, want the homework to be fine and smooth, want it totally completely.
Fourth, V8 purifies prescroption: Learn from efficiency examining report of V8®b product, while measuring after sealing for 72 hours, resolve, oxidize the best period of harmful substance. But the southern air is moist, ‘ consumers of ‘keep prestige of a little leeway and V8®b product, we should close 5 days to recommend, later should fully ventilate in open 15 days, and then close 10 minutes on the doors and windows and can measure after finishing. The purification in the automobile should combine the car owner's will and confirm that uses A grade to be still the ®b product of B grade. The mood of needing the car because of the car owner is unlikely to allow to purify time to wait for or stay for 72 hours without motor car. So should close one hour only until condition allow, should is it drive from window to 15 days to try one's best while driving, in order to purify it completely. The new car must gush out again after spraying for 24 hours for the first time, can set out on a journey after closing and putting for 24 hours thereafter, is it drive window is it to one day, just can have good efficiency to ventilate to want too (one ‘ 150ML of spraying etc., add up to ‘ 300ML twice) .
Fifth, V8 function advantage: Purify in the family room where we put forward, has already included the furniture surface paint or the natural wooden product top layer, and the furniture part has included the genuine leather sofa and decorated articles, and the administration of such inside harmful substances as the automobile, train, passenger steamer, plane,etc., Dr.eye: to to spray windscreeno, form spectrum to be linear in the pore top layer after being dry especially, have membrane is ventilative to influence sight, is it dehumidify, defend fog, lengthen object fresh efficiency of life-span to have. While spraying V8 A grade or the V8 B grade, do not have any pollution and corrode to its surface, can rest assured to use and remove the evil the result obviously. V8 C grade and V8 D grade, mainly in the face of furniture administration of harmful substance, and bathroom, kitchen, outdoor wall magnetism brick, advertising board,etc., Dr.eye: possess since clean, except that peculiar smell, defend mould, remove the evil function, can prevent the ultraviolet ray from shine effectively, lengthen object service life. The ones that especially used in the automobile prevented the sunshine from shining function ‘ suddenly and violently outstandingly, because what ‘ presented on the object top layer is that the spectrum is linear, ventilative, there is no membrane, would not shine and put ®b to grow and burst suddenly and violently in the sunshine. Distribute in the air after the nanometer particle bursts, will bring a lot of danger after the human body absorbs. Physics moisture son of V8, can avoid the emergence of this kind of incident effectively, reach real air cleaning.
Sixth, V8 science and technology is supported: There are a lot of such and such question and difficulty in the practical application of light catalyst, because ‘ is a kind of new things after all. Physics moisture of today such as light catalyst such as nanometer such as V8 son take and tomorrow burst moisture son take, all only V8 science and technology, but not ®b product. So, the agent of every V8 has the responsibility to share and promote V8 scientific and technical result. Taiwanese V8 in the motherland has an influential scientific and technological group, no matter in which fields, so long as our agent proposes the special project subject according to market demand, we will try to solve and propose the scheme within shorter time, help the concrete work of the regional agent with this, drive the flourishing development of the whole V8 undertaking. The V8 series products have one's own science and technology, craft, prescription; There are nanometer machinery and V8 physics moisture son international monopoly; There is trade mark registration of series of products; And V8 burst moisture son take science and technology like Bell application, physics of award, systematic personnel, V8 of scientific and technical result, these share. We are making great efforts to realize that do the Chinese nanometer light catalyst of ‘ with V8 science and technology ( The name is booked separately) National quality level.