V8 automobile purifies Moisture son of physics

The greatest function disinfects Disinfect Deodorization Defend mouldly Resolve Oxidize and is harmful to objects Natural and pure Nonpoisonous Harmless Tasteless There is no corrosion Lasting Brute force Safe Clean Environmental protection Energy-conservation

Know the light catalyst: At present, and the function, function are different in the item, various in style of international light catalyst market. But apply Japan technology to mostly, and to the physics light catalyst? Taste, but technology is known little about. On the light catalyst application, most make, distributor? Obtain the greatest interests, here? Have exaggerated the function of the light catalyst on tasting and propagating. Really there is peculiar efficiency to affirm the light catalyst at first. Use it in the field of environmental protection, embody in air and water quality to purify mainly. As for air cleaning, directly related to reach house ornamentation, car, ship, plane and relative to seal field. For above-mentioned reasons, make a lot of professionals, consumers admit blindly it has been fitted for a long time that the high light catalyst is gushed out, there was not the harmful thing from then on, the discredited smell had never come again. Is it different to hardly realize? Taste with quality and construct, operate control correct to have obvious differences or not. In view of this, it is necessary for V8 not to propose application and operational procedure that air purify in the car, machine, ship on the basis of the thing that the indoor air purifies.

First, purify the principle: Is the light catalyst divided? 1, moisture of V8 physics son take, physics or chemistry two major field? Representatives' nanometer light catalyst, is it obtain nanometer machine-building of international monopoly, it while being only to use? Add a large amount of high Zhou Bo, electricity, magnetism, hot energy while tasting and is ground the manufacture process repeatedly, make two of the characteristics of the semiconductor oxidize the titanium and possess the function stored, released, do not need any additive. In the course of spraying, its physics magnetism and electricity react, but powerful to affix to object, top layer linear, ventilative to form spectrum Grow the membrane) It is difficult to come off. Because of its physics moisture son function, can melt with the harmful substance rapidly? An organic whole, resolve it, oxidize it gradually. Will this course make the new combination combine more actively? Grow the strong free radical, measure several times higher exceeding standard at this moment? Alike (if oxidize the nitrogen (NO) Gas flavor exceeds standard) ,Is this course that V8 is resolving, oxidizing the harmful substance until removing causing constantly (The free radical grown? NO is nonpoisonous and harmless) V 8 removes the evil and the chemical light catalyst is identical basically the activity duration, but the harmful substance no longer rebounds after V8 advantage is managed; 2, the light catalysts made of the chemical method are resolved and drawn the method and a great deal of chemical composition to make up, if it nkle into a large amount of additive, and such functioned and drawn the method and a great deal of chemical composition to make up,, will form a layer of membrane on the object top layer very fast, because this layer of membrane is airtight, can effective to is it paint into thing form body to seal, make harmful gas unable to discharge, and shine by the ultraviolet ray, produce the function, reach and purify requiring. (Rise with temperature layers of membrane easy? Is it break to catch or object moisture is it is it can join broken layers of membrane too to appear to join, form layers of membrane damaged phenomenon)

Second, principle main point: 1, Moisture son of physics, what? Moisture son of physics? It is the oxide of the inorganic matter to oxidize the titanium two times, through grinding and appealing to magnetism, electricity, hot energy and processing to the little nanometer form repeatedly for a long time, form the nanometer light catalyst. And then utilize V8 science and technology to force two to oxidize in the sub group of moisture in the straight anion key that the titanium enter water Ho2 ring structure, is it form moisture son take, this V8 to combine fully with moisture son? Forming that is tasted. So, suppress and spray V8 it vaporifically on the flat or unsmooth object surface, but the nature is permeated in the hair pore, know brute force to absorb objects after the moisture son is dry naturally, and some magnetic fields formed are only arranged generally nettedly, heavy? The circumference is clicked and enclosed, like pattern kind of the world view of the magnetic field, and ventilative, benefit the normal breath of objects and animals and plants hair pore; 2, V8 can be filtered, the sunshine shines, the heat absorption function of automobile body, impel the gas of sodium chloride, expand to the car, chlorine it is malicious to include enter sour quality of air for anion to infect, is it swim the moisture of fungus to combine, unless it lead V8 magnetism electric heat the energy molecules start, it last physics chemical reaction not natural? Grow the free radical (Freeradical) (if oxidize the nitrogen (NO) Gas flavor exceeds standard) The angry field flows and mixes reacting, it so happened average nature air, like fresh quality clean forest bath. 3, V8 can filter, high-temperature sunshine outdoors shine by automobile body heat absorption, gather warm can force interior decoration shut glue, board of material stick the bodying, releasing formaldehyde, benzene poisonous gas in a large amount, the heat, humidity combine V8 magnetism and electric energy molecule to start, make physics natural chemical reaction? Grow the free radical (Freeradical) (oxidize the nitrogen (NO) Gas flavor exceeds standard) The angry field flows and mixes reacting, can average nature air, similar to fresh quality clean forest bath. 4, resolve and purify, spray moisture of V8 physics son take, like nature in taking a shower angry field in the car, thing clean for gas comfortable,if as stated in the above 2 Grow the free radical (Freeradical) (if oxidize the nitrogen (NO) Gas flavor exceeds standard) The angry field of airtight space does not flow, and such materials as the panel, leather, plastics,etc., because of heat, temperature release formaldehyde, benzene poisonous gas in a large amount, V8 physics natural chemical reaction course? The gas grown will gather in the space, cause the angry field to gather the question such as being angry, measure " the harmful substance will exceed standard definitely " at this moment, this? V8 is resolving, oxidizing the normal response result of the harmful substance. 5, bad response, if the angry field of airtight space does not flow, and the heating amount of panel, does temperature release formaldehyde, benzene poisonous gas and not have in a large amount? Grow the free radical (Freeradical) (if oxidize the nitrogen (NO) Gas flavor exceeds standard) Three kinds of phenomenon A, spraying thing will take place and have no function, function; B, surface hair pore are covered by the membrane; It is unable to release that C, low temperature put the formaldehyde and benzene.

Third, solve the free radical: 1, Free radical (Freeradical) It is in pairs to refer to having ( Odd number) Molecule, atom, or ion of electron, very unstable to grab from other member one electron come steady one's own structure while being very easy it have. There are hundreds and thousands of free radicals in the human body, some are good free radical, for example oxidize the nitrogen (NO) ,Some free radicals are harmful to human body, such as oxygen free radical (O2) ,Oxyhydrogen free radical (OH) . Grow A, internal oneself? Grow; B, environmental pollution and diet are improper; (Such as the spiritual pressure, pollution waste gas, acid rain, water pollution, agriculture chemical, weed killer, washing clean pharmaceutical, insecticide, ultraviolet ray that the cigarette, alcohol, factory, means of transportation discharge,etc.) 3, reduce the danger of the free radical, internal oneself? It is anti-oxidant to grow ( ),There are three kinds mainly: A, SOD? (Exceed the fork of oxidizing to solve ) ; Ancient Guang of B, Glutathione peroxidase is so sweet as to eliminated and oxidizes; C, Catalase? (Cross and oxidize the hydrogen to resolve ). So, can avoid the harmful free radical (O2) to the purification of the living environment effectively ( OH) ? Grow and spread. V 8 son, moisture of physics, take, nonpoisonous harmless is it corrode to having, describe on being comprehensive, answer? Are environmental protection, head of driving corruptly recommended? Taste. Fourth, plan to work: The harmful substance is centralized in the car, and the effective space is limited. Should object surface cleaned out and kept dry car first before spraying, and airtight doors and windows, spray facility should adopt machinery and select for use requirements smaller than spray gun of 0.5MM, there are two and 1 purpose, spray more even; 2, the coating is saved even more. Should pour into the right amount water in the watering can first before spraying, is it spray vaporific degree and use spray gun and best distance, spraying of thing to debug, in conformity with Israel? Is it powerful and vaporific to grow? Should, can begin to work to finish debugging. Spray and is over, still please close all doors and windows, after stay for 24 hours (new car must spray again, after closing 24 hours more) Can open all windows, is it is it measure to go on to one day to ventilate in going by car on the spot (harmful substance to come out by reaction by sense of smell, the visual feeling is measured) .

Fifth, the homework is safe: Moisture of V8 physics son take, two oxidize titanium and pure water make up, natural and pure only, there is not any additive. So, spray the course place?: The ones that grew are powerful and vaporific, not only nonpoisonous and harmless, and will send out abundant anion, person who makes homework and spray into space, like taking a shower in the purification of the nature, make it fully worthy of waving and disinfecting, disinfecting, defending mouldly and deodorizing, resolve and oxidize harmful function, function of object, after spraying please will the doors and windows are closed to limiting time.

Sixth, common problem: In the car ( Machine, ship,etc.) The question often appearing in air cleaning is as follows, 1, ornament materials quality is bad, such harmful substances as the formaldehyde, benzene,etc. exceed standard seriously; 2, rubber, leather, trailboard and binder in layer send out the strong harmful gas inside; 3, but the result has been very little after already spraying such materials as the chemical light catalyst,etc..

Seventh, treatment method: 1, The ornament materials in the inspection trolley, find the key pollution sources should be managed especially at first. The form body sprays V8 to try one's best to spray finely and smoothly, close until open hour after spraying in the car, construct and finish beginning to calculate by last time, open the door, window in the same term, ventilate, measure at the same time; 2, such harmful gas as new car rubber, leather, trailboard,etc. are strong, should spray twice, first gush out, gush out second after the thing form body is dry; 3, to already gushing out but the light catalyst to purify in the invalid car rebounding? Seldom advocate accepting, the main reason is to gush out on the object surface and already have one layer of membrane, difficult to release harmful substance maos of pore that cover have, unfavorable to V8 punish completely, and when after will discharge not if causing, rebounding layers of membrane again harmful substance.

Eighth, precautions: 1, V8 should notice, the objects of wooden, cover, leather, plastics product must be sprayed carefully in the course of spraying, decorate woodenly, the rubber material and cortex seat are the most obstinate place of harmful gas, must deal with it carefully, in case that future trouble; 2, V8 can is it exceed standard even serious after gushing out to present after spraying, even several times higher, these kind of phenomenon is normal in conformity with the genus, because current indoor checkout equipment, much? Reaction type, and in the free radical (oxidize nitrogen NO) Although the smell is relatively big, harmless to the human body, removed and not rebounded again several days later, should depend on V 8 is measured the result by the gaseous phase chromatogram, if solve the car speaker clearly, avoid misunderstanding; 3, V8 drive away harmful substance to rely on object surface spectrum line layer and permeate object maos of V8 of pore function, the two efficiency each to the limit with,adhere to the former the top layers send out anion of, while not purifying air of for object, can send out anion, abate except that bacterium, filter the virus, dehumidifying to defend mouldly also. The reason? The harmful substance generally will be active above 20 degrees, distribute the harmful gas, detrimental to health. And the latter's application can make V8 and harmful substance fully merge, follow it active, make mist exceed standard temporarily, and from elevation to odd times or a dozen times, application of V8 can gradually, resolve, oxidize it net totally, make harmful to exceed standard the material by summit and drop continuously, everything returns to normal after ventilating for quite some time. (V8 deals with the harmful substances of the object top layer, depending on above-mentioned ability, method, time, the efficiency is obvious. To the splint, leather sticking took things in the binder, the harmful substance exceeding standard seriously, it is impossible to fetch things through the mountain, but with the function that V8 is being resolved, oxidizing constantly, can eliminate gradually too, just need it with the prescroption course. )