Ecological bean curd of V8 Moisture son of physics

The greatest function disinfects Disinfect Deodorization Defend mouldly Resolve Oxidize and is harmful to objects Natural and pure Nonpoisonous Harmless Tasteless There is no corrosion Lasting Brute force Safe Clean Environmental protection Energy-conservation

Traditional manufacture method: Soybeans ( 450g) ,The general tradition soaks beans time ( Summer 4 hours) (winter 7 hours) Soybeans of 900g 900g 1000g, is water of the wet beans by 3.5 of their weight? Should, through polishing the soya-bean milk (about 80 degrees of Bri) with a waterstone The hardness is tested, the total amount of 3150g. Heating ( Burnt carefully) 90 degrees of C/5 minute, pass hot filtration (filter bag) But Ling reaches about 70 degrees to add and solidify the pharmaceutical ( Adjust the cold boiling water of 100ml to mix first) 10g is mixed for 15 seconds, puts and solidifies quietly (15 minutes) Pour mould into, pressurize go ink (30 minutes) Cooling shaping, after the finished product is more steady (about 20 minutes) Does the model cool to appear? Finished product.

V8 manufacture method: Soybeans ( 450g) Soak the beans with V8 ecological bean curd manufacturing technology (summer 2 hours) (winter 3 hours) Invite 900g to invite 1000g, add V8Tio2- one grade of nanometer light catalyst solution 0.45g of health care invites 1g. The reason?,V8 health care grade? Moisture son of physics, can totally merge with water. So, can increase by water yield 10% to 20%. The water yield added while needing to grasp the wet beans while operating, in order to go beyond 3.5 times of its dead weight? Should, through polishing the soya-bean milk (about 80 degrees of Bri) with a waterstone The hardness is tested, the total amount of 3150g. Heating ( Burnt carefully) 90 degrees of C/5 minute, know? Catch and form starch molecule detailed fibre not to burst list divide into. OK? Soda make the volume expansion, through heating filtering (the filter bag) But Ling reaches about 70 degrees, adds and solidifies the pharmaceutical (adjust the cold boiling water of 100ml to mix first) 5g is mixed for 15 seconds, puts and solidifies quietly (15 minutes) Pour it into in the mould, water, decrement that pressurize, go (30 minutes) ,Cooling shaping, after the finished product is more steady (about 20 minutes) Does the model cool to appear? Finished product.

The forming principle of the ecological principle so-called nanometer light catalyst of V8, divide mainly? Chemistry, field of physics two major, manufacturing approaches are different, function is different too, chemical light catalyst rely on thick sour thick alkali resolve, draw method not to make; Physics light catalyst ( Only oxidize titanium and pure water to make up two times) Utilize international monopoly nanometer grind machinery, (the characteristic of semiconductor) the inorganic mineral substance of Tio2 Appeal to the long wave, magnetism, electricity, hot energy in week, and then ground to the little nanometer form repeatedly, force it to enter sub group of moisture, form the moisture son. While diluting and using, can totally combine with the moisture son, natural and pure, nonpoisonous, harmless, tasteless, has not corrode, pollution-free, release the energy that has already depositted money so, could be fully worthy of waving disinfecting, disinfect, defend mouldly and deodorizing, resolving, oxidizing the function of the harmful substance. Stop at present, international light catalyst field have V8 department physics moisture son take structure only.
V8 function makes the field in the food, processing? The benefits of bean curd and serial products are gathered more, for instance process the procedure simple and convenient, easy to keep, eat and convenient, but have the course nutrition loss of manufacturing, destroy the natural nutrient, hinder from beautifully, influence the mouthfeel, in addition antiseptic (additive, quality of changing pharmaceutical) The applied,too can increase by reverse side influence. Is the water content of bean curd invited? 88%, nutrition is costly, the microorganism is easy to breed. Allow to add Nitrofurylacrylamide according to every kilogram bean milk of regulation of Japan (antiseptic) 0.005 grams, antiseptic does not have sterilization function, only when there is less microorganism, play its antiseptic role, and pay attention to the clean and environmental sanitation of operating and apparatus very much. Moisture son of one grade of physics of V8 health care, possess the ability to solve above-mentioned problems, and can remedy its shortcoming beyond one's ability, increase and splash the volume of loose starch, help harmful compositions to resolve, reduce auxiliary materials cost, change sour fat while being main, is it guarantee the quality, keep fresh the problem to solve. V8 bursts the moisture son cooperates with the cellulose of plants, allocate and make and improve looks and reduce weight the soyfood, and transform naturally? Single soda food, is it melt while being high-quality to enrich it with, form qualified ecology, multifunctionality bean curd and his products.

First, function: Is it enter V8 health care grades of solution hot water dilute (all raw materials require to be different to appropriate standard to cash at first, should make and form different standard grades to different varieties) Join in the raw materials modulated, not changing the already existing technological process, but the energy of grade of V8 health care will enable manufacturing time to shorten by 1/3, the high temperature while manufacturing will stimulate the function of grade of V8 health care to release, can reach and disinfect, disinfect, drive away the peculiar smell further, increase the function of splashing the volume of loose starch, so the bean curd will increase the quantity, it is whiter to be ocular, is it solve anti-oxidant, prevent masculine gender, except that disease worm fungus, deodorize, defend question such as being mould yellowly and effectively to turn while being difficult. Make mouthfeel exquisiteness, being simple and more honest, color and luster help soda nature act as?,Effect that is especially resolved, oxidizing, the elimination function of the person who contributes to food is active, help the metabolism of the human body, promote passages through which vital energy circulates to activate, get rid of blood sour ester wait, of value to DNA anti-ageing efficiency, can make human body to be further healthier a little.

Second, function: V8 health care application of grade,it can say good-bye to not for antisepticking completely (additive, change quality pharmaceutical of) History,it makes to be natural the pure taste. Because has added one grade of nanometer light catalyst solution of V8 health care in the course processed, its deposit, releasing energy and physics moisture son characteristic, add one grade of solution of V8 health care while soybeans soak, polish with a waterstone, can make V8 meet water and have extremely strong affinity promptly, and fully dissolve? An organic whole, can suppress the harmful funguses in food, dispel the toxin, drive away the peculiar smell, resolve the acid material, make the bean curd and products keep fresh one longer, the guaranteeing the quality is more steady. Because the manufacturing one to shorten of bean curd, natural getting green composition its, make mouthfeel aromatic, abundant nutrition. V8 makes cost: V8 health care grade gives play to bean curd and already existing characteristic of products further, and will also enrich it with function nature, fully establish and show the ecology, function are done? While,can effectively for reducing for manufacturing cost.

Season for first, V8 festival can: The application of V8 health care grade, but can stimulate the function of its deposit to fully release even more while the bean curd makes and especially heats, , to the fast reaction of heat energy, in addition the fast characteristic that it dehumidifies on the inside of the bean curd, enable making time shortening greatly, (can save 1/3 of the time) Have save the energy, has lowered costs, has kept the natural instinct of natural pollution-free food, one may well say that achieves many things at one stroke.

Second, V8 energy-conservation is economized: The raw materials of the bean curd? Precise powdery body that soybeans milled, according to demanding and adding different fruit differently, vegetables, green plants, specially good effect Chinese herbal medicines and dairy products, coffee, cocoa, sugar, chocolate, wooden candy alcohol,etc., can make all kinds of different soyfood ( Soya-bean milk) . Above-mentioned some raw materials person who add, some person who add behind being first, face one keep fresh and problem that guarantee the quality in any case, and traditional soyfood antiseptic, have very great limitation and very strong side effect, food getting light person who add have, will is it keep fresh, guarantee the quality prescroption to influence, getting heavy to can attend to one thing and lose sight of another person who add have, damaging the green nutritional labeling, person who influences food delicious food, even damage the human organ function, eat and will destroy the health seriously for a long time. Is the application of V8 health care grade variable and unfavorable? It is favorable, is it passive to make a change? Take the initiative, the reason? V8 health care is one grade of heating course when the bean curd is made, the energy of exciting its deposit fast, make it great function is it is it disinfect, disinfect, defend the mould, deodorization function to take place to clear up most, abundant resolving, oxidizing a little sour ester, it is difficult to be mouldy to make the food difficult and go bad, is it difficult? Grow the peculiar smell, is it keep fresh result to be fine to make, guarantee the quality time to be long.

Third, high-quality V8 thrift: V8 health care grade in using, is it master many skills while specializing in one, whom any other material can't replace to one may well say in soyfood, only the physics moisture son light catalyst, has added a large amount of energy in its making technology, could release the function of its deposit effectively, could possess the above-mentioned efficiency too, can just grow? The natural, green, ecotype appears, multi-functional fine works, health soyfood, could reach mouthfeel aromatic with pure taste, the color and luster is delicate, does nutrition keep healthy, prevent disease to raise? Purpose.

Fourth, V8 market prospects: Only let consumers approve? Taste, will just be accepted; Only let consumers accept? Taste, will just be popular; Only is there a market? Taste, just have vitality. Multi-functional, environmental bean curd of V8 and products, has used the energy of the physics light catalyst, the doing of the income and physics moisture son?,In the fierce market competition, will surely form the new selling point, make consumers enjoy the green multi-functional soyfood, thus change people's nutrition, sanitary diet structure, V8 health care grade brings human health, macrobiotic green to enjoy.