Traditional Chinese medicine grind 50 (whether chemical composition understand the characteristic)

Traditional Chinese medicine grind 50 (whether chemical composition understand the characteristic)
Yellow Die's chemical composition; Suck many candies, monose, flavonoids, biological soda ( Choline, beet soda) , many kinds of amino acid, glucose aldehydic acid and micro- folic acid,etc., and such many kinds of micro- metallic elements as the selenium, silicon,etc..

Chemical composition of the glossy ganoderma; Candy, many kinds of amino acid, many kinds of biological soda high in glossy ganoderma content ( Such as r - Three nail amine and base butyric acid,etc.), ergot steroid alcohol, fragrant beans are precise, organic and sour and supporting the family plainly etc..
Chemical composition of the ginseng; Chemical compositions of the ginseng have 30 odd kinds of ginseng sweet soaps mainly, include the known ginseng soap sweet Ro, Ra Ra h, Rb among them is divided into Rb1, Rb2, Rg is divided into Rg1, Rg2, Rg3, amounting to the sweet composition of 3 kinds of soaps, the sweet yuan of soap are two alcohol, ginseng and three alcohol, fruit folic acid of neat mound,etc.. There are more than ten kinds of to include volatile oil, for instance card alkene of the ginseng, ginseng alkyne alcohol, ¦Â - the fragrant alkene of the olive,etc.. The candies are monose, disaccharide, much candies,etc.. Still containing the amino acid, organic acid, it is plain to support the family, the mineral substance, such as the copper, iron, zinc, aluminium, manganese, cobalt, silicon, calcium

Chemical compositions of cow bezoar; Contain cholic acid, cholesterol, ergot firm alcohol, fatty acid, lecithin, bilirubin, support the family plain man, calcium, iron, copper,etc.. Produce Australia cow bezoar propose three kind carrotene material and third sour ammonia (Alanine) ,Sweet ammonia and acid (Glycine) ,Ox sulfonic acid (Taurine) ,Lucid asparagus ammonia and acid (Aspartic acid) ,Precise ammonia and acid (Arginine) ,Bright ammonia and acid (Leucine) And the egg ammonia is sour (Methioine) Wait for the amino acid material.

Chemical composition understand technology of the characteristic prove;
First, grind the equipment and reach the universe of 80 microns powder in your company? Percentage but nearly how much %?
Second, does your company require our company to plan to reach the universe of 50 microns powder while grinding the equipment? Percentage can up to 70~0%.
Third, grind 80 microns of equipment in your company, plan our company the universe wet powder person who grind, spiral transport at a high speed is it is it grind to get away to cutting, 250kg 8 400kg of 8 hours, spends the universe of 50 microns powder thinly.
Under fourth, 30HP host computer, 20HP atmospheric pressure pump 7kg, 10HP refrigerator - 5 degrees of C, 1HP oil pressure pump, 1HP air-blower, 0.5HP vibration motor, 1HP spiral send.

Fifth, it is explained that summarize the production technology;
1. Traditional Chinese medicine 500 of raw materials add 10% of the moisture contents mix evenly.
2. Frozen spiral is it is it keep traditional Chinese medicine material low-temperature - 5 degrees to press to transport.
3. Cut and roll and grind 35 degrees of temperature at a high speed, spend the universe of 50 microns powder to include wet 3% of the moisture contents detailedly.
4. The low-temperature spiral transports 0.3.7% of the the universe powder of dry vacuum of smoking.
5. Our company plans the wet powder grinding machine of the universe (yellow Die, glossy ganoderma, ginseng, cow bezoar) Chemical composition, chemical physics endures the rice and grinds technological special project planning and design.

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