V8 environmental protection B grade Purify within the family property

The greatest function disinfects Disinfect Deodorization Defend and resolve mouldly Oxidize and is harmful to objects Natural and pure Nonpoisonous Harmless Tasteless There is no corrosion Lasting Brute force Safe Clean Environmental protection Energy-conservation

First, persistent ailment of family property: The purification of the indoor air of the nanometer light catalyst, the application, feeling for some time, make everybody clear this whether one say very simple more and more, do difficult thing very well. Especially pass the Japan and Korea S. Taste fabulous propaganda, has guided the consumption interest especially. And people, after going through the bitterness of rebounding ( Harmful gas) ,Wide the light catalyst? Demote it, and the one that impeached is not worth a pin. In fact the light catalyst is good too, changing the mere catalysis of a signboard, it is still Japan and Korea S.'s technology that the market uses. To purify furniture of persistent ailment harmful substance it drives away to be really difficult.

Second, the persistent ailment takes shape: The source of the indoor harmful substance is mainly family property ( Include the wooden floor, wooden wall and is enclosed, decorates the panel etc. woodenly) ,And the harmful substances of family property all concentrate on the inside, this is the so-called pollution sources. A concrete one it says to be splint layers of binder and accord with formaldehyde of wooden floor harmful substance send out the poison gas constantly, endangering people's health seriously, especially old man and juvenile, is easy to be encroached on even more. How can be during shorter time, more thorough removing, examine the light catalyst? Dr.eye: Taste the key to quality.

Third Taste it to the ill: Have we said many times the nanometer light catalyst is divided Chemistry and field of physics two major, namely make and application. Because the special method while processing of nanometer light catalyst of V8, make it possess function of energy of depositting money, release magnetism, electricity, hot etc., oxidize the characteristic of the titanium inorganic mineral substance semiconductor two times more abundantly. V8 scientific and technological group develops the new-type solution of the persistent ailment within a kind of special administration furniture " V8 environmental protection B grade " again on the basis of one grade of light catalysts of environmental protection, it keeps physics moisture son characteristic, is formated by the inorganic mineral substance and pure water, nonpoisonous, harmless and having no peculiar smell of sense of smell. Gush out and brush and have within the furniture:

1, purify the function: Does V8 environmental protection B grade drive away the harmful substance department and utilize V 8 physics moisture son principles, make it merge with harmful substance together, is it resolve, oxidize formaldehyde, benzene harmful energy of poisonous substance to strengthen, inhabit standard wooden family property inside air cleaning to people.

2, defend the mould function: V8 environmental protection B grade can drive away the moist air within the family property effectively, plays a role in defending mouldly and poisonously, go mouldy;

3, deodorization function: V8 environmental protection B grade can fully distribute anions, the more thorough one transforms the air within the furniture, produce an effective role on removing peculiar smell;

4, disinfect and drive worms: V8 environmental protection B grade disinfect, disinfect function is can furniture clothes, woollen cloth, bed clothes that memory set free,etc. while getting above-mentioned material benefit article, suppress enjoying, drive away the harmful toadstool again, prevent depending on worm's ovum's erosion to the furniture for a living;

5, since the clean function: V8 environmental protection B grade is gushed out and brushed on the furniture inboard wall, since it acts on while cleaning such dirty materials as dusts,etc. clean, only need to do the cloth or the brush and wipe and sweep the purpose of reaching gently, can keep the fresh prescroption of the furniture, extend the wooden life-span, send out wooden fragrance.

6, the function that preserve value: V8 environmental protection B grade also has function of cleaning such articles as the clothes,etc. besides above-mentioned characteristics, keep articles on the space with the pure and fresh air, can make the extension of clothes color and luster, quality use prescroption, can drive away composition of harmful toing of clothes, make healthy health of wearing etc., the image is more honourable, the cost is cheaper. May be achieve many things at one stroke, V 8 environmental protection B grade physics moisture son application, is its efficiency any other It taste it is the unable in place replace.

Fourth, working technique: Spray V8 environmental protection B grade ( The best result applies paint the method with a brush) Floor, gush out and try one's best to be even while brushing in the wood furniture, should try one's best to be a bit thicker to gush out the coating at the time of spraying, the administration of the harmful substance in the generally normal wooden panel, need only spray once. If there is special inferior wooden panel, can take spraying law twice (once alone when use the method of applying paint with a brush can) .
Fifth, measure on the spot: V8 environmental protection B grade and VThe method of grade of 8 environmental protection is the same basically, close for five days after gushing out and brushing, open 15 days more and ventilate, in pace with homework, detection time for indoor air cleaning basically. Can begin to measure to close for 30 minutes before measuring.

Sixth, precautions: 1, V8 environmental protection should not be gushed out and pasted up the surface of the wooden family property in the furniture appearance paint or high-quality, naturally for the second; 2, please don't gush out and brush it on the cortex products surface; 3, the surface that the gauge board, glass, hard quality that please don't be gushed out and brushed in the automobile decorate the thing.