Is the beautiful source of V8 health raised Weight-reducing physics moisture son

The greatest function disinfects Disinfect Deodorization Defend mouldly Resolve Oxidize and is harmful to objects Natural and pure Nonpoisonous Harmless Tasteless There is no corrosion Lasting Brute force Safe Clean Environmental protection Energy-conservation

V8 talks about nanometer simply: The countries all over the world had already begun to study nanotechnology and analyze DNA project at the end of the 20th century, and develop DNA to duplicate movements at the beginning of 21st century, such as duplicating animals, even duplicating" people "; In the 21st century? Growing the so-called genetic engineering revolution, nanometer science and technology is the mankind intelligent crystallization. The appearing on the market of nanometer light catalyst, add the flashing important official again in the nanometer family. Future one nanometer it change existing material of with light catalyst science and technology,it will make like: Industry, agriculture, gene, national defence, electron, biochemistry, health, medical treatment; Even the renewal with overall clothing, food, shelter and transportation. The nanometer science and technology (nano -technology) Use one on to offer to the dinner in medical science.

" beautiful source of the health " of V8: V8 nanometer light catalyst physics moisture son take, range of application its extremely extensive, develop and annotate natural " V8 LiYuan Kang " solvent that plant make with it, there is extraordinary or quite outstanding efficiency even more. Dissolve juices in the beautiful source of V8 health dealt with by V8 nanometer science and technology, even the vibrations between hydrogen atoms and oxygen atom is lively in water, list the saturation gas gradually, releasing the dissolved matter, make water quality soften, abundant activation.

V8 health beautiful source change the sub structure of the moisture so as to the magnetization, catalysis mainly, make such necessary many kinds of trace elements of human body as the selenium, strontium, zinc, molybdenum, chromium, iron, Fluorine, tungsten,etc., transform? The energy source of nanometer, benefit the health even more. Share V8 Kang LiYuan that most advanced science and technology make into, mouthfeel sweet, drive oil except that oily, living pleasant good for spleen protect stomach, increase emulsification to be souring fungus, Leng Shi When being acid, hot Soda, will let you reduce weight and are raised , the skin is delicate, healthy and beautiful, the youth resides. Beginning now, take V8 LiYuan Kang morning and evening, can maintain skin of you, make it get plentiful ink permeated with moistly rapidly, in addition the ability to repel fat moisture content that V8 health care grade dehumidifies, can reach the skin beautifully and good for the result that the body reduces weighting.

V8 health beautiful source can releive ambition to be gloomy changing the physique and physiological function, have interface function, active water quality, very easy cell absorb human body, strong energy can promote cell's activation, promote metabolism and discharge the surplus material and pathogen in the body outside the body; Activation calcium ion, make water present soda, the acid physique of neutralization, keep heart, muscle shrink and neural sensitiveness normally, control penetrating of cell, reduce the pathogenic chance. The beautiful source of V8 health is solved the trace element ' the selenium ' released by the moisture and higher than the general water; ' selenium ' have oxidation of resisting, such multiple functions as it is sour to participate in the amine basing and energy supersession,etc.. When people drink, can promote the alcohol to disperse, it is still drank after a night to lower slowly, lighten the drunk agony obviously. Modern's general pressure is too big, lack sport, night life and prevail, not have enough sleep, the physique is easy to present acidly, including human to can is it need but dissociate amine to be base getting sour while being many kinds of by whom food offer to formate by oneself. Can adjust the physique, accelerate the internal supersession naturally in the beautiful source of V8 health, help the alimentary canal function, keeping the ecological balance, the blood sour alkali value of the stability, promote the saliva to secrete and maintain the health of oral cavity and tooth, can make smokers reduce nicotine danger, the throat discomfort person eats before sleeping, can discharge etc. the secretion in the morning of next day.

V8 efficiency is described: Nanometer light catalyst, divide mainly? Physics, chemistry two major field. V8 physics nanometer science and technology, utilize international monopoly nanometer grind machinery, appeal to high to involve discharging, heating way week, strengthen magnetic field react, is it two oxidize titanium little nanometer take, enter sub group of the moisture to force, form the moisture son, the sterilization, disinfecting, deodorizes, defends mouldly and resolving, oxidizing and is harmful to objects of the greatest function, hydrogen ion index? Neutral. V8 simple to have any additive, oxidize through two titanium semiconductor characteristic save above-mentioned energy, using physics of the course to react, stimulate V8 activation, in the low temperature, latent and dark (photophobic) Make and still dehumidify, disinfect, purify the efficiency, is suitable for the clothing, food, shelter and transportation, such a great deal of fields as the medicine, health care,etc., V8 science and technology occupy first place in the world.

V8 manufacture method: (sugar-cane juice adds one grade of solution of V8 health care)

Gather sugarcane wash epidermis to be clean, is it keep turbine is it is it produce the sugar-cane juice to take to break to pieces to utilize, strong to is it tear sugarcane cellulosic molecule to shreds to split, force round roll sugarcane to be wonderful to form the mud oar fibre, it allocate it is proper for water yield and it add V8 of,utility not necessary for (medical treatment, health care, food,etc. function amount of function allocated.

1.High fever trough barrel (cooks, melts, bursts familiarly) Cellulosic molecule, transform moisture sub group water implicit composition have many element natural function (ultra soda juice) Vacuum-packed Ling is hidden, drink for Ling and hot drink add the best health food most, (single molecule and body soda) .

2.Normal atmospheric temperature seal groove natural response produce oxygen make angry, ferment active body for lactic acid fungus(ultra acid cured juice) Heated the boiling water and transfered to the soda, fermented time (from one every month to two every months) It is steady one, the packaging is sealed and covered, fermented time elongates more precise pure health food.

3. Fermented time (from one every month to two every months) It settle Shen fibre and leaf reason plain, physique element not cured not natural,it is the meticulous to it is endure rice turn lotion quality not delicate make not can classifying to grind (food, the animal food not human, the organic and fat) Can make one, pink multiuse.

V8 precautions: The nanometer light catalyst of V8, is physics moisture son structure? Taste, we have already known the weight of the pure water is 0.7, it is 2.8 to oxidize the weight of the titanium two times. So moisture son take human body can use safely just only. Only the manufacture method of physics? The V8 light catalyst grown can just possess function. This like white spirit? Add and make and make out? Taste, all there are very great differences between its mouthfeel, quality, function and impact on human body.