V8 since clean to defog moisture of glass physics son take while being sun-proof

The greatest function disinfects Disinfect Deodorization Defend mouldly Resolve Oxidize and is harmful to objects Natural and pure Nonpoisonous Harmless Tasteless There is no corrosion Lasting Brute force Safe Clean Environmental protection Energy-conservation

Argumentation principle of the glass:

1.A great deal of of function of glass kind, in order to satisfy, customer's demand increases utility, it is not so thin as membrane to research and develop one, since clean, sun-proof, defog, the internal and external two sides react and rub the lotion with V8 nanometer catalyst physics.

2.So in weight hundred million research and develop group understand characteristic in depth to glass, glass real low density hole sew, smooth pieces of steam nature completely, perspect crystal quality, only swimming fungusing body can very easy to is it stick to surface to enclose of the air, must make the surface of the mirror of glass produce the spot flying dust of white point and is polluted and must be scrubed everyday, it is very difficult to keep clean bright.

3.If is it make glass to be since clean sun-proof defogging to want, internal and external two sides, must understand nature climate and sunlight shine, rain fog,etc. issue, so must surface paint black in glass, fill out detailed pore and have membrane can change static ion function from competent pharmaceutical aqueous vapor structure, changing aqueous vapor and flying dust type, (water pearl) It is clean, sun-proof and defogging to arrange the principle of falling etc. and can just reach, two sides not internal and external wait for function is so in weight hundred million research and develop group research and develop aqueous vapor meet diligently flying dust produce from. (this product glass wall and galvanized iron, aluminium of suitable building are thin, roast paint of automobile) Protect pharmaceutical and clean pharmaceutical since, the function is shone by climate, Japan, acid rain is worn and torn for a long time, the function fails and mends at any time strongly, deal with such problems as the project expenses,etc. before not needing.

Propose paying attention to: Can't make use of thin glue of chemical high polymer to deal with definitely, the glass is smooth one, because of sunshine person who shine factor, resin the glue is practised ing yellow and cracking slowly, very ugly and unable to deal with.

V8 efficiency is described: Nanometer light catalyst, divide mainly? Physics, chemistry two major field. V8 physics nanometer science and technology, utilize international monopoly nanometer grind machinery, appeal to high to involve discharging, heating way week, strengthen magnetic field react, is it two oxidize titanium little nanometer take, enter sub group of the moisture to force, form the moisture son, the sterilization, disinfecting, deodorizes, defends mouldly and resolving, oxidizing and is harmful to objects of the greatest function, hydrogen ion index? Neutral. V 8 is simple and additive-free, absorb in object maos of pore surface presenting spectrum current situationing is ventilative? Catch membrane, oxidize through two titanium semiconductor characteristic save above-mentioned energy, use physics of course react, stimulate V8 activation, make its powerful to adhere to the object, form the magnetism electric field and reflect but it is difficult to come off, in the low temperature, latent and dark (photophobic) Make and still dehumidify, disinfect, purify the efficiency, V8 science and technology occupy first place in the world.

V8 function is described: Glass, ask oneself since the generation because its bright, splendor, lucid and lively and warding off the wind, sheltering from the rain, blocking incidentals, sunshade, hide all, hide radiation, especially the development in science and technology makes it show more extensive using value. But fully popular with people too. Just as the fish and bear's paw can't hold concurrently and have, any kind? Tasting has some limitation, the glass is the same. Efficiency and application of the nanometer light catalyst physics moisture son of V8, will grow for the glass? , use and bring the new change effect and market selling point. The light catalyst at present? Taste some changes? Much, the efficiency is different, especially there is a very great difference even more in the application of physics and chemical light catalyst, it shows concretely as follows: 1, With V8 Physics nanometer light catalyst of representative, with the aforesaid sterilization totally strain poison, defend mould deodorizing, resolving, oxidizing functioning, function of harmful substance. It is nonpoisonous, harmless, tasteless and having corroding, pollution-free advantage because of its deposit energy, in the course of using, because moisture of department physics son its take, can apply to object any have the pieces of function? Grow, and can give play to great efficiency most, even in still function under being photophobic; 2, with Japan? Representatives' chemical nanometer light catalyst, while possessing a great deal of advantages, have a shortcoming that can't be ignored either, because one's own its does not possess energy, need to finish doing through other chemical composition?,And the chemical composition has certain poisonning materials, will have influence on the material, the membrane effect after especially spraying drily, will influence the sight of the glass. So, V8 nanometer light catalyst improves various kinds of glass products, know? It catch substitute a great deal of efficiency,can making industry income not abundant. This of the ancient bronze mirror, the doing of physics moisture son of V8? ,Can make glass is it restrain fungus, sun-proof, since clean, defog, except that energy of peculiar smell to increase. Especially V8 is nonpoisonous, harmless, does not have corroding, pollution-free characteristic, can apply wantonly to any glass products. For instance: Windscreeno of automobile, application of V8 can resist shining ultraviolet, all right except that fog of train, can restrain the fungus, strain maliciously, can also release anions and drive away such efficiency as the peculiar smell,etc. in the car; For another example: Glass curtain wall the following in magnificent rich and powerful appearance their, hide inconvenient on clear too (protect) The weak tendency paid attention to offends against good taste. V8 can bring totally since clean defogging, restraining fungusing, sun-proof, except that function of peculiar smell, when making it gray head dirt, can very fast to free from philistinism even beautiful if meet with water, undergo a radical change. Still like: Some special types, special type, glass of the use, can all combine the function, characteristic of V8, give full play to the effect.

V8 efficiency principle: Nanometer is 1/1 billion of one metre, 1/50000 of the thickness of a stick of hair that that is to say, the reason? He is young enough, the feasible material? Grow totally different characteristics, form a lot of special functions. The light catalyst is the mere catalyst, he is composed of all + intermediaries, an intermediary in the light catalyst oxidizes the titanium (Tio2) two times A kind of inorganic mineral substance. Should guarantee these particles have suitable atoms to arrange first, namely succeed? Crystal structure of " sharp titanium ore ". Very difficult to make these kind of permutation among small ion extremely in the past, this kind of permutation could strengthen the catalysis of the ion. Son effort of physics moisture of the light catalyst of V8, will release the electron in the crystal, the electron will react with the oxygen in the air. Can in this way? Growing the free radical oxygen, this is a kind of powerful oxidant, can resolve dirt into smaller particles, such as carbon dioxide and water. V8 physics moisture son nature, can totally melt with the harmful substance? An organic whole, and its oxidizes ability superstrongly, can destroy bacterium's membrane, solidify the virus and protein, suppress germ's activation, catches, kills the human bacterium, dehumidification ( Defend the fog) Defend mouldly, resolve, oxidize and is harmful to objects, have such specially good effect as natural pure, lasting brute force, security cleaning, environmental protection energy-conservation,etc., apply to glass outstanding at the products, (different from the chemical light catalyst) especially in have effects too under being photophobic especially .

V8 manufacturing engineering: The light catalyst milk medicinal extract of V8 The application that is tasted, after the glass products are completed, increase lines of process, already in clean glass products surface, daubing a thin layer V8 milk lotion like for instance, the automobile waxes, scribble and make the glass surface with the waxing machine thereafter, make V8 lotion totally enter its mao pore, form the aspect. Bake and succeed until 10 minutes through 100 degrees of warm cases thereafterPermanent dyke fog, restrain the fungus, deodorizes, defends mouldly and resisting the ultraviolet ray, resolving, oxidizing the harmful thing, appearance is bright, the efficiency is outstanding new-type Taste. Because its surface has no membrane, ventilative, so can lengthen the service life of the glass even more.

V8 precautions: The nanometer light catalyst of V8, is physics moisture son structure? Taste, we have already known the weight of the pure water is 0.7, it is 2.8 to oxidize the weight of the titanium two times. So moisture son take human body can use safely just only. The V8 nanometer light catalyst only made of the physics method, can possess and deposit money and release above-mentioned functions, energy on function. This is like a plastic ruler, its is unable to suck the paper, the static rubed reacts, can absorb the paper.