The timber formaldehyde removes the pharmaceutical

Pray for and ask Mr. Lu to develop the timber formaldehyde and remove the pharmaceutical
Seek every large domestic chemical industry all over. Can't find relevant articles that the timber formaldehyde purified. And the timber mounts the formaldehyde ease produced and breaks up. Is it fit up new room IAQ. ask Mr. Lu is it is it permeate neutralization get together timber formaldehyde of function purify liquid benefit compatriots to have to develop to influence seriously
Yuan is towering truly yours the Jin Dynasty
Mr. Yuan towering Shanxi;
1. In weight hundred million Buddhist nun swimming skill wrap the coating color of the lotion, Tio2 titanium white powder 45% content, grind detailed degrees of 15u, add the calcium carbonate, include inside (the nanometer light catalyst) ,Can solve wall cancer, question such as being moist, antibiotic, waterproof and defending the salt, resolving the poison gas Inside and outside Sichuan Province, room, resist ultraviolet ray, environmental protection coating examine joint call the standard. And is decorated the security of repairing by Liaoning Province? Taste and reward a card to the exclusive factory. Omni-directional technology? Taste the function.
2. You had better in paint cement wall in the past spray V8 nanometer mere horn catalyst solution can keep concrete to be wall dry first, antibiotic, waterproof and defending the salt, resolving the poison gas。
3.Deal with and decorate the material to the direct injury environmental protection of the human body: It is strong in the room to decorate newly, poison the gas, for instance; Formaldehyde, benzene, amine, urea, chlorine, heat 30 in indoor air acid aqueous vapor? c sodium copper cyanide C but shape chemical reaction complicated chlorine copper slight crystalline solid, sodium copper cyanide of sodium, is it change with temperature to impel? It is poisonous to grow. (CN),5mg/m? Tolerance in the air (CN) ,5mg/m? Include human respiratory track 37 body temperature inside? The response? Grow, swell and ache, feel out of sorts at brain dusk, spits, the throat Grow. V8 Tio2 Must utilize the nanometer mere angle catalyst solution moisture son of V8 Tio2. Taste and solve.
The formaldehyde ease breaks up. Influence the new room of equipment seriously;
1.Three-ply board viscose (urea resin) It imprison function of (good fortune Malin and timber antiseptic too)
Wet hectic fever release poisonous gas (fine open 12 o'clock at evening such as heaven generally) ?
2.(the outer wall is unable to be hot and ventilative on the building wall, the fine male genital's cement wall on day and separating a wall, the heat absorption in the daytime, clear up in the hot laboratory cave of the scattered wet tide in the evening, . The empty timber mounts and dispels the heat to release and poison the gas in the three-ply board, for instance; Formaldehyde, benzene, amine, urea, chlorine, heat 30 in indoor air acid aqueous vapor? c But the complicated chlorine copper sodium of chemical reaction of shape of c.
3.First, treatment technology; The outer wall tries one's best to utilize waterproof ventilative surface material, it can be fine and open it shines, the cement wall and separating a wall, will to drain off water angry, cement wall is it release wet hectic fever to reduce, force three-ply board viscose release poisonous gas formaldehyde evening.
Second, treatment technology; The cement wall and timber are empty when mounted, if can ventilate and exhaust, can reduce and release forcing the three-ply board viscose to release the poisonous gas formaldehyde of wet hectic fever.
Third, treatment technology; Three-ply board internal and external intermediate layer spray V8 Tio2 nanometer mere horn catalyst solution moisture, except that damp and hot and oxidizing angry Lou of formaldehyde, therefore the cement wall and timber are empty when mounted, reduce and release the wet hectic fever, and does not have moist hot chemical reaction (urea resin) Formaldehyde, release ......., etc..

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