An organic whole of Nietzsche's waterproof surface color of the building and worker's construction law

1. Nietzsche's serial products?
a. Mix the lotion; Suitable function; Mix the concrete; Acidproof soda, resisting to press, resisting curved, antibiotic and defending splits, protects wetly, antichemically and pressing, increasing the intensity, ring water-retaining property products waterprooflying.

b. Wrap the lotion; Suitable function; Wrap the lotion and replace the coating field and create and shares profits, grinds meticulous each with 40% of the titanium white powder, rich person who hide pose as, is it add so calcium carbonate have difficult labour wall cancer person who come off question to have definitely quite, with 68% of the firm composition lotion form body swimming skill products (Acidproof soda, resisting to press, resisting curved, antibiotic and defending splits, protects wetlying, antichemical waterproof to pigeonhole, increase the intensity, ring water-retaining property product) .

1. Can mix concrete dye, mud mend ditch sew if magnetism brick, compartment board sew, marble is it mix colors Zhyuan to sew.

2. Can mix water 2 water stir even to change coating, can gush out, brush, is it scribble suitable iron, wood to roll, cement wall waterproof to reduce freight charges. The water soluble coating of environmental protection resists the ultraviolet ray.

3. Can wrap and cover the wall color of internal and external cement directly with the trowel. Wet internal and external walls of the universe.

4. Can concrete the universe, with wrap lotion mix with 0.5 water even to is it splash cement surface utilize nylon sweep to set aside, wrap lotion color sweep even to dye depth 2mm hide color blow board, powder plain noodles and have a facelift the three-dimensional shaping with trowel, whole flat machine, stuff, the wall and pavement substitute the natural model of brick stone.

5. The internal and external brick wall is full of bumps and holes, can is it mix lotion water-retaining property can urge thickness degree dry and average to cooperate, collect water sew direct powder mere smooth wall, is it is it wrap lotion color and worker wonderful to cover to wrap direct every other day, finish surface color and shut the cement at the same time drily, does not come off and able to bear the province labor and materials of the soda waterproofly. Dr.eye: The water-retaining property color of the ring resists the ultraviolet ray.

c. Permeate and protect the pharmaceutical; Suitable function; Have surface membrane original bad smell timber, stone material, thin paper, ancient tablet protect the pharmaceutical naturally, the function is waterproof, resists to split, resists sourly and able to bear the soda, antibiotic, ventilative and draining off water, resisting the ultraviolet raying.

The above is sketching the works and scope of application and consulting the suggestion of pointing out of Nietzsche's serial products.
The following is to mix the lotion and cooperate and wrap the lotion to use the worker law and calculation way cost.
1.Wet type construction law of waterproof color of internal and external wall (A type and B type)

A type worker law
1 Make Nietzsche waterproof to mix lotion is it is it is it make thick cement mortar of bottom mix evenly to construct soon to enter to add.

2.Is it cover 10mm wipe off surface get up opposite angle carry on thick bottom surface detailed powder light exactly probably on internal and external wall concave and convex face whole flat thickness to wrap directly.

3.Wrap with Nietzsche lotion is it cover color with wall meanwhile dry cement to wrap directly and then in thick ins and outs powder plain noodles aridity about 80% hardness.

B type worker law: At the thick bottom after waterproof layer is finished, criticize the lotion and depend on the ratio by weight with the cement mortar + Nietzsche's color of 1:3 (15:1)Way add and mix even to carry on internal and external whole powder light of wall, is it make thickness invite 3mm to construct. The above-mentioned A type worker laws and B type worker laws can choose a cooperation wantonly to construct live.

Is it make surface degree meticulous to can cover detailed to wrap again while being smooth to want, color wrap lotion is it cover one or two to wrap and then, finish grind the polishing so as to the fine sand paper after being dry.

Nietzsche waterproof to mix to add proportion department by ratio by weight their calculation way lotion, the following proportion is suitable for consulting:
A 1:3 cement mortar () 50: Nietzsche mixes the lotion waterproofly ( )1 (50:1)

B 1:3 cement mortar () 100: Nietzsche mixes the lotion waterproofly ( )1 (100:1) Nietzsche mixes the calculation that the lotion adds the proportion waterproofly

If less than outer wall thick bottom is it make 1.2CM waterproof layer and with mix adding amount of the lotion 50:1 calculate to construct, it is each square meter to add the amount of lotion mixed 0.52 / Whether regard mixing the adding amount of the lotion as 100:1 should add amount of lotion mixed every 0.26 / his computing method as follows. Regard total weight on average of cement of 1 stere as 2183kg thick bottom is it make thickness suppose mix for 12mm lotion add proportion as 50:1 2183kg/50 to construct =43.66kg 1) Thick bottom is it leave 12mm on thickness 1 cement mortar can construct area of acting as as 1m *1m *1m/0.012m= 83.33 only to construct