The universe forming but born and evolve ten thousand theories

The universe forming but born and evolve ten thousand theories Lu spreads again 2008/9/23
The forming of the universe passes on and evolves the theory concept: The human understanding of universe is traced back to and criticized of a text and passed the theory of evolving on by philosopher, religious home, the scientist's history, it is and the unable confirm there aren't universe,tell by fairy intelligently in terms of intelligence persuade theory not convinced of others displaying? The forming of the universe is that the natural response of physical chemistry evolves the concept: Avoid between mankind and universe concept think exist, therefore can philosopher, religion house, the scientist's history trace back to and criticize of a text and pass the theory of evolving on in history first, misleading. (the forming of the universe is evolved by the natural response of physical chemistry) Dwindle with science forming experiment of the universe prove the result of talking about? The ball glass is left in the room emptily, universe form attitude angry field for instance, ball glass from if negative and electromagnetic, ball empty from glass to space, small ball hollow positive to generate heat body while being electromagnetic, the earth is it lead round rotation week speed for less than week to roll for instance. Small ball positive electromagnetic high fever luminous body hollow, is it it leads to be round to shine the earth like the earth, attitude of the sun, from luminous body in week to roll, the body of positive electromagnetic low-heat of nine major celestial bodies, such as the sun. Between the sun and week round is it lead the moon celestial body positive magnetism low mere body to roll, round rotation week speed in the center the earth. Every celestial body of the same principle exhausts in the round distance of week of field. Construct the forming of the universe as before. The same principle negative and electromagnetic if all kinds of comet bring muddy water periphery round to suck the earth, in the center of circumference, collide, the number of times does not promise the evolution for hundreds of millions of years, the earth charters and covers the earth's crust of puffiness, the sea, mountain, Sichuan, ground, it is hot to form cloud for aqueous vapor to meet, is it overlay the sun shine high temperature to hinder (form natural response of physical chemistry evolve, produce everything evolve animals and plants by low gene evolution high gene type by bacterium gene) Because the number of times does not promise the evolution for hundreds of millions of years, come on different comet bringing muddy water biological fungus gene element to collide so as to the earth, heat gene protruding to is it evolve to become (form the earth now The species) .
First, philosophy and forming of the universe of religious family? The human understanding of universe is leaving a question open in each kind of religious history, is it is it is it store in to say generation to create to have basically. That is to say that regards universe origin as the mankind? One science proposition before studying, create the mythology to begin to pay close attention to the fact these question generation. The earliest mythology generation of wound appears in culture to ancient Sumerians in the Yellow Basin and the Yangtze River, in " Enuma Elish " (I-VI) China refers to the chapter that the world created the course. " the Holy Bible " create generation about God, the flood goes out generation, such fairy tales as Noah's Ark,etc., is it undoubtedly with the ancient Sumerian's mythology? Original. There is Pan Gu to separate heaven and earth since the beginning of history too in ancient times in our country, Nukua mends the mythology of it, do the ancient people of our country recognize? There is no world in time immemorial, it is angry to only roll among the universe, it is vast and hazy, muddy and muddy and ignorant and ignorant, everyone see ins and outs of it clearly, before one year, have persons of Pan Gu separate heaven and earth since the beginning of history, just have the sun and the moon and the stars and the earth. Have " line big originally out of heaven until Han Dynasty, it does not change, one is not also turned into " saying ". There is no clear wound generation mythology in ancient Egyptian culture, ancient Egyptians do not sincerely believe in soul, recognize? Person who die go " the west Lu wild ", can recover behind death, so they make great efforts to make the dead's remain into " the mummy "Afterwards, beginning some philosophers will put forward different views to the forming of the universe. In ancient times, it was the philosopher that solved the universe and formed the problem, but not the scientist. They explain with views of philosophy the universe take shape, essentially the right and wrong is scientific. However, among them materialism philosophers have simple dialectics thought, so though the right and wrong is scientific for their explanation, still there is rational composition.
Second, main view of the great explosion theory? Recognize? Universe of us have one from hot to the cold evolution history once. During this period, the universe system is combined
It is not static, expand constantly, make density of material from dense to evolving rarely. This is from heat to cold,
Like huge outburst from dense to the rare course. According to the view of great explosion cosmology, great explosion
The whole course is: One that is in universe in early days, temperature very much high, in the above-mentioned 10 billion degrees. The material is quite large too in density,
The whole universe system reaches the balance. There are only such some bases as neutron, proton, electron, photon and neutrino,etc. among the universe
Material of this particle shape. But the reason? The whole system is expanding constantly, temperature dropped quickly finally. Look on as temperature
While dropping to about 1 billion degrees, the neutron begins to lose the condition that freedom exists, does it want? Decay, take? With
The proton is combined into such elements as the heavy hydrogen, helium,etc. ; The chemical element has taken shape since this period.