Scientific and technological service mankind of nanometer

Function & Characteristic ------

1, V8 boil food can reduce bitter bad smell of salt, raise the natural delicious food of food; Fibre Peng loose, fresh Q have sweet juice have bad smell, promote intestines and stomach person who digest result of the function machine.

2, V8 is it boil coffee, is it sip tea to make tea to wash, can dispel bitterness, is it boil glue bad smell, promote the mouthfeel to bake; Can reduce candy noisy, adding fragtant sweet taste, include mouth have angry sweet cool senses.

3rd, V8 is put in the thermos or the drinking machine water trough, can dispel my chlorine in water; Make diet to be water pure and safe furthermore, is it burst moisture sub group water mineral substance is it oxidize for low member ink chain key to resolve to cook.

4th, V8 soak fruit vegetables for 15 minutes, can dispel the most residues of pesticides, soaking the seafood can get rid of the offensive smell; Question of preventing the positive fungus from depending on for a living etc., Dr.eye: there is sweet bad smell of juice tenderly to cook and burst more effectively even more very thin.

5th, V8 can increase Q degree to cook, increase and keep fresh time, get rid of the noxious substance in a pot of rice; Peng even more loose grain of rice fragrant Q hall powder increase difficult to turn yellow cooking time charge short, person who improves water, person who increases volume, easy to digest but avoid bloated stomach issue in vain.

6, drug effect that V8 stew medicines and can improve 30%; Burst traditional Chinese medicine the universe withered fibre Peng loose, force appear effective medicine one effectively even more, can increase the fresh sweet bad smell of medicine.

7, V8 can shorten time at the fried food, save edible oil and coal gas, make the fried food crisp and delightful, avoid the hot and dry sense after eating; Peng crisp Shu's sense is fragrant and delightful, not the oil stolen goods.

8th, does V8 reduce the edible oil because of the high temperature? Catch is it oxidize material to pass, is it endanger housewife lead to the fact the lung cancer to reduce.

It pass it is the per second /a hundred million or more times altogether frequently, resonance function? Grow strong energy, with human body keep in touch directly, make cell's activation function 1, The muscle invigorates blood circulation; 2nd, activate cells; 3rd, the qi and blood is unobstructed; 4th, raise? Cosmetology; 5th, present the cause of disease; , 6, sore spot scattering; 7th, reduce the fat and mould the body; 8, health care; 9th, dispel the mark of the line; 10, calm Shen sleep.

Whether human cause of disease is with is it is it limited by factor such as being the following to originate from to wear out. Cell death mechanism (call ' the cell commits suicide ') It is a kind of natural course, many cell's animals begin from one is fertilized egg cell, but produce various kinds of histoorgans through splitting up constantly, even after developing into the ripe individual, cell is it go on still to split up, according to estimation, human body have ten trillion cell new student every day, at the same time herein, there must be cell death of the quantity too, could maintain the balance of the internal cell's quantity.

Use g method --

1, through Hi-Tech (228 elements endure the rice) It is healthy, beautiful to reach; 2, make use of time of taking a shower, blow fat surplus part by board with health, massage mould body, convenient effective; 3rd, use the health board to shave the body, muscle, muscles and bones at any time, it is high-efficient to reach energy. 4th, can hand-carry, there is strong heart that protects the dirty function; 5th, the sleep wear, have calm functions.

Function & Characteristic --Wear and protect the five internal organs in the left wrist ( The liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney) ,The right hand protects the joint, four limbs muscles and bones. 1, gain the angry blood circulation. 2, promote metabolism. 3, activate the physiological function 4, activate cell's organization5, propose spirit and ache. 6, take and wear and avoid evil spirits with oneself. 7, prevent the radiation and magnetism and wave of the computer, electric apparatus, it is a protection cover which protects the human body.

Function 1st, pass the magnetism wave ore ( 228 elements) Chest cushion resonance, act on frequently altogether, reach massage around the breast, make breast cell's activating, the mammary gland is unblocked then make the breast plump, stands upright, flexible.

2, endure rice take magnetite frequently, resonance principle and function that permeate altogether, will make milk faint (head) Impurity deep ( Black) The pigment is desalinized gradually.

3, because resonance, function frequently altogether, massage breast, can make blood to be fast and unblocked, make the mammary gland difficult? Grow and block, can improve and prevent mastitis, mammary gland disease, the hard tumours of breast wait for then reach and prevent the probability of the breast cancer from dropping.

Characteristic ------
1st, pass Hi-Tech ( Endure the rice) It is healthy, beautiful to reach.
2nd, the design is close, not afraid of pushing, striking, be out of shape, use the 3rd, do not have an injection, have an operation, take medicine 3. 4th, suitable for various kinds of underwear, enable extending beautifully and healthily.
5, of fine quality, the shelf is high, no matter internal and external, benefit from.
6, safety assurance, are undoubtedly measures by every unit.
Whether water one hundred king of medicine kind water sociable. Dr.eye: Endure rice energy source is it originally can endure rice water to call also, this one application quite novel moisture sub treatment method, it is first metre 9 powers of losses are 1/1 billion metres to be getting so-called, come briefly to say, the diameter of a stick of hair, in other words 1,000 endure rice, that is to say, cut one head thickness of 1,000? One endures rice.

And endure water that rice science and technology has been dealt with, namely make hydrogen atoms and vibrations between the oxygen atoms in water lively, list the saturation gas gradually, release the dissolved matter, make water quality soften, the activation stands up. Endure rice can water change the sub structure of the moisture so as to the magnetization, catalysis mainly originally, endure rice can water change the sub structure of the moisture so as to the magnetization, catalysis mainly originally, endure rice can water change the sub structure of the moisture so as to the magnetization, catalysis mainly originally, , such necessary many kinds of trace elements of human body as the selenium, strontium, zinc, molybdenum, chromium, iron, Fluorine, tungsten,etc., transform? Endure the rice energy source, benefit the health even more. Energy running water, permeate the skin base ground floor rapidly, accelerate cell's activating and absorbing and raising one, grow and happen the new vigor cell and reach the upper strata supplementarily, eliminate the cuticle changing the skin and wearing out, and then get the result of beautiful skin by enduring the rice pearl powder, offer the new vigor energy of skin to let the skin of your face protect and wet the function in the twinkling of an eye, and make the skin keep causing closely and elasticity, water tender and transparent feeling appears. Do you know? Makes the skin as white touched with red as pearl, it is no longer a kind of mythology. Live and endure the rice energy source in ' health ' contain such many kinds of trace elements as the calcium, strontium, selenium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, cobalt, iron, copper, nitrogen lithium,etc.; So ' health endure rice energy source while being living ' can releive ambition to be gloomy adjusting physique and physiology machine little strength, permeate strength strong and have interface function, active water, very easy cell absorb human body, strong energy can promote cell's activation, promote metabolism and discharge the surplus material and pathogen in the body outside the body; Activation calcium ion, make water present soda, the acid physique of neutralization, keep heart, muscle shrink and neural sensitiveness normally, control penetrating of cell, promote metabolism, reduce the pathogenic chance. It endure rice energy solve by moisture trace element ' selenium ' that material appear this high power on general ink; [Selenium ], have oxidation of resisting, participate in amine base sour and energy supersession,etc. multiple functions. In addition, to scalding, the knife wound is washed and steeped rapidly, can prevent the wound change. When drinking, can promote the alcohol to disperse, it is still drank after a night to lower slowly, lighten the drunk agony obviously. Modern's general pressure is too big, lack sport, night life prevail, not have enough sleep, the physique is easy to present acidly.

Vinegar is it endure rice energy source is it endure rice energy water with endure high purity natural acetic acid that rice take combine to adopt to good for, endure high purity natural vinegar that rice take contain abundant 18 dissociate amine to be base sour among them, including human to can is it is it dissociate amine to be base sour by 8 that food offer to need to formate by oneself, can natural vinegar contain abundant 18 dissociate amine to be base sour, including human to can is it is it dissociate amine to be base sour by 8 that food offer to need to formate by oneself, adjust the physique, change naturally, OK? Grow ferments and accelerate internal metabolism, help alimentary canal machine can turn bacterium clump ecological balance, blood sour alkali value into, promote saliva is it maintain oral cavity and health of tooth to secrete obviously, make smoker reduce nicotine danger, throat discomfort person use discharging etc. the secretion in the morning before sleeping on. It is a kind of tolerance unit, and a translated name of English nanometer to endure the rice, is abbreviated as NANO, the meaning of the original text of Latin is " short and small ".A " enduring the rice " = If 1/1 billion metres compare with the practice, endure the rice to invite? 1/50,000 of the hair diameter.

Endure rice science and technology - Is it endure rice science and technology claim mankind endure rice science small atom, whom knowledge which member analyzes call jointly to mean, and endure rice technology and use a kind of atom, molecule promptly? The technology that the unit creates the material calls it. At the end of the 20th century, the mankind set about researching and developing and enduring rice science and technology to use in life in various kinds of practical ones promptly from 1990, begin by the 21st century, there are apparent effects, especially enduring rice science and technology will really bring since the dawn of human civilization after the most surprised the whole world of shock will enter 1990 times, endure rice science and technology paying close attention to the fact global, a lot of country invest hard iron money development endure rice technology successively, especially did U.S.A. arrange enduring rice science and technology since 1991? ' national key technology ', the investment in 2001 of total has already been up to 497 million dollars, even do a pair of various countries endure rice technology to look at in U.S.A.? Pay the utmost attention to the cooperative things of national strategy.

Germany, Japan, Britain, France and China already endure rice research arrange? Development field of the national focal point; Does Japan implement since 1995? One years, cost enduring the rice technical research plan of 225 million U.S. dollars; It is developed especially that Germany put forward in 1993 in the following ten years - the key technology of nine fields, among them four fields have involved enduring rice technology; Had Australia already arranged enduring rice technology in 1993?: Special project had priority to develop most in the 20th century. The Taiwanese government claimed to invest budget of 19,200 million Taiwan dollars to study and endure rice science and technology publicly in 2001, added to 2002 to 30 billion Taiwan dollars, and the worker ground a computer electricity which endured the rice structure in the courtyard, arrange? Important developing direction; In fact the enterprise group of Taiwan spent a large sum of fund input enduring the studying and developing of rice science and technology as far back as 1992, were the ones that estimated and nearly invested more than one hundred billion Taiwan dollars to research and develop and endure rice science and technology so far new? 品。 Taste. And point out in a research paper of European Union, will the development which endure rice technology succeed in 10 years? The second major manufacturing industry in the world. The countries all over the world had already begun to study and endure rice technology to analyze DNA project at the end of the 20th century, and develop DNA to duplicate movements at the beginning of 21st century, for instance: Duplicate animals, even duplicate " people "; In the 21st century? Catch so-called genetic engineering revolution, endure rice science and technology mankind intelligent crystallization, endure rice science and technology future? The thing will change relevant materials industry, agriculture, gene, national defence, electron, biochemistry, health, medical treatment; Even the renewal with overall clothing, food, shelter and transportation. The whole world after entering 1990 times, endure rice science and technology paying close attention to the fact global, a lot of country invest hard iron money development endure rice technology successively, especially did U.S.A. arrange enduring rice science and technology since 1991? ' national key technology ', the investment in 2001 of total has already been up to 497 million dollars, even do a pair of various countries endure rice technology to look at in U.S.A.? Pay the utmost attention to the cooperative things of national strategy. It is to endure the rice science and technology (nano-technology) to jointly narrow the army It is the bold scene of wishing too to use one on to offer to the dinner in medical science. A group of Hi-Tech submarines that doctor and they who are fearless took in the film, shortening into the miniature size through mysterious way, the blood sent to an injured patient sails while enclosing, in order to remove and threaten the clot in the brain of patient's life. Over the last 36 years, make the efforts of the complicated apparatus on smaller and smaller yardstick, has had progress by a wide margin already, let many people believe similar film this similar to film this medical science get involved method feasible too; How long does it use, miniature robot might cruise among everybody's blood vessel.

IBM three scientist declaration, already successful to produce in order to endure rice carbon is it make to in charge of they have? Switch of since the small electricity in the circuit, in the face of small and strong future computer, the scientific and technological circle has really stepped a great step again.

To endure rice submarine inject into into blood, back and forth touring to find out ill cell and is it destroy to urge it several 1/1 billion. Endure rice robot can is it walk every of body destroy virus, cancer cell, remove free radical impurity, toxin, fat,etc. to visit, it makes the human body resume being young to repair cells.

Releasing the medicine and nutrient in the human body rightly in good time, can detect and examine the changes of chemistry and biochemical composition in the human body in early days, the diagnosis of the innovative disease and treatment method.
Books for a 10 billion years, exist one person who store, cube sugar of size, can finish calculator spend calculation that punish for less than centuries at present within several ten minutes. Rare day by day in resources on the earth, environment when worsenning day by day, a lot of people is it is it endure rice science and technology small to take, characteristic, province of energy reduce the offal that the mankind made by a wide margin to hope to send even more, reduce environmental load; So, human medical science will enter and endure rice physical-fitness medicine era in the 21st century, expect to endure the application of rice technology, can promote human continuing development forever.

It is 1/1 billion of one metre to endure the rice, 1/50,000 of the thickness of a stick of hair that that is to say. The reason? It is small enough, the feasible material? Grow totally different characteristics, form a lot of special functions. Lotus leaf effect of most famous example ( Lotus effect) ,Lotus leaf can produce silt without dyeing, drop of water can scattered reason whether lotus leaf surface have a natural one small to endure rice magnitudes of particle, let mud, particle easy to is it enclose surface to dip in water. Endure the ultra small characteristic that rice science and technology use, imitate if Journey to the West Sun Wukong dwindles and handles affairs ever successfully (in fact, it will be like the film " navigate surprised and big and strange " to endure rice biotechnology ( Inner Space) The same, let the small machine be measured and treated in the human body.

Endure rice to be technology most surprising, can already move atoms directly technically through to the manipulation of the extremely very small size of material. Lie in the terrible place of this layer of technology: If you can handle the atom which make up the material at will, can change, create materials wantonly. In other words, when the mankind totally masters and endures rice technology, like find turn a crude essay into a literary gem ' fairy maiden wonderful '.

For example, the characteristic of the silicon is fragile, but it but can be crooked to endure the silicon of grade of rice, the computer can even roll and take away in the future; The gold is the inertia metal, but difficult change, it is but the excellent active pharmaceutical of the gas mask to endure the gold that rice technology is made into. To traditional material, endure rice technology like ' gourmet powder ', is it endure rice technology can let material material is it propose bad smell awake brand-new result to have to add, open? Very huge application space. The worker grinds institute's vice-president and concurrently endures scientific and technological director of research and development centre Yang RiChang of rice to point out, ' endure new characteristic, rice of material, will let tradition? The family property presents the subverting change.
The countries all over the world invest and endure rice science and technology, sound as the mythology but appear one by one. Germany is it endure rice toothpaste to research and develop, utilize very small viscose breathe heavily the material; U.S.A. develop intelligence dust, spy of function, dust endure rice it it it may collect message to equip to examine to detect; To endure rice glass take get the sun, endure rice particle is it can wash window to be dirty and dirty automatically to oxidize Japan; S. Korea is it is it endure rice carbon in charge of display, screen thickness less than first centimeter to offer to develop. The national scientific and technological committee of U.S.A. estimates the following 10 to 15 years, endure rice technology in the whole world? The family property? There will be one trillion dollar every year in value, it accounts for 340 billion U.S. dollars to endure the rice material, it accounts for 300 billion dollars to endure the rice electron.

Domestic respect, endure the national plan of science and technology of rice and estimate that relevant in 2008? Value will be up to 300 billion yuan, among them the chemical industry of the people's livelihood accounts for 1200 to 150 billion yuan, electronic information is 800 to 120 billion yuan, it is estimated to put into studying and use the producer to exceed 800, endure the rice by 2012 and is correlated with? The family property? Value will be up to 1 trillion Taiwan dollar, association of dealers of the factory increases to 1500.

Will the present global semiconductor industry enter one grade of quantity of enduring rice from micron soon? Make Cheng, endure metric system operation that chip have Cheng fast (exceed Pentium4 speed hundredfold more than) , the area is smaller (invite? There is half which make one for 0.13 microns now) . (month of every 18 pieces, last every one performance for Moles of law of name) Limited to at present the physical property of the silicon is unable to continue improving performance. If let one Mole of laws be still effective, must is it endure rice technological break-through lie in Hsinchu pay country department, senior colonel of district know country endure rice to be component laboratory day and night brilliantly illuminated to go on research to utilize in the future, just implement this purpose. ' must develop to endure the rice, there are few resources of Taiwan, but the head is our very big resources, ' the country endures rice component experiment chief of the office Shi Min and says. Some researcher that not so busy as dust room comes from every rich master of university institute student, utilize brilliant round of 6 inches to be raw actually? The equipment practises testing, joint study. Combine the academic peak and study and set up the future? The development foundations of 3 to 5 years of family property, technology has already been up to 50 and endure the rice level at present. Construction 700 level ground units at various levels have old factory, dust of room apply using yet, the new experiment building is started building again in July of this year, base 4100 level ground, have dust room to amount to 880 level ground.

12 factories of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. cooperate 12 inches in the brilliant and round new factory, some light projects are going on in the factory, the researcher, visitor, worker interlock and get about, the factory is very lively. Researcher of nearly 400 invest 90 endure relevant procedure, metric system of Cheng already while being half of, 0.13 microns (130 endure the rice) Make Cheng improve good rate continuously also, 90 endure metric system Cheng go on quickly again. It it wants ' hand to be the light, not colored and audio-visual, can surf the Net, PDAed? Meet these demands,must endure 90 there aren't high-order chip of rice. Make technology Cheng on sale throughout place to be division chief luxuriant to endure rice electronic technology Hi-Tech? The vitamin of the family property, it is a traditional material that endure the rice material, make? Is it the Hi-Tech that the strong heart needle of the family property point and endure the electronic technology of rice while helping? The vitamin of the family property, it is a traditional material that endure the rice material, make? The needle of strong heart of the family property appears. If it is the Hi-Tech to endure the electronic technology of rice? The vitamin of the family property, it is a traditional material that endure the rice material, make? Strong heart needle material, whole material of family property, from so shallow that use infinite deeply. Comparatively speaking, endure the rice to the tradition? Is the family property influenced and be far greater than Hi-Tech? Family property. To the tradition? The family property is influenced and come from the change of the material characteristic of raw materials, the ceramic surface endures the rice and is dealt with and can be defended corruptly and antibiotically, it can be heat-resisting that nylon adds and endures the rice particle, paper dress material endure rice lotion can set aside water set aside oil, metal endure rice material can intensity raise, glass endure rice catalyst may be automatic and clean on mixing, the ones that change big, the amount of quantity, use are wide and very surprising. My one of Yongfeng can endure the technological coating of rice to use in the container made of paper waterproofly, oil -proofly, endure the rice container to use, and this layer of coating can be resolved naturally, accord with environmental protection. Can be regarded as the plastics and tested the technological paper container of the waterproof cloth in long Xinghua engineering research institute laboratory, the clothes cloth enduring rice technology on daubing, not only not wet to put under the faucet and wash by water, even drop of water is not dipped in.

Enduring the appearance of the rice material, its is so different as to just caused with the traditional material characteristic the material circle pay close attention to, for example it is 12 times higher than the general steel material to endure the rice carbon and is in charge of resisting the ability to rupture, lotus flower superficial to endure rice structure make mud to be unable to is it enclose to dip in, gold particle size point drop, endure 2, rice of size not to oxidize the titanium by a wide margin when 5 endures the rice (TiO?2)Electric conductivity last two of size it oxidize because there aren't titanium, resistance last negative value, endured there aren't rice the copper materials even coefficient of temperature.

Endure making, rice of material concentrate on particle endure rice take, is it endure rice crystal, endure rice crystal,etc. Dr.eye: to form mainly, and membrane that made up of them, or silk, in charge of, and capillary endure rice take. If a lot of antibiotic items in everyday use appear in Japan at present, is it endure antibiotic material rice take treatment, born to go on? Add in in the course, antibiotic underwear, is the antibiotic cup raw? Have come out. And for example apply the worker to wash on the glass surface.

Computer materials generally endure the rice now, if semiconductor processing industry Taiwan integrated circuit Company unite China electronics corporation can make line to be wide 130 endure the rice only component, so the present computer has not stood comparison yet, the volume is far a lot smaller than the note type computer of now, the desktop computer narrows into a note type computer, the note type computer narrows into a palmtop computer. Enduring the rice of battery material, can make light volume hold heavy energy very very, and higher efficiencies that energy change, with endure rice carbon in charge of battery that make, have one more lasting than traditional battery, weight have only traditional half of battery. Use the electric motor car which endures the rice battery to replace the automobile or the diesel vehicle in an all-round way in the future, not only one time, but weight is half of the traditional batteries. Use the electric motor car which endures the rice battery to replace the automobile or the diesel vehicle in an all-round way in the future, can save the energy clean air, count and have at one blow.

One time, but weight is half of the traditional batteries. Use the electric motor car which endures the rice battery to replace the automobile or the diesel vehicle in an all-round way in the future, not only in order to endure it in the rice material, it is the most famous one to endure the rice carbon and is in charge of, it is in charge of being can be regarded as the third kind of pure carbon structured enduring the rice carbon, do I call? The carbon forms a cluster, English? Fullerene. The 1st kind of pure carbon structure is the graphite, and the second kind is diamonds. Is it endure rice carbon in charge of, introduce fonder of a religious sect - 60 carbon that carbon form a cluster before to recommend. The material that 60 carbons found only in the space originally, British chemist Kohl H in 1985. 60 spheroid that carbon atom make up, and diameter only? 1 endures the rice.

Carbon 60 English? Buckminsterfullerene, chemical symbol C? 60, like a soccer, so also called Buckyball just because of form its, one may well say that endures the rice soccer. U.S.A.'s chemical family history favourable R? E. Smalley produce 60 carbon with electric arc legal system on the earth at first [18 note ], another Coalter of German chemist easy horse W. Kratschmer all right for one to make several in weight 60 carbon, three chemist later on bring 1997 Nobel chemistry Prize. Thereafter, the scientists produce 70 carbons, 84 carbons again, even the carbon is more than 100 carbon games. 1991, meal island, researcher of Company, NEC of Japan, settle man S? Ijinma finds a kind of diameter and 1- 3 cylindrical carbon materials which endures the rice while studying carbons and forming a cluster, call it? Endure the tube of the rice, have heat-conduction nature, electric conductivity, the intensity is good, chemistry is steady, and soft. Because carbon 60 grade carbon ball endure rice carbon is it have the same chemical bond form to in charge of, so clip carbon 60 tediously long English name half of Buckminsterfullerene, general name carbon form a cluster? Fullerene. On the commercial use, endure the rice carbon and is managed and can be used in the TV, personal level computer display and memory chip. U.S.A. Molecular? Does Company book Electronics? Two years later, is it endure rice memory chip that carbon in charge of to make, this kind endure rice carbon in charge of switch of chip ( Switch) Speed traditional and electric crystal? 1 million times.

Endure rice carbon in charge of thickness of display like paper, have ten million more thin than traditional display, TV of negative pole and screen of liquid crystal, the province electricity is nothing difficult, and it is in charge of very curly nature of the display to endure the rice carbon, will lower the difficulty carried greatly, is it try stage of making to enter already at present, meal island settle man estimate in advance, can produce province electricity while being about one year, thickness millimeter of big pictures endure rice carbon in charge of the display only. S.Korean Samsung showed publicly in April of 1999 that endured the prototype machine that the rice carbon was in charge of the display, have already made the prototype machines of 15 inches of screens at the end of 2000. Estimate in advance according to " star of the wealth ", endure the composite, is used in every place. It is in charge of having extremely good storing hydrogen ability enduring the rice carbon, can is it make hydrogen automobile fuel or battery wait, can be regarded as kind contain possible dreamlike material limitlessly to bring. In addition 60 carbon seem too? The AIDS brings a gleam of dawn, the key of the soccer form chemical constitution of 60 carbons is formed, can fast with combine by virus by HIV, lower toxin and prevent HIV virus from spread, this is it catch skill pharmaceuticals develop new carbon 60 medicine to impel. After the silicon replaces the petroleum and coal, it is in charge of replacing silicons enduring the rice carbon, succeed? The peak? Main material of the family property.?

In order to endure rice technology or endure the rice material? Is the family property a kind of brand-new Hi-Tech? Family property, is it different from generally? Taste, is it raw to go on directly? Fast and cheap, and the tactics and tactics sold, and endure the rice at the present stage? It is studied that the family property is paid attention to, but endure the rice? Tasting has extremely high additional value mostly, and duplicate degree of difficulty to be high, so their application development can drive the industry of the semiconductor, such tradition as the manufacturing industry of the machine, chemical petroleum industry, all raw materials industry,etc.? Another spring of family property, is it new more developing to drive the living beings, medical science,etc. too? The development of the family property, we can say to endure rice science and technology and combine one by one? Development of the family property. Say simple and easily, is it real to endure rice science and technology? Endure the science and technology under the size of rice.

English is Nanometer to endure the rice, it is the unit of the length, the mathematics symbol? Nm, is Nano originally in Greek language? " The dwarf " Meaning. Endure the rice? 1/1 billion metres (1 nm =1x10-9m),To atom been in other words for 3 it contact length,by every one than? The earth diameter, probably endure the rice? Diameter of the pearl that a piece of glass is played. Under enduring rice yardstick, general traditional scientific theory, technology have not been suitable yet. The reason? It is completely different to endure the physical property of the size of rice and physical property of the ordinary size, once material size is it endure rice endure rice range to 100, regular meeting to so small? Growing new characteristic and phenomenon, for example, has know the result of study recently, it is superficial in lotus flower endure the structures make mud unable to it is enclose [1 of notes ] to dip in for rice, when 5 endures the rice drop, endure two, rice of size not to last titanium point by a wide margin gold particle size Because exceed the size of the particle mostly? Micron of size, micron English is micrometer, and the unit of the length, the mathematics symbol? Ì m. One micron? 1/1000000 metres and (1 ¦Ì m =1x10-6m),Small go down on? Endure rice yardstick, is it endure rice yardstick material to turn to 1980 times little research of material ultra into naturally(endure the rice material while being what is called) Research,but researcher too find there aren't a lot of, neither spend traditional physics (whether namely classical physics, such as mechanics, electro magnetics) Explanation, can't be with quantum physics either (physics theories developed out of initial stage of the 20th century, used for explaining the walking of the atom, molecule and electron) 。

Because does traditional physics explain material whole walking mostly?,Is it the huge view that walk?,And does quantum physics explain the walking of the atom, molecule and electron? ,Is it the microcosmic that walk? Endure the size of rice and just lie between the ordinary size and size of atom (atom measurement unit? The angstrom, English? Angstrom, the mathematics symbol? A, endure the size of rice and just lie between the ordinary size and size of atom?: (The atom measurement unit? The angstrom, English? Angstrom, the mathematics symbol? A, so as entering? Endured the new history view got off in development in science and technology of rice and lain between view physics so far 1990 times later, endure rice science and technology of the leading factor or endure the application derived of the rice material, every world advanced country of now? New for the generation one at? The trying to be the first machine, invest a large amount of money and manpower actively invariably in the revolution of the family property, besides enduring the captivating prospect of rice science and technology, endure the scientific and technological development speed of rice amazingly and causing world to fix one's eyes on now,

Such as single electron and electric crystal, English? Single Electron Transistor, the abbreviation? SET, the place different from traditional electric crystal? Single electron and electric crystal type control sports of the electrons, and the traditional electric crystal is sports of controlling the electric current. And single electron and electric crystal can only give play to the function under the low temperature, if can lay working to the room temperature, the single electron and electric crystal in the room temperature that is researching and developing at present will reach the greatest using value. In? 1959, burn famous physicist, Fei Man of the Nobel Prize winner R. Feynman has been imagined: ' if some day, we can store all encyclopaedias in a needle size space, and can move atoms, then what will this bring to science? 1981 guest his Gs. Binnig and Lauer H?. Is Rohrer invented and scanned and pierced through the tunnel type microscope to Swiss IBM? (English? Scanning Tunneling Micrscope, the abbreviation? STM? )。

After being annual repeatedly, Igor D in 1990. [8 notes ], this is that the mankind handles atoms for the first time, make with atom or molecule machine with dream no longer. Is this opened and started from the people in Wei little world? The excessive wine cup of technology, and the shape today one endures rice technology. Endure rice technology have one heavy section is it go to want, endure rice technology succeed? The leading science pioneer has already been an irrefutable fact in the new century. It announce at 2000 US President Clinton not former one item U.S.A. country 2001 scientific research plan - " The country endures the rice technological innovation " (English? National Nanotechnology Initiative, the abbreviation? NNI?) (: National Nanotechnology Initiative, the abbreviation? NNI?) [One of U.S.A.'s most important subjects, and Fei Man's illusion has one day when realizes after all.