Large canopy vegetables nursing pharmaceutical moisture son of V8

The greatest function disinfects Disinfect Deodorization Defend mouldly Resolve It is natural and pure to oxidize the harmful object Nonpoisonous Harmless Tasteless There is no corrosion Pollution-free Lasting Brute force Safe Clean Environmental protection Energy-conservation

Large canopy vegetables nursing moisture son of v8; Guarantee the vegetables security does not change the positive bacillus and infect germ's efficiency because negative bacillus is listed and influenced by the weather and climate.

V8 efficiency is described: Nanometer light catalyst, divide mainly? Physics, chemistry two major field. V8 physics nanometer science and technology, utilize international monopoly nanometer grind machinery, appeal to high to involve discharging, heating way week, strengthen magnetic field react, is it two oxidize titanium little nanometer take, enter sub group of the moisture to force, form the moisture son, the sterilization, disinfecting, deodorizes, defends mouldly and resolving, oxidizing and is harmful to objects of the greatest function, hydrogen ion index? Neutral.

L l V8 is simple and additive-free, absorb in object maos of pore surface presenting spectrum current situationing is ventilative? Catch the membrane, the above-mentioned energy that and deposit money through two oxidizes titanium semiconductor characteristic, use physics of course react, stimulate V8 activation, make its powerful to adhere to the object, form the magnetism electric field and reflect but it is difficult to come off, in the low temperature, latent and dark (photophobic) Make and still dehumidify, disinfect, purify the efficiency, V8 science and technology occupy first place in the world.

Efficiency and application of the nanometer light catalyst physics moisture son of l l V8, will grow for the glass? use and bring the new change effect and market selling point. The light catalyst at present? Taste some changes? Many, the efficiency is different, especially there is a very great difference even more in the application of physics and chemical light catalyst, it shows concretely as follows: 1.Physics oxidizes the titanium and makes little nanometer and processes the electric energy of magnetism by itself two times, is it react function and machine result produce special physics natural chemical action to use in natural power, do not reflect the utility function by the single strand key of chemical drug. 2.Chemistry does not have motive force energy to resolve the crystallization nanometer itself to oxidize the titanium two times to utilize, whether must get up utility of can start buildinging by other chemical strand key, must formate other element and metal, for instance. The copper, silver, Pd, chlorine are the switch energy of motive force.

Is l l with V8? Physics nanometer light catalyst of representative, with the aforesaid sterilization totally strain poison, defend mould deodorizing, resolving, oxidizing functioning, function of harmful substance. It is nonpoisonous, harmless, tasteless and having corroding, pollution-free advantage because of its deposit energy, in the course of using, because moisture of department physics son its take, can apply to object any have the pieces of function? Grow, and can give play to great efficiency most, even in still function under being photophobic; The physics nanometer light catalyst of V8 emphasizes that can promote the negative fungus to grow for oxygen, kill the positive toadstool and grow, it produces the energy of resolving to shine by the light, cooperate with nature rule law that operation born reach science and technology use physics (food, clothing, live in, transportation, agriculture, fish, herd, medicine, industry) Products.

Is l l with Japan? Representatives' chemical nanometer light catalyst, while possessing a great deal of advantages, have a shortcoming that can't be ignored either, because one's own its does not possess energy, need to finish doing through other chemical composition?,And the chemical composition has certain poisonning materials, will have influence on the material, the membrane effect after especially spraying drily, will influence the sight of the glass.

L l V8 efficiency principle: Nanometer is 1/1 billion of one metre, 1/50000 of the thickness of a stick of hair that that is to say, the reason? Dr.eye: He is young enough, the feasible material? Dr.eye: Grow totally different characteristics, form a lot of special functions. The light catalyst is the mere catalyst, he is composed of all + intermediaries, an intermediary in the light catalyst oxidizes the titanium (Tio2) two times Body of thin paper of mineral substance of a kind of inorganic.

L l should guarantee these particles have suitable atoms to arrange first, namely succeed? Crystal structure of " sharp titanium ore ". Very difficult to make these kind of permutation among small ion extremely in the past, this kind of permutation could strengthen the catalysis of the ion. Son effort of physics moisture of the light catalyst of V8, will release the electron in the crystal, the electron will react with the oxygen in the air. Can in this way? Growing the free radical oxygen, this is a kind of powerful oxidant, can resolve dirt into smaller particles, such as carbon dioxide and water.

L l V8 physics moisture son nature, can totally melt with the harmful substance? An organic whole, and its oxidizes ability superstrongly, can destroy bacterium's membrane, solidify the virus and protein, suppress germ's activation, catches, kills the human bacterium, dehumidification ( Defend the fog) Defend mouldly, resolve, oxidize and is harmful to objects, have such specially good effect as natural pure, lasting brute force, security cleaning, environmental protection energy-conservation,etc., apply to glass outstanding at the products, (different from the chemical light catalyst) especially in have effects too under being photophobic especially .

L l large canopy plants the vegetables, fruit: L l different variety have different demand to temperature, do well variety it collocates to be to plant large canopy key of plant kind with temperature control, management.

The hot pepper of l l, likes the high temperature, the temperature sprouting is 30 45 degrees Centigrade, is it suitable for the temperature daytime to grow? 26 30 degrees Centigrade, the night? 18 22 degrees Centigrade, temperature under 15 degrees Centigrade, the seed can't sprout, blooming can't be fertilized. In culture, the temperature of large canopy must keep in 20 25 degrees Centigrade, lower than 18 degrees Centigrading can't grow normally.

L l tomato, like high temperature is the most ideal temperature of sprouting when the 25 30 degrees Centigrade. Is it suitable for temperature to grow? 27 degrees Centigrade in the daytime, it is 17 degrees Centigrade night. The lower limit ground temperature during culture? 10 degrees Centigrade, according to the minimum temperature of growing? 5 degrees Centigrade, is most suitable for temperature? 28 degrees Centigrade, can't exceed 38 degrees Centigrade at most.

L l celery, like being cold and cool, required growth temperature daytime? 20 22 degrees Centigrade, the night? 15 18 degrees Centigrade, difference in temperature day and night? 4 5 degrees Centigrade. The ground temperature requires 18 20 degrees Centigrade, it can't be lower than 3 6 degrees Centigrade that it is the lowest. Not lower than 6 8 degrees Centigrade on later stage, otherwise can't grow normally.

L l cucumber, the requisition for temperature is relatively strict, suitable for the temperature daytime? 24 26 degrees Centigrade, the night? 14 15 degrees Centigrade, lower limit of the low temperature is 10 12 degrees Centigrade, temperature stops growing under 10 degrees Centigrade, more than 30 degrees Centigrade of root system activities are weak, the leaf shrink. The seedling can't lower than 18 degrees Centigrade in growth period, minimum temperature? Dr.eye: 20 23 degrees Centigrade.

L l old canopy vegetables popularize in in the North now, this enriches residents' " vegetable basket " greatly, certainly, this from another respect, is it plant profit of vegetables planted in big canopy certainly impossible like it studies to be getting high at succeeding in technology this at first to prove.

L l warm canopy improvement measure large canopy and organic content on the low side warm canopy field of vegetables in new development that vegetables apply fertilizer, is it use more high-quality beasts and birds barnyard manure that become thoroughly decomposed to want even more, barnyard manure must is it become thoroughly decomposed to ferment (can high temperature pile up or add ferment fungus not to usually ferment, can the marsh gas ferment) ,Is it is it enter become thoroughly decomposed organic to cause plant ammonia poison, boil roots while being fat to construct to avoid. Or the worm, causes the plant sense disease in spite of illness. Does the barnyard manure construct the entering amount annually by every 7500 point one kilograms l ten thousand kilograms of 667 square meters? Dr.eye: Should. The ground canopy is relatively long age, the nitrogen remains more one in the soil, can is it is it become thoroughly decomposed garrulous straw to enter to construct when having a rest stubbling in will it be autumn summer, every 667 point 500 square meters --1000kg, in order to reduce the attitude nitrogen of too much nitre in the soil. Prevent soil secondary salinization from occurring, improve the fungus group and nutrient structure in the soil.

L l construct potassium is right to construct nitrogen is supplementary and a little fat again, coordinate nitrogen phosphorus potassium matching. The vegetables are generally relatively great to nitrogen potassium demand, in a situation that there is few much potassium of soil nitrogen in the warm bar, it limits the vegetables high to lack the potassium? Factor one of. The amount of potassium absorbed of most vegetables crops is higher than the nitrogen, if supplement the potassium plainly only in organic fat form, far from satisfying the vegetables to grow? Ones that need, increase the potassium amount properly. Can less and absorbed, is it improve vegetables to reach? Quantity, maintain the normal balance of the nitrogen in the ecosystem, are the vegetables raw? Purpose of sustainable development.

Being vegetables demand very heavy to nitrogen, l l lack nitrogen influence vegetables? Quantity and quality, but construct the people nitrogen to reduce the vegetables excessively? Quantity and quality, even influence the vegetables to be sustainable and raw? ,So it should be right amount to use the nitrogen, it can't be too few either to be can't be too many, must better follow soil fertility and vegetables? Dr.eye: Measure and the vegetables suck the fat characteristic, use the nitrogen phosphorus potassium rationally, make its matching rational. In addition, it is fat and a little fat to the calcium, magnesium, sulphur to direct against the vegetables. Hit trace element to these, can already make? The base manure constructs people to supplement, can chase and construct green vitriol, borax, calcium chloride,etc. to a little supplement loosely outside the root, avoid being caused by that it is scarce? Quantity drops, the disease increases.

L l improves the method of applying fertilizer (1)Confirm the method of applying fertilizer according to the fertilizer chemical property. Avoid not applying fertilizer scientifically, cause the high investment low? Appear. Can apply fertilizer to fertilizer nature, namely: Construct the nitrogen potassium deeply. Is it it constructs to be or and organic to is it use phosphorus fertilizer together to admix while being fat to concentrate on, leave is it construct a little fat to gush out. (2)Construct because of vegetables kind, leaf dishes should forming the ball one to guarantee the nitrogen is being supplied sufficiently; Eggplant fruits are great to such demand as the potassium calcium magnesium,etc.. Growth period of fruit should keep the sufficient nutrient supply, especially potassium supply, so should be growing in earlier stage vigorously and topdressing in time; Root dishes, it is earlier stage is that the edible rhizome expands to absorb nutrient peak period. Should pay attention to chasing and constructing phosphorus potassium and boron fertily.

Other l l, because the kinds of planting of warm canopy vegetables are single, the multiple crop index is high, the heavy stubble is serious. Extremely uneven that the nutrition element losses in the soil, and plant diseases and insect pests are serious, so should pay attention to recuperating. But with the legume family in the land for growing field crops and proper crop rotation of grass family crop, the nutrient, lower the disease worm to accumulate in the balanced soil At the same time yes Xia FuShi. Vegetables slack period of warm canopy, can open the canopy membrane, stop growing?,Accept the sun and is tanned by the sun and drenched shedding with the rainwater, reduce the emergence of plant diseases and insect pests, reduce the saline thickness of topsoil.

L l agrotechnical department can take the following measure: 1, Large canopy vegetables general virus relatively? Serious, carry on garden soil is it can is it propagate germ of disease with chemical drug by soil to kill to disinfect, reduce the incidence of disease.But each bed soil pour into 3- more than fungus clever or 300 bromine methyl alcohol go on sterilization.

2, take the double layers to keep the measure warm, put on the plastic film in the canopy, can make the ground temperature improve by 2 degrees Centigrade, set up and join the canopy small in the canopy, the temperature in the canopy can keep above 15 degrees Centigrade.

3, adopt the polyvinyl chloride and has not dripped the membrane. Using this law, the steam in the large canopy will not be condensed into a water droplet on the canopy membrane, can not be formed to the vegetables in the canopy, the printing opacity rate keeps about 90%, the photosynthesis of the vegetables can be ensured.

4, choose and use the other source plant hormone correctly, usually waiting such as adopting and defending falling, promote the fruit to expand, it is ripe to accelerate, improve? Dr.eye: Quantity.

5, spray the thickness in the seedling stage of the eggplant fruit vegetables and beginning florescence? Dr.eye: 0 2% - 0 5% Nitric acid tombarthite liquid,Yes not obviously improvement crop? Dr.eye: Quantity, improve quality.

6, ammonia thickness among air exceed 5ppm to can cause vegetables to be stem leaf downright bad, so the culture vegetables, should control the fat consumption of ammonia at first, should water in time after using the ammonia fatly in the large canopy, fertilizer construct and cover soil deeply, is it turn on window take a breath, prevent the ammonia strictly from endangering to pay attention to.

7, north side weak mere place in the old canopy is it reflect light curtain together to set up in vegetables, can strengthen vegetables illumination in the north of the heavy canopy obviously, and can improve ground temperature by 1 5- degrees Centigrade.

8, set off the marsh gas, can not only can make the canopy increase warmly but also this law? The vegetables supplement the carbon dioxide and gas, through to the test of such many kinds of vegetables as the cucumber, green pepper, cauliflower,etc., can generally increase? 20% - 40% .

9, adopting the drip irrigation technology under membrane, the relative humidity of air can be reduced by more than 10% in the canopy, mix the condition index to reduce.

10, old canopy airtight in will it be spring winter festival vegetables, heavy humidity have, vegetables incident disease, is it can prevent the emergence of different disease from effectively after the plant ash to use. Make plant ash even to is it can raise the ground temperature at ground to construct, reduce the soil moisture, if while constructing the plant ash and is bury, still can get up to the loose soil, increase fertility, improve the rice shoot and resist going against function.

L l disease will diagnose and observe the symptom, the microscope is checked and brings out artificially. But as for vegetable grower, generally rely on the symptom to observe to the diagnosis of the sunlight greenhouse vegetables disease mainly.

L l symptom is an important basis that the plant disease diagnoses, it is the host a kind of behavior of a series of complicated pathological changes takes place in the inside. Observe analysis according to the symptom, can make basically errorless diagnosis to the common disease. To some disease not contacted, it is set about that analyse from the symptom too, observe and diagnose further.

Can l l symptom divided? The symptom and disease are sought. Symptom host plant and etiology outside, interaction of result behave under certain environmental terms.It has a peculiar and stability. If tomato symptom of early epidemic disease and late epidemic disease have their getting peculiar each, unlikely to obscure two kinds of disease. Is this to utilize the symptom to do? What the disease is diagnosed is basic. It is that colony or organ of a disease original grew and formed on the surface that the disease is sought, having exposed the characteristic of the disease original on the quality directly, furthermore help to distinguish the nature of the disease.

L l plant disease divide into two big class, infect venereal disease hurt and infect venereal disease suffer from. Is it main to infect the disease original that the venereal disease hurts? : Fungi, bacterium, virus, nematode,etc.. Symptoms of the disease that different diseases original causes are different. ? Benefit because for disease not different original it cause diagnosis not precise of disease of, cause symptom of disease not to be made to etiology not different following to describe.
Symptom characteristic of l l fungi disease: A, symptom: Whether a, necrosis. It is the death of cell and organization to necrosis, display various kinds of symptoms because the injured position is different. Often behave on the blade? Dr.eye: Leaf spots and leaves are withered. Ye spot because of form, big or small? Dr.eye: The color is different, can divide? Rounds of spot, namely disease spot have clear rounds of line, for instance, tomato early epidemic disease, anthracnose; The disease spot form polygon is called the angle spot, such as the cucumber and frost and mildew; ? Is the color brown? Many, for instance the eggplant brown line disease, celery spot are withered and ill,etc. ; Downright bad stem have the seedling nearly soil, is it contract taking the form of line, lodge rapidly to hang, namely vegetables seedling stage samping off stand the withered disease.

B, rotten: It is the resolving and destroyed of the large area of plant tissues to be rotten. The root, stem, flower, fruit happen rottenly, the organization of the young tender and many meat is apter to take place. Divide rottenly softly and rottenly, for instance, the soft rotten disease of pakchoi; Wet and rotten, such as the cucumber and epidemic disease; According to the rotten position, root is rotten, for instance such root rot as the Kidney bean,etc. ; The base is rotten, such as the tomato and rotten disease of stem base; The fruit is rotten, such as the cucumber and gray mold; Flower rotten, it is rotten and getting ill for tomato to spend for instance.

C, wilting: The wilting is the vascular bundle disease of the plant, such as the green withered ill, withered diseases, verticillium wilts of the eggplant fruit vegetables. Three disease is it in charge of bunch stem base department crosscut can see getting white fungus suppuration is it distinguish verticillium wilt, withered main evidence of disease to overflow to link.
B, disease are sought: A, mould form thing: It is that the disease of the fungi with common disease is sought to be mould, can divide? Dr.eye: The frost is mould, dark and mould, the dust is mould, blue and green and mould, green and mould,etc.. For instance frost and mildew of the vegetables, gray mold, spring onions and purple spot disease, black rot,etc..

B, powdery thing: Can divide the white powder, such as the cucumber, tomato and powdery mildew; Rust powder, for instance the rust of the Kidney bean is ill,etc.Dr.eye: ; Black powder, for instance onion smut,etc..

C, granular thing: In the disease department? Dr.eye: Grow such all kinds of granular things as the size, form, color and luster, arranging,etc.. Some granular thing little, it is difficult for organization to separate, is it catch spore device,etc. Dr.eye: to divide, such as the broad bean and foxiness disease. Some granular things are relatively big, for instance pea and powdery mildew,etc..

D, silk floss ( The silk) Form thing: Take the form of silk floss wadding more, such as eggplant silk floss epidemic disease, the tomato and late epidemic disease, cucumber and epidemic disease,etc..
L l bacterium's venereal disease hurts the characteristic of the symptom: A, symptom: A, spot: Is bacterium's venereal disease spot apt to bore a hole? Dr.eye: Its characteristic; Disease spot forms are different, such as the angle spot(the cucumber and angle spot disease) ; Round spot ( The cucumber and spot and disease) ; The spot surface is coarse, the cork is risen to call the scab slightly, for instance scab of the tomato,etc..

B, rotten: Cucumber and angle spot disease, the base of a fruit of sugar-preserved gourd is rotten, there is fishlike smell, it is rotten to different from the fungi.

C, wilting: The rotten germ of ring of the potato, green withered germ of Solanaceae, cause and wither the fade symptom.
D, deformity: ? Promoting pathological change, such as the root cancer bacterium, form the tumour swollenly on the root and stem of many kinds of plants.

B, disease are sought: Fungus suppuration bacterium disease important disease seek, fail in a great undertaking on the verge of success suppuration in order to wilt to disease most apparent vascular bundle have type, also diagnose bacterium's disease only disease is sought.

A kind of special disease original of virus grass of symptom characteristic of l l virus disease, a grain of body of it is very small, could see the size, form of a grain of body only through the electron microscope, can't see the virus in the body surface of disease plant of sense, can only diagnose from various kinds of symptoms that are seen. Roughly divide? Three kinds.

Whether a, change color. The chlorophyll is suppressed, divide? Two big classes of colored leaf and yellow leaf.The first kind of symptom is like the mosaic disease of Chinese cabbage; For instance, one kind of the last tomato and disease with yellow top.

B, deformity: Including a leaf, drawing back the leaf, wrinkling leaf, withers, clump branch, cancerous swelling, growing thickly, downgrading, drawing back carrying, the leaf of the brake and other deformity of different types.

C, withered spot, ring spot and tissue necrosis: A lot of virosis is it is it form the withered spot to order to infect in blade; Very withered? The growing point necrosises; The ring spot? Necrosis partly? The ring-type namely ring-type necrosis, its internal and external organization behaves normally, this kind of symptom that common on the blade of the green pepper; Cell and organization necrosis, blade, stem stalk, fruit take place some downright bad, such as the tomato and stripe virosis.The hormone is used excessively, often cause with the virus very much? Similar symptom. So, when the virosis is diagnosed, it so as not to misdiagnose, cause and prevent and cure invalid to implement the inquiries test.

Does the symptom characteristic plant that l l root forms nematode's disease receive nematodes? After hurting, behave? Dr.eye: Malnutritive growing weak, plant short and small, blade turn to be yellow, is it hang down as scarce and watery to wither, the root forms the size, tumour form thing of form.

The discernment and diagnosis of l l vegetables disease are not an easy thing, must often observe live, contrast the atlas, participate in and train, read the technical data, can discern one by one.
L l V8 precautions: The nanometer light catalyst of V8, is physics moisture son structure? Taste, we have already known the weight of the pure water is 0.7, it is 2.8 to oxidize the weight of the titanium two times. So moisture son take human body can use safely just only. The V8 nanometer light catalyst only made of the physics method, can possess and deposit money and release above-mentioned functions, energy on function. This is like a plastic ruler, its is unable to suck the paper, magnetism and electricity rubed react, can absorb the paper.