V8 保健衛生墊 物理水分子化

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The greatest function disinfects Disinfect Deodorization Defend mouldly Resolve It is natural and pure to oxidize the harmful object Nonpoisonous Harmless Tasteless There is no corrosion Pollution-free Lasting Brute force Safe Clean Environmental protection Energy-conservation

Hygiene cushion material structure organize PP is it blow with high temperature silk succeed detailed cotton to dissolve, PP is too colloidal to have hydroscopicity function for the oil tree, blowing the silk and making and constructing and adding and kissing the swimming skill drug to change chemical molecular structure, the function that the key of the chain reaches and absorbs water, because resolve such questions as the content of element,etc., have certain injury to the lower parts of the body of women.

The physics catalyst of V8 has certain function and efficiency to the hygiene cushion of the health care, improve various kinds of infection virus to depend on for a living and deal with, reach the clean function of each one's lower part of the body.

V8 talks about being healthy lightly: Health, do? A kind of resource concerns human normal life directly, clothing,food,lodging and transportion will be involved. Wear the clothes, will wear the clothes, put on the clothing, have already succeeded? Science of a kind of fashion. Next to the skin underwear, pants, women health care performance, patent of " hygiene cushion " show conspicuous even more especially. The modern has great working pressure, the rhythm of life is fast, free time is little. Adding the dullness of the diet structure, some are often busy treating with courtesy etc., it is very apt to cause the endocrinopathy, know maid suffer from gynaecology's disease, such as leading to the fact the peculiar smell of lower part of the body, breed harmful fungus type sometimes, especially easier to be encroached on in women official holiday period, with the progress of the society, the constant development of medicine, medical field, add the health problem of paying attention to women.

Is it disinfect, disinfect, defend mould, except that peculiar smell, resolve and oxidizing the function sex hygiene cushion of the harmful substance to have especially ( Sanltary towel) Appearance and the application,it is favor of womens. And wash articles and all strengthen decontamination ability now, contain and hurt more chemical composition, so need to possess underwear, shorts, and hygiene cushion, sanltary towel, hygiene bolt which drive away the harmful substance,etc.? Taste, the application of the nanometer light catalyst of V8 can solve these problems better.

V8 efficiency is described: Nanometer light catalyst, divide mainly? Physics, chemistry two major field. V8 physics nanometer science and technology, utilize international monopoly nanometer grind machinery, appeal to high to involve discharging, heating way week, strengthen magnetic field react, is it two oxidize titanium little nanometer take, enter sub group of the moisture to force, form the moisture son, the sterilization, disinfecting, deodorizes, defends mouldly and resolving, oxidizing and is harmful to objects of the greatest function, hydrogen ion index? Neutral. V8 is simple and additive-free, absorb in object maos of pore surface presenting spectrum current situationing is ventilative? Grow the membrane, and deposit money, release above-mentioned energy through two oxidizes the titanium semiconductor characteristic, use physics of course react, stimulate V8 activation, make its powerful to adhere to the object, form magnetism electric field it reacts to be but difficult to come off, in low temperature, is it dehumidify, disinfect, purify the efficiency to have still under being latent and dark photophobic, V8 science and technology occupy first place in the world.

V8 health care function: The light catalyst at present? Taste a lot, though each there is a difference, one point is the same, the efficiency disinfecting, disinfecting, driving away the peculiar smell, resolving and oxidizing the harmful substance. Although like this, are physics and chemical principle grown? Light catalyst applied but as far apart as heaven and earth.

: With V8? Physics nanometer light catalyst of representative, with the aforesaid sterilization totally strain poison, defend mould to deodorize, is it oxidize function, function of harmful substance to resolve. It is nonpoisonous, harmless, tasteless and having corroding, pollution-free advantage because of its deposit energy, in the course of using, combine its physics moisture son structure, can apply to any position of human body, is not there any pair of function? Grow, and can give play to medicine, health care efficiency, even in still function under being photophobic;

Israel and Japan? Representatives' chemical nanometer light catalyst, while possessing a great deal of advantages, have a shortcoming that can't be ignored either, because one's own its does not possess energy, need to finish doing through other chemical composition?,And the chemical composition have certain poisonning materials, contact the meeting with the human body? Grow the obvious bad reaction, the skin of especially human lower part of the body is delicate (take clean, harmless even more) ,Even bring the serious patient.

So, the nanometer light catalyst of V8 is added in the hygiene cushion (sanltary towel, hygiene bolt) ,Just know? Catch a great deal of efficiency, can make sufficient income of using etc..

V8 manufacture method: V8 physics moisture son nature, can totally melt with the harmful substance? An organic whole, and its oxidizes ability superstrongly, can destroy bacterium's membrane, solidify virus and protein, suppress germ's activation, catch, kill the human bacterium, drives away and is harmful to the peculiar smell, disinfect, deodorize and defend antibiotically mouldly, resolve, oxidize and is harmful to objects, natural and pure, nonpoisonous, tasteless, colourless and corroding, such especially sanitary cushion of the specially good effect,etc. as lasting brute force, security cleaning, environmental protection energy-conservation,etc., outstanding, (different from the chemical light catalyst) especially in have effects too under being photophobic .

Moisture son of one grade of physics of V8 industry, can replace the mere pharmaceutical of firefly and bleach function, can lower costs and improve the omni-directional function to demand. If V8 industry grades of physics moisture son is it used for clothes since clean to deal with after washing to take, can make the bodies of persons who wear abundant and benefited.

V8 precautions: The nanometer light catalyst of V8, is physics moisture son structure? Taste, we have already known the weight of the pure water is 0.7, it is 2.8 to oxidize the weight of the titanium two times. So moisture son take human body can use safely just only. The V8 nanometer light catalyst only made of the physics method, can possess and deposit money and release above-mentioned functions, energy on function. Only the physics moisture son nanometer light catalyst, is real and nonpoisonous, harmless, has not corrode, pollution-free. The note V8 energy, like a plastic ruler, its is unable to suck the paper, rubed? The magnetism and electricity grown react, can absorb the paper.