General specification; 01L/3HP, 07L/10HP, 15L/20HP, 30L/40HP --MILL.

Special specification; 100L, 250L, 500L/MILL. Process with horsepower products different and working condition factor design one horsepower of specifications while being necessary.

In weight a hundred million wet type pearl mill; Taiwan, American patent for invention. (can grind lotion liquid grain is it endure rice lotion liquid size to reach, must is it design the equipment hardware one with terms in accordance with products to add) .

FEATURE characteristic

1.Seperated blade can create high efficiency, high yield / special design lead pearl to be arc to become 45 with blade level, drive and rub the friction of making at odds with the community or the leadership angle of 45 degrees of pearl and collide.

2.It it is getting precise and more pure to be disperse detailedly to make quality /patent not detailed to sew there aren't degree not partial not adjustable, make it keep the same width operating, the thin pearl that will not be worn and torn is crushed.

3.It seal axle complete for leak protection it and can't needn't change often /induced way that design not special, make axle seal can close coupling than damaged, is it leak supposition of paint to have.

1.SEPARATED DISPERSION DISGS CREATE HIGHER EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY/Specially designed discs have six guiding arcs,each arc has a 45 degree angle to the disc surface which allows the pearls a 45 degree centrifugal friction and impact.

2.PATENTED GAP SYSTEM INCREASES THE PURITY OF THE PRODUCTS/The adjustable pateuted gap system maintains an accurte cycle rotation to avoid the breakage of glass pearls caused by displacement of gap center.

3.COMPLETELY PREVENT LEAKAGE AND MORE DUR-ABLE OF SHAFT SEAL/A specially designed driving device and a triple leek-proot devioe increae the lif the shaft seal and prevent leakage.