30 Jan 2019

香腸淨化處理大自然機能水(食用鮮味水)應用於處理冷涷生肉品Sausage purification treatment of natural functional water (edible umami water) for the treatment of cold and raw meat

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大自然機能水(食用鮮味水)應用於處理冷涷生肉品的死屍油水血含生肉纖交雜微血管腐菌及藥物抗生素(牛.羊. 豬.雞.鴉.鹅等肉品)並於傳統宰殺牛.羊.豬.雞.鴉.鵝等生畜之深澳的放血技術之順流無痛驚動之死肉品並煩熱塩水燙生熟稱之屠廚肉料理師父並必對生畜五藏六府經脈了知而掌握肉品機能鮮味。如現代(醫學手術割切技術)醫療科技之精槌。
自動屠宰場(雞豬牛)肉微细管胍含大量死血靠水冷凍保鮮,絕無可能必須要靠無機酸水浸泡維持生菌,冷凍櫃運輸外銷市場及内銷市場,又轉售 販賣市場保持溫度, 肉品工廠 餐廳主廚 家庭主婦等等絕無可能代冷凍保溫 到菜市場及賣場採購肉品食物,因而必定必定受車箱内溫度悶烤30度至40度熱溫轉内質死内血水中生陽菌而臭屍肉血水大衆稱之鲜肉?屠宰場(雞豬牛肉)出售到消費者採購最1之2各月重覆冷凍解凍,又如何製鮮味餐飲必使用食藥化學品及食藥草品處理壓味鮮那來食之樂呢❓大自然機能食用鮮味水應用肉微细管胍含大量死血淨化還鮮質肉, 製作料理,無需任何添加料無需冷凍(自然機能色香味鮮之美)稱之自我機能提升為食療病症醫生檢查自我認証療效顯著健康之大自然機能生態飲食之享樂為(無絕對論)哲學生命科技真証含意。

Nature functional water (edible umami water) is used in the treatment of chilled raw meat. The blood of the corpse contains raw meat and micro-vascular rot fungus and drug antibiotics (bovine, sheep, pig, chicken, crow, goose and other meat). In the traditional slaughter of cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, crows, geese, and other live animals, the anti-blood technique of the deep-eyed, slow-moving, painless, and dying of the meat and the enthusiasm of the hot and cold cooked cooked meat chef master and must be on the livestock The Wushen and Liufu meridians know the meat and taste the meat. Such as modern (medical surgical cutting technology) medical technology.
The automatic slaughterhouse (chicken, pig and cattle) meat microtubules contain a large amount of dead blood to be frozen and preserved by water. It is impossible to rely on inorganic acid water to soak the bacteria. The freezer transports the export market and the domestic market, and resells the market. Keeping the temperature, the chef of the meat factory restaurant, housewife, etc., is absolutely impossible to purchase meat products from the frozen market to the vegetable market and the store. Therefore, it must be tempered by the temperature in the car to be baked at 30 degrees to 40 degrees. The internal blood in the water is Shengyang and the stinky blood is called the fresh meat? The slaughterhouse (chicken and pig beef) is sold to the consumer's purchase for the first 2 months. It is repeatedly frozen and thawed. How to make the umami catering must use the food chemicals and the herbicides to treat the taste and taste it. Nature's function edible umami water application meat micro-tubes containing a large amount of dead blood purification and fresh meat, making dishes, without any added materials, no need to freeze (natural function, color, scent, beauty), said self-enhancement, for the treatment of medical conditions, doctors check themselves Certified curative effect The health of the natural function of the ecological diet is (without absolute) the true meaning of philosophy life science.